God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 766

Inside the White Tower, within a magnificent, sacred-looking court, there were 2 white seats set side by side, where a young man and woman sat. Their looks were exceptional, and they had a terrifying aura to them.

These 2 youngsters were the peak Overlords of the entire Saint Race, sitting above millions of the rest of the people, both of them possessing Type 5 Divine Warrior strength.

These life forms that evolved from the zombies over thousands of years ago could live a long time without a hint of the years that had passed them by. Most of them were the survivors of the great war between the humans and zombies.

One blond, handsome, young man caught sight of another man with black hair and slightly yellow skin and greeted, “Hi! Gu Mu, where have you been all this time? I haven’t had the chance to go on a Hunting Party with you in forever!”

The black-haired man had his locks in a braid, with a glass of fresh virgin blood in his hands, as he laughed, “Ventus, you always hunt those weak little girls, that’s no fun at all. I’m now currently hunting human mercenaries. They have plenty of battle experience, and it’s a lot hard to kill them. Now, that’s what I call a thrilling hunt.”

These evolved zombies were extremely brutal and bloodthirsty by nature, killing and combat were in their blood.

Even Yin Shuang under Yue Zhong was of a similar existence, numb to killing and quick to violent outbursts. If it wasn’t for Yue Zhong’s control over her, this girl from the Mutant Infected Womb would have been one of the deadliest killing machines back on Earth.

To these Saint Clan members, humans were equivalent to pigs and dogs. This was a common perception. To them, killing humans posed no difference from killing chickens and livestock.

“Sick perverts!”

Just as Ventus and Gu Mu were in discussion, the cold voice of a woman sounded.

Gu Mu turned towards the voice, noticing a red-haired beauty dressed in combat uniform looking at them coldly.

Gu Mu’s eyes brightened as he laughed, “So it’s you, Winnie! How has your hunting of Type 5 Mutant Beasts gone? When can we go hunt them together?”

Winnie was a peak-stage Type 5 Divine Warrior, together with her extremely good looks, she was the goddess of many Saint Clan members. Even among the other experts, there were many who were chasing after her, Gu Mu was one of them.

After all, Winnie was on the same level as the 4 Saint Kings of the Saint Clan. She was one of those with the highest potential to break through to the next stage, reaching the terrifying level of a Type 6 Divine Warrior. If it wasn’t for her attitude towards the humans, she would have long been conferred the title of 5th Saint King.

“No need! I’m not interested in teaming up with perverts.” She coldly rejected him, before staring straight at Ventus, “I know you’re currently collecting young human girls for a Hunting Party, hand them over!”

Ventus’s expression turned furious as he sipped some blood, coldly retorting, “Based on what? Winnie, you’re of the same rank as me, not a Saint King, nor the great Saint Emperor or Empress, why the fuck should I hand those girls over to you? They are my private property.”

Winnie’s gaze turned incredibly dangerous, as she threatened, “Based on the fact that my fist is bigger than yours! If you don’t hand them over, I’ll challenge you constantly.”

There was a combat challenge within the Saint Clan, any experts of the same tier could issue a challenge, without any means to back out. If the person who was challenged turned it down, he or she would be looked down upon.

If Ventus were to be constantly challenged by Winnie, and if he did not accept, his standing among the rest of the upper echelon would plunge. Yet, if he accepted, he would likely be beaten and pummeled. Regardless, it would be a loss of face to him. In comparison, those human girls were not worth much.

Hearing her threat, Ventus’s countenance turned greened as he shot back coldly, “Winnie, for those lowly humans, you’re really going against me?!”

Winnie continued forcefully, “That’s right!”

Gu Mu wore a smile as he tried to mediate, “Forget it! Ventus, let me purchase those girls from you for a 100 Type 3 crystal horns, how about that?”

Ventus’s expression turned slightly better when he heard that, “Fine!”

Gu Mu then chuckled, “Winnie, since you like them so much, let me gift those human girls to you. Don’t keep picking on Ventus, after all, we’re of the same race, and we’re survivors from that Sacred War so many years ago, it’s not worth falling out over these humans.”

Winnie replied indifferently with an impassive face, “Mm.”

