God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 765

Hearing Yue Zhong’s words, Biesna immediately sunk into her thoughts.

The Snake Race was one of the newer mutant species that evolved, possessing terrifying fleshy power. However, they lacked weaponry and technology. Aerial combat was their weakest point, the moment the Saint Clan employed any aerial technology, they could only face it helplessly.

The Snake Race had some influence around these parts due to their strength, but if they wanted to face the Saint Clan, it was still far from enough.

As she was still thinking, Yue Zhong waved his hands, and a seemingly endless number of cannons emerged from the side of the spacecraft, firing madly at a building in the ruins.

Under the barrage of bullets and cannons, the entire building crumbled and came crashing down, turning into a pile of rubble.

Biesna looked at the rubble and her pupils narrowed, she could see for herself the destructive might of the airship in the skies.

If the floating fortress was to unleash all it had, even a Type 4 Divine Warrior would be killed.

Biesna was a powerful Type 5 Divine Warrior, but she could not fly, if faced with such an aerial assault, even she would be forced to flee.

She fell silent, before saying, “It’s not that an alliance is impossible, but your strength is too weak. When you have a Type 5 Divine Warrior, come talk to us then.”

The Snake Race valued the strong, they simply did not hold the human race in their eyes. Although they knew that it was beneficial to be in an alliance, they would not do so. Even if the Saint Clan City’s airships were to arrive, they would not be worried. After all, they could slither and hide in their underground hideouts. This was more than enough to deal with the harassment from the Saint Clan.

“Since this is the case, let us meet again in the future! I hope we can cooperate then!”

Yue Zhong replied a little wistfully, before returning to the floating fortress.

The fortress then flew towards the distance.

The rest of the fleet, helicopters, and RH2s also silently left.

On the ground, Biesna watched Yue Zhong and his subordinates leave, waving her jade-like hands, causing Sitolius’s corpse to be dragged towards her hand.

“Let’s go!”

With a single order, the horde of Mutant Snakes immediately slithered towards the depths of the ruins.

As they entered the runes, Biesna quickly entered a deep and dark tunnel.

“Little Sis Biesna? Have you dealt with all the intruders?”

Deep within that underground hole, there was a great beauty of about 60% resemblance to Biesna. Behind her, there were 20 snake-head creatures guarding her.

Biesna caught sight of the great beauty approaching and replied blandly, “Sis Annie! They have been dealt with. They’re experts from the Saint Clan.”

Annie’s eyes brightened as she smiled out with an alluring charm, “Oh! The Flesh-Eater Clan? Such a huge movement, there must have been a Type 5 Divine Warrior among them right? Let me see his corpse!”

Biesna immediately rejected, “Sis Annie, no!”

This beauty in front of Biesna was the 3rd Princess Annie, although she was incredibly beautiful, she was also a terrifying Type 5 Divine Warrior. To them, to be able to consume the corpse of a Type 5 Divine Warrior would push their personal might up a couple of notches, helping them to evolve further.

As long as any biological life forms were to attain intelligence, they would start to develop tiers, and fight for the sake of power. There were a total of 9 Type 5 Divine Warriors of the Snake race, and they were all constantly fighting for power, and their relationship with one another was not good.

Annie then put on a pitiful expression, as though she was a wounded animal, “Biesna, do you not trust your sister?”

Biesna replied coldly, “That’s right! Sis Annie, the moment you see a corpse of a Type 5 Divine Warrior, you will swallow it immediately.”

Annie laughed lightly, and was about to say something, when suddenly, the earth trembled beneath them, and her face changed, “Father is summoning us!”


Biesna replied and quickly brought her subordinates deeper into the caves.

Deep within the ground, there was a large space of about 200m wide. Over 200 snake-head creatures stood solemnly, every single one of them a Type 4 Divine Warrior. At the forefront of the area, 9 snake-people waited respectfully, the women beautiful, the men handsome.
These experts were all looking forward with reverence, towards a being with 6 heads. The aura of the being was extremely oppressive, every single head at least a few dozen meters tall. This incredibly gigantic behemoth could almost be considered a divine being if it appeared on the pre-apocalypse Earth, receiving the prayers and worship of humans.

