God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 767

In this region with water, there was no radiation nor any immediate threats. At the same time, with the rules and laws that Yue Zhong had laid down, there was finally some semblance of security and society, bringing an end to lawless behaviors and crime.

Within the community, there were no more people who went unpunished if they killed, there was no more rape, robbery or burglary. Everyone’s private belongings were protected under the system that Yue Zhong had set up. The people here started to have renewed hope about the future.

Sima Bing was currently walking around, taking in the surroundings. Everywhere she went, she would see a hustle and bustle of activity, with people being busy with their own responsibilities, their eyes filled with excitement.

She took in all these and her eyes flashed with a strange glint, “This Yue Zhong truly is capable, not some slaughtering oaf!”

With everyone carrying out their duties, abiding by the rules and laws, Sima Bing could fully appreciate the sense of peace and vitality here.

Just having a place with laws and a form of society in this world was actually remarkable. After all, while the technology of this planet far surpassed Earth, the humans here were life forms of the lowest caste and had no education.

Many of the mercenaries were youths who had handled their first weapons at the age of 11 or 12. Many of them could even disassemble them with their eyes closed. However, simple mathematics and logic would be beyond their heads. It was hard for them to grasp.

Furthermore, the situation in most of the cities that were controlled by the Saint Clan was chaotic. Without any security, only the inner citizens or regions where the Saint Clan resided in would have a system running.

To many citizens, such places of law and order were simply heaven-like. In their own hometowns, many of them would be constantly fearful of being dragged away to be raped or even end up as food for the Saint Clan. They did not even have the capacity to worry about their own belongings. That was why they were all the more appreciative of this bit of paradise. Many of them were grateful to Yue Zhong.

Having laid down the rules and plans, Yue Zhong’s standing within this base reached a high level. Adding on to the allure of the prophecy, Yue Zhong became even more mystifying and grand in the eyes of the people.

Sima Bing came up to 2 soldiers standing guard in front of a structure and asked, “Where’s Leader?”

One of the soldiers replied, “Chief Sima, the Leader is over at the training grounds.”

Sima Bing then turned and made her way towards the training grounds swiftly.”

She arrived not long after.

The training ground was a vast expanse of ruins, the natural terrain and complicated structure of the various dilapidated buildings made it easier for Yue Zhong to conduct his rigorous training.

At one side, hundreds of soldiers were currently going through a series of training, including off-road tactics, pushups, scaling of high-rise buildings.

20 RH2s were engaged in intense battles in the middle of the ruins.

Bai Yi could control multiple RH2s, to even thousands of them, but there was a disadvantage.

If subjected to a large-scale jamming attempt or interference, it would be hard for Bai Yi to control those robots smoothly, hence, it was important for the pilots in control to be well-versed.

Furthermore, Yue Zhong was well aware of a fact, that while Bai Yi might be a Super A.I., it was not improbable for the enemy to have their own super A.I. as well. If he were to just rely on her for everything, he might have to pay a painful price in the future.

Sima Bing observed the entire place and discovered Yue Zhong on a hilltop after a while.

Currently, he was sitting with Floxenia, Xiangma Yiming, Duanmu Sheng and Qi Qing’er. His eyes were both shut, his right hand releasing a golden radiance.

Sima Bing hurried over.

Floxenia took one look at her and immediately barked out coldly, “Brother Yue Zhong is currently at a crucial stage of his training, hold your tongue on your matters first!”

Sima Bing halted, her gaze on Floxenia while a chill crept up her heart.

Floxenia’s mind-reading abilities were no longer a secret among the upper management, towards her, few dared to get close. After all, who would be willing to have their secrets revealed?

Currently, Floxenia was conferred the director of the central intelligence, with authority over a hundred intelligence officers. Few could escape her supervision.

When she took on the mantle, she was extremely efficient, quickly weeding out dozens of spies and traitors. At the same time, she sourced out all the greedy, unscrupulous people, rapists and even murderers among the newly formed Crusade Group.

After she pointed them all out, other than Yue Zhong and a few others, everyone in the Crusade Group was filled with fear towards this young girl. No one dared to stay too long with her, even her own subordinates were filled with fear and respect.

If it wasn’t for the good treatment of the central intelligence, no one would dare work alongside Floxenia for long.

Within the Crusade Group, people were more afraid of Floxenia than Yue Zhong.