The Saint Clan were life forms evolved from zombies after all, and many of them had the habit of eating humans. Winnie knew this. Although she hated it, she could not change everyone’s nature. However, she hated seeing them discussing it so blatantly in front of her and despised the very nature of the Hunting Party activity.

Winnie was still a life form descended from the zombies, and her personality was brutal and bloodthirsty. However, what she liked most was to hunt her enemies, powerful Mutants and Mutant Beasts, not slaughtering those who were weak just for the fun of it. Her existence among the Saint Clan was a special case. It was similar to being a vegan among other humans.

As the many upper echelons continued in their own discussion, everyone suddenly settled down.

4 Saint Clan experts swooped in, their silver capes fluttering in the wind, seating themselves on the 4 gold seats slightly higher than everyone else in the room.

All of them looked towards the 4 of them with a gaze of respect.

These 3 men and 1 woman were the highest authority, second only to the Saint Emperor and Empress, the 4 Saint Kings. They were peak-level Type 5 Divine Warriors and were the commanders in the previous Sacred War between the humans and the zombies. Before the Saint Emperor and Empress were born, they were already peak-level experts.

One of the 4, a blond man with a muscular physique and extremely good looks spoke out softly but his voice traveled, “I’ve gathered everyone to announce something grave, Sitolius has died in battle!”

“Sitolius is dead?!’

“How did he die?”

“Who killed him?”

“Saint King Weylan, how did Sitolius die?”

A number of the Saint Clan members began to break out in a discussion, they had all heard the knell and knew that one of their Type 5 brethren had fallen. Even then, they were still extremely shocked.

In this world, Type 4 Divine Warriors were powerful existences, few people could take them on. As for the Type 5 Divine Warriors, they were practically invincible, even other life forms of similar levels would find it hard to defeat them or even kill them. The Type 6 experts had stopped appearing due to some strange reason unknown to everyone. Under such circumstances, it was impossible for a Type 5 Divine Warrior to fall.

In the centuries before, the total number of deaths of the Type 5 Divine Warriors had only been 5.

Saint King Weylan spoke, “Friday, who had managed to flee back, gave his report. The one who killed Sitolius was the leader of the humans, Yue Zhong. He has gained the Treasure of Hope: Super A.O. and any electronic device would be controlled easily by him.”

When they heard his words, everyone’s expression turned grave, This Saint Clan-led world was extremely advanced in technology, and every weapon and equipment they had was hard-fitted with some form of computer. If they were to go against the Treasure of Hope, not only would these machines be of no use to them, instead, they would become a threat.

Saint King Weylan continued, “Based on our newest intelligence, this human is the leader of the China faction back on their world called Earth. Since he can come to our world, it’s likely that he possesses the God and Devil Imprint, which puts him as a powerful threat to us!”

“The God and Devil Imprint?!”

“My goodness…”

“We cannot let him off!!”

The moment they heard that Yue Zhong had the God and Devil Imprint, their faces all fell. After all, they had obtained victory over the humans over centuries ago, and at that time, the human leader was also someone who had the God and Devil Imprint. He was incredibly tough to deal with. Although they had obtained victory in the end, they had suffered numerous casualties on the battlefield. Anyone with the God and Devil Imprint was a huge threat.

At the same time, humans with the God and Devil Imprint represented a chance for a breakthrough, helping them to evolve to the next stage. Both sides had an interchangeable predator and prey relationship, either not letting the other off when coming into contact.

Saint King Weylan then spoke, “Very good! Let me announce then, all of the Saint Clan is to prepare for battle. Battle Protocol 23 is now in effect.”

“Battle Protocol 23 is in effect!!”


“HAHAHA! This is great!! I can finally enjoy myself!”

The moment those words were uttered, almost every Type 5 Saint Clan member revealed a sadistic and excited grin.

Only Winnie had a dark look, however, she could not change their decisions. Although she pitied the humans, she was still from the Saint Clan.

Winnie sighed, “Forget it! I’ll just try my best.”

Inside the deep parts of the Ancient Ruins, the barren place where clean water flowed had now become the human base. Many structures were building up, and due to their close proximity to water, there was a chance to grow agriculture, and the people were thriving. Many of them wore smiles on their faces.

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