God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 764

The beautiful snake-woman seated on the majestic seat laughed coldly, “You want to flee? Not so easy, today will definitely be the day you die!!”

“If I want to run, other than a Type 6 expert, no one can stop me!”

Sitolius burst forth with a Mach-2 speed, seemingly unstoppable. Even the Type 5 Divine Warrior Mangudala from the Snake Race could not match his speed.

All of a sudden, from one corner, a sexy figure flashed past, appearing in front of Sitolius and sent a palm towards him.

Sitolius was currently at his maximum limit, and he had no way of dodging. He could only send a fist of his own to meet the attack.

With a powerful boom, both fists met with a resounding shockwave.

The force sent Sitolius flying back a dozen meters, his blood rushing, while his heart filled with shock.

There were 2 forms of evolution for the Saint Clan, one was to evolve a special ability, like Duanmu Sheng and Bianna. The other favored the simplicity of bodily enhancements, focusing on their Strength, Agility and the evolution of their body. Both evolutions had their advantages, allowing different forms of combat. Abilities augmented tactics, while body enhancements could crush any opposition with sheer might.

Sitolius’s speed could surpass twice that of the sound barrier, and his strength was more than enough to lift an entire house. Even if his body was sliced in two, he could recover quickly. He was not afraid of most agility-based enemies, nor would he be tied down by the majority of the Spirit-based attacks. A single fist of his could crush a tank. And yet, even with his perverse constitution, he was actually sent flying, this caused him to be shocked.

Taking a look at the person, his eyes went wide as he blurted out, “How is it you? Weren’t you over there?”

The woman who sent Sitolius flying was precisely that beautiful and alluring snake-woman who had just been at her seat seconds ago.
The snake-woman had a trail of blood at the corner of her mouth. It was evident that this clash with Sitolius also caused her some injuries.

Mangudala also took the opportunity to dash towards Sitolius, slashing viciously at him.

“A bunch of trash, let me show you the difference between the Saint Clan and you trash.”

Sitolius laughed coldly and sent a powerful punch towards Mangudala’s claws.

The snake-man’s slit eyes flashed coldly, and his body twisted strangely, his claws going around Sitolius’s fist before piercing his body.

After that, he began to coil his entire body into a long strip, coiling furiously around Sitolius.

In that short exchange, without any time to defend, Sitolius was at a disadvantage already. His heart was filled with shock and he hurried to exert his strength to push Mangudala away.

He pushed forcefully, separating Mangudala slowly away from his body. However, there were still some sounds from the contact of their bodies. Had Sitolius’s body been weaker, he would have already been crushed.

Positively terrified by now, Sitolius began to channel his Radiance of Life to send Mangudala flying.

The eyes of the snake-woman flashed with a cold glint, as 2 golden beams shot out and landed on his head.

When he was swept by the golden beam, the forehead of Sitolius started to turn to stone.

Right at this time, his body emitted the bright Radiance of Life, blocking the golden beam, stopping the petrification effect.

At the same time, he was using the Radiance of Life to counter the golden beam, his body was still being tightened and sounds were emitting.

Sitolius would not be afraid of either the alluring snake-woman or Mangudala if they were alone. However, facing their joint attacks, he was thrown into a dangerous situation.
With his veins bulging, Sitolius’s eyes turned bloodshot, “Fuck!! I need to give it my all!!”

All of a sudden, a bright, piercing electromagnetic beam shot down from the sky, piercing Sitolius’s head, blasting it apart.

Both the snake-woman and Mangudala leaped back in shock from the sudden attack, lifting their heads together, only to discover Yue Zhong in the airship above, having become the oriole behind their ‘mantis stalking the cicada’.

Having killed Sitolius, the massive life force of the Type 5 Divine Warrior entered Yue Zhong’s body through the God and Devil Imprint.

As the enormous amount of life force entered Yue Zhong’s body, it flowed in the shape of a mystical rune, strengthening his body immensely. At the same time, as the energy flowed throughout his body, it gathered all the life force nested inside him, purifying them.

As all the life force energy gathered together within his sea of knowledge, it began to form into a gold nucleus the size of a rice grain.

When the gold nucleus formed, within his sea of notification, all the runes of his skills and abilities began to fly and orbit around the gold nucleus like satellites. Gold lines shot out from the nucleus, connecting to the runes, linking all of them together.