Of course, to protect her, Yue Zhong had assigned the Type 4 Anya to guard her personally.

With a Type 4 Divine Warrior as a personal guard, no one dared to have any thoughts towards Floxenia.
Sima Bing had a similar heart-crawling fear towards her, but she still proceeded over.

Floxenia continued to stare coldly at Sima Bing but did not say anything else, turning to look at Yue Zhong, full of reliance.

Within the Crusade Group, her only friend was the pure and innocent Qi Qing’er, and the only person she could count on and respect were Yue Zhong who had accepted and treasured her greatly.

As Yue Zhong’s God and Devil Imprint continued to glow, his consciousness was in the Evolving Temple.

The Evolving Temple was currently filled with people who were intending to get their Job Change.

Yue Zhong had set up a decent foundation back on Earth, and with the various powerful leaders and their guidance, the Evolving Temple was utilized efficiently. Every day, there would be ordinary people becoming Enhancers, coming over to do their Job Change.

With a thought, the Evolving Temple began to radiate, revealing Yue Zhong’s hologram.

“Who are you?”

“What’s going on?”

The Enhancers inside the Evolving Temple caught sight of Yue Zhong, and their hearts turned cold, as their bodies tensed for battle.

Yue Zhong might be the biggest leader over at Guang Xi, but many still did not recognize him.

“Leader!! You are Leader Yue Zhong!!”

At this moment, one fully-equipped soldier came up to Yue Zhong and let out an excited cheer.

“Yue Zhong!!”
“This is Leader Yue Zhong??”

The moment they heard his name, the entire place was rocked. After all, Yue Zhong’s fame had spread far and wide.

Many of these Enhancers that could get a Job Change in this Evolving Temple had been reinforcement soldiers that were trained up and assigned here to become stronger. Many of them were filled with respect and veneration towards Yue Zhong. This man was the person who had conquered the capital with his people. If nothing went wrong, it was possible that he would reunite the entire country, and reestablish order.

Many of the soldiers who had already undergone the Job Change quickly came over, their gazes filled with idolization as they looked at him, awaiting instructions.

Yue Zhong glanced at that soldier who recognized him, “I’m back! Go get Hu Yi, Zheng Ming He, Zhang Xue Wang, tell them all to come!”

“Yes! Leader!”

The soldier replied and swiftly left.

Soon after, a number of elite soldiers quickly arrived, ushering the other reinforcements and supplementary soldiers out.

These soldiers could only wait helplessly outside the Evolving Temple.

After a few hours, many assault helicopters descended from the skies, as a number of big shots walked out.

“That was Regiment Commander Hu!! Regiment Commander Zhang!! Mayor Zheng!! Oh my goodness, that man truly is Leader Yue Zhong!!”

The soldiers watched the characters alighting from the helicopters and sucked in a breath of cold air.

Hu Yi, Zheng Ming He and Zhang Xue Wang were all people with high authority. Each time they appeared, the entire Guang Xi would be sent into excitement, and yet these people actually gathered at a single person’s order, they could not help but be shocked.

All the important people within Yue Zhong’s administration appeared, entering the Evolving Temple to see their Leader.



“Leader, how are you!!”

Seeing his holographic image, many of them were emotional. This was the man that had led them to conquer the capital, creating miracles one after another.

Many of those who still had some ambitious thoughts saw Yue Zhong and reined in their ambitions. His influence and control were expanding at a crazy pace, even if they tried to stage something, there would not be much room for success, instead, failure would definitely be a consequence they could not bear.

“Everyone has gathered, very good. I’m now in the 2nd World on the other side of the Gates of Hell. Let me introduce the current situation. This time, what I’m about to say has to remain a classified secret. Anyone beneath the rank of Major-General is not to be made privy to this information.”

He then proceeded to update them on the situation of the other planet.

Upon hearing his words, everyone was beyond shocked.

After all, before entering the 2nd World, Yue Zhong’s might was already terrifying, and yet, he was only comparable to a Type 3 Divine Warrior over there.

In comparison, the Saint Clan had over 100,000 Type 3 Divine Warrior, which was equivalent to 100,000 Yue Zhongs that had not yet entered the 2nd Stage. They even had more terrifying existences beyond that, like the Type 4 and Type 5 freaks. If they were to act, none of them knew how to deal with it.

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