This huge snake was the single progenitor of the entire Snake Race, with a strength of a Type 6 Divine Warrior, Aremando. Biesna, Annie and the rest of the Type 5 Snake-people were all his descendants. He was the true overlord.

“Biesna, who was the invader this time?”

On the square, Aremando’s voice boomed out like thunder, causing the entire square to shake.

Biesna kneeled in respect and took out Sitolius’s corpse, placing on the ground, “Father, the invaders this time were from the Saint Clan City. They had come to wipe out the human race. Their deployment this time consisted of a Type 5 Divine Warrior, Sitolius. He had already been killed by me, this is his corpse.”

The 6-head snake opened his mouth and sucked in the corpse into his mouth.

Aremando’s voice then boomed out once more, “Not right!! This corpse’s life force had already been absorbed by more than half, no longer the vibrant size of a Type 5 Divine Warrior. This sort of feeling, it feels like it had been absorbed by the God and Devil Imprint!!”

“A human!! A human with the God and Devil Imprint has finally appeared!! Finally!! After waiting centuries, a person with the God and Devil Imprint has finally appeared!! Who is it?!!! Who is that human?!!” Aremando became extremely excited as he muttered to himself, and grabbed Biesna towards himself with a gust of wind. “Tell me!!! Who was the human who killed Sitolius?!! If you don’t speak the truth, I will kill you directly!!”

As a Mutant Snake with a vicious and savage personality, throughout his evolution and exposure to radiation, it only served to increase his violent outbursts and terrifying nature. Even if Biesna was his own daughter, he did not have much familial love for her.

The moment he got excited, his enormous body started to twitch, and the entire square rocked, causing fear to arise in everybody present.

Biesna suppressed the fear in her heart, solemnly replying, “It was a man called Yue Zhong!”

“Yue Zhong!! Yue Zhong!! I want to see him!! Biesna, Annie, Mangudala, Casey! The 4 of you shall go catch Yue Zhong for me! Alive if possible! If you can’t capture him alive, I want his intact corpse!!! Lie if you have to, do whatever you have to, get him in front of me!!”

Aremando’s roar resounded throughout the entire space.


All the snake-people did not dare to go against Aremando’s orders.

A look of regret flashed in Biesna’s eyes, “Damn it! I should have agreed to his alliance proposal!”

Yue Zhong did not know that he had caused such a huge commotion in the Snake Race, as he continued to gather all the scattered Resistance members, before leaving the ruins.

Since he knew that the masters of the ruins were the Snake Race, he did not dare set up the headquarters here. Otherwise, if the Snake Race were to feel like it, they could easily wipe them out as well.

Saint City was situated at the center of this world, a large city occupying about 270,000 sq km. 

It was the largest region with the cleanest land, fresh air, lush greenery, clear water, not a hint of radiation at all. Throughout the entire Saint City, there were many tall skyscrapers with a hint of a modern touch, and men and women smiling on the streets.

The entire city was like heaven compared to the rest of the world. One was the epitome of clean and green living with a high quality of life, while the other was trash, ruins, and backward.

Saint City was the capital of the Saint Clan, harboring about 5 million Saint Clan members and 50 million humans. Most of the Type 4 and Type 5 existences of the Saint Clan chose to stay here, forming the most powerful force of Saint Clan’s city.

At the center of the city, there was a lavish tower that seemed to come right out of a fiction movie, built entirely with alloy, its surface glaringly white. This was known as the White Tower in Saint City and was the living quarters of the highest echelons of the Saint Clan.

On this day, there was a sudden ringing of a knell.

“That was the knell!! Did a Type 5 Saint Clan member fall?” Inside a room, a naked blond man sat up, his face drained of color. He released the 2 girls beside him, their necks with bite marks. He then disappeared from the room, moving towards the White Tower.

“That was the knell!!”

A red-haired beauty was currently carrying heavy weights training within a gravity room, her forehead and body slick with perspiration. Her eyes flashed with a strange glint when she heard the kneel, and with a wave of her hands, the weights came off, and she quickly left the gravity room, making her way towards the White Tower.

Many idle Saint Clan members who were in the middle of their break moved out at the same time towards the White Tower.

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