The moment the runes were linked together, Yue Zhong was suddenly enlightened on the origins, the cultivation techniques as well as a much deeper understanding of every single ability, reaching a new level.

“Congratulations on forming a God-Devil Nucleus. You’ve gained +30 in all attributes.”

“Congratulations on gaining 10 Skill Points.”

“Congratulations, your lifespan has increased to 300 years.”

“Congratulations, all your skills below the Second Order tier has gained a +1 enhancement.”

“Congratulations, your strength has now reached the equivalent of an initial-stage Type 4 Divine Warrior.”

A flurry of information began to resound in Yue Zhong’s mind.

After killing Sitolius, absorbing his life force through the God and Devil Imprint, he managed to form a God-Devil Nucleus in one fell swoop. Yue Zhong’s power had undergone a heaven-shaking change and he was finally a Type 4 Divine Warrior. Even his lifespan had broken through to reach 300 years.

He quickly recovered from his excitement and did not hesitate in his choice. He quickly spent 3 skill points to push the Devil Flame to its Third Order stage, spending another 5 to push the Dark Dou Qi to its Third Order stage as well, and the final 4 into his Body of Steel to reach the Second Order stage.

When the Body of Steel reached the Second Order stage, even high caliber bullets would not be able to pierce Yue Zhong anymore. If he channeled the Third Order Dark Dou Qi, he could even resist the bombardment from missiles.

Once he was done, his gaze fixed upon the 2 snake-people downstairs, his eyes flashing with a strange glint. Both parties below were Type 5 Divine Warriors. If he could kill them both, although he might not make the jump to a Type 5 Divine Warrior stage, it would definitely still bring him huge benefits.

Very quickly, he abandoned that line of thought. Although he had consolidated his foundations as an initial-stage Type 4 Divine Warrior, he was still far off from taking on 2 Type 5 Divine Warriors. They could definitely annihilate him easily.

“How do you do! I’m Yue Zhong, the leader of the human resistance. Pleased to meet you guys.”

One of the helicopters flew down, at the same time, his voice sounded from the helicopter.

The beautiful snake-woman snorted coldly, grabbing a huge boulder of a few tonnes and flung it towards the helicopter, “Yue Zhong, if you want to talk to us, get down from the skies!”

The snake-woman might have powerful strength, but she obviously had not trained in boulder-throwing before. The huge rock soared about dozens of meters away from the helicopter, not even brushing the body of it.

Yue Zhong chuckled, “My apologies, I still think that it’s better for both of us to communicate like this. I’m afraid that if I were to be on land, your partner will tear me apart.”

There were 2 Type 5 Divine Warriors below, the moment he landed, his life would no longer be in his hands. If the snake-woman was not in a good mood, he would be eaten in a second.

“Hmph!” The alluring snake-woman snorted coldly, her gaze fixed on Yue Zhong coldly. If it were not for the fact that she could not fly, she would have pounced on him and tear him into pieces.

Biesna uttered coldly, “I’m Biesna, the 5th Princess of the glorious Snake Race! Say what you have to say!”

Yue Zhong laughed, “Your Highness Biesna, the Flesh-Eaters of this world have too much power. In their Saint City, it’s rumored that there’s a Type 6 Divine Warrior. He’s someone that neither of us can handle. I propose to form an alliance, joining forces to deal with them, what do you think?”

Biesna laughed sarcastically as she looked at him condescendingly, “Alliance? Join hands? Measly human, what qualifications do you have to join forces with us? Do you have any Type 5 Divine Warrior? You require the necessary strength to even propose an alliance. Why don’t we do it like this, Yue Zhong, I admire you. Bring your people and become our slaves, I can confer you the title of Lord of the human race.”

In her eyes, Yue Zhong and his subordinates were too weak, they were even defeated by Sitolius, they simply had no bargaining chips to form an alliance.

Yue Zhong’s expression remained unchanged as he smiled, “No! I’m not interested in your Snake race. Your Highness, while our human race might be weak now, we have our strengths. This spaceship is something we invented. Your Snake race might be strong, but without aerial troops, how are you going to deal with all of the Saint City’s forces? If we were to join forces, we can assist you in dealing with the Saint Clan’s aerial forces!”

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