God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 768

“The situation now is extremely dangerous, we only have about 10 months to prepare. I have obtained data on a few things here, quickly manufacture them.”

He then sent over the information and blueprints of the items he obtained from the 2nd World.

When those in the research fields received his items, they were filled with excitement.

This time, the reason Yue Zhong made his presence known was to ensure the stability of his people and to bring them up to speed. When the Gates of Hell opened, the battleground would be on Earth, not the 2nd World.

After finishing his delegation, Yue Zhong retracted his consciousness and returned to the 2nd World. He opened his eyes and immediately saw Sima Bing, and he asked, “Chief Sima, what’s the matter?”

Floxenia was a pretty loli, but with her mind-reading ability, she was truly a terrifying existence within the Crusade Group. Sima Bing would not come close if she could help it.

She replied, “Leader! Right now, the Saint Clan has launched a widespread massacre of the human race everywhere!! Please advise on our next step!”

Yue Zhong was taken aback, “Slaughter?! A widespread slaughter? Is this for real?”

Those from the Saint Clan were evolved from zombies, and while they might view humans as livestock, treating them as food, hunting them from time to time through their Hunting Parties, there had never been a large-scale slaughter. After all, while humans were livestock to them, they were also some form of personal belonging of theirs. Killing the humans like this would just deprive them of their future pleasures.

Sima Bing continued in anguish, “Yes! Other than Saint City, all the other cities are currently participating in their own Hunting Parties, as countless Flesh-Eaters and Vampires have begun to slaughter the humans within the cities without constraint! Those who have been spared are already taken in as slaves and sent to the quarries and factories to be worked to death. All cities have already become hell for humans!!”

In the past, although the Saint Clan had been unbridled, they had never been this cruel. This time, their actions caused a chill in everyone’s hearts.

“What’s the current death toll?” Yue Zhong asked.

“It is estimated to be over a 100 million already!!”

When Yue Zhong heard this, he sucked in a breath of cold air. This was ⅓ of the world’s human population. Just like that, they had already been killed by the Saint Clan.

He had finally understood just how cruel and sadistic the Saint Clan was. He had initially hoped to make use of the humans under the Flesh-Eaters to grow his Crusade Group. Now that they had carried out a large-scale slaughter, he was thoroughly shocked and enraged.

Unable to suppress his anger, he lost his mind and roared, “100 million humans had been slaughtered! And we didn’t get any inkling of what was happening before? What is your department doing?!”

There were 2 branches within the intelligence department of the Crusade Group, one was the central intelligence headed by Floxenia, the other was made up of the original web of ears and eyes on the ground from the Resistance.

After Yue Zhong had reorganized the entire thing, he had left the web of intelligence and sentry officers on the ground alone, using the same people, while the chief of the division was Sima Bing.

To Yue Zhong, the value of the Resistance had been their network of intelligence. Only by continuing to use the old people, was it possible to maximise their efficiency. Had Yue Zhong tried to reorganize them and deploy some other people, he might have caused the entire network to crumble.

The central intelligence that Yue Zhong setup for Floxenia was a newly-established one, and in the future, once things were stabilized, he would then take over the previous network. However, as for now, they operated separately.

Sima Bing lowered her head when shouted at by Yue Zhong, gritting her teeth while holding back her tears, “There was no prior warning. They had started killing last night. All the cities had sealed their gates, and almost none of our eyes and ears out there made it out alive. This news was brought by the lucky few who managed to escape through the water tunnels to bring to us.”
When Yue Zhong heard this, his fury subsided slightly, as he calmed down and apologized, “I’m sorry! I lost my head there for a second! I was too agitated.”

10 million people were killed mercilessly, each time he thought about this, his heart would boil with rage. He had seen his fair share of slaughter and massacre, and even the slaughter of a hundred or thousands was enough to send him into a rage. This time, on this planet, the Saint Clan had actually culled the lives of 10 million in one go. He was beyond infuriated at this point.

At the same time, he felt an immense pressure. He definitely could not allow the Saint Clan to conquer Earth. Should that happen, then the fate of these people here would be repeated back on Earth.

Sima Bing wiped her eyes and faced Yue Zhong resolutely, “Leader, you don’t have to apologize. It was my mistake not discovering their decision to act sooner. I will not shirk my responsibilities. From now on, I swear that there will not be a second time!”

Her heart ached as well at the thought of having lost 10 million fellow humans.

She looked at him and asked, “Leader! What do we do now?”

Yue Zhong suppressed the boiling fury in his heart and spat out coldly, “For now, let us go teach those beasts a lesson!!”

Red Rock City was initially a bustling city, with a clean water source within its area, attracting countless merchants and vagabonds. Currently, it was littered with human corpses, as numerous human heads were pierced through and stuck on the wall.

Every single one of those victims had fear and despair at the point of death, the entire thing looking extremely grim.

Within the city, there was death everywhere.

The streets were empty, save for the corpses on the ground.

Compared to the outer parts, the inner city was a lot less desolate, although the humans there felt nervous, afraid that they would be next.

Inside the castle of Red Rock City, 10 Type 3 Flesh-Eaters were gathered in a room, sipping virgin blood out of boredom while chatting.

One of them, a black man, laughed at the city lord Annette, “Annette, when are you going to open your inner city to us and let us have some fun?”

Annette laughed back, “In another 2 days. We just finished our Hunting Party in the outer parts, those lowly humans aren’t feeling too good now. If we act now, most of them will just escape.”

Within Red Rock City, many strong humans had been bought over by Annette to serve as guards. This was one of the measures the Flesh-Eaters employed to divide the humans, causing them to fight among themselves.

One blond Flesh-Eater licked his lips while smiling cruelly, “I heard that Qiang Wei Girls’ School contains the best quality girls you have; when the Hunting Party starts, I want to have a good taste of those delicious humans. Annette, you won’t feel reluctant, will you?”

Annette laughed casually, “Honestly, it does hurt a little. However, I’ve already kept 20 exceptional stock. The rest of the goods in Qiang Wei Girls’ School are yours to enjoy, gentlemen. Since the Sacred War is about to begin again, I do not know if everyone will survive. So let’s just enjoy ourselves. If we make it out alive, rebuilding the school is no issue.”

One short and fat Flesh-Eater praised, “Well-said!! Those that have not reached 12 years old belong to me, Koizumi Shizaburo! No one is to fight me for them!”


Within the manor, the sounds of laughter rang out.

Hong! Hong! Hong!!

At this moment, loud explosions rang out in Red Rock City, causing the manor to shake as well.

The moment they heard the explosions, the 10 Type 3 Flesh-Eaters got up explosively and punched through one of the walls.

Although they had powerful flesh bodies, they would be unable to defend against cannons and missile. Thus, they would not stay idly at one place to be bombarded to death.

“Spaceship!! It’s the spaceship, isn’t that from the higher-ups? How come it’s here?”

Annette and the rest looked up and surveyed their surroundings, their hearts feeling a chill.

They discovered that there was a single spaceship which they knew only the Type 5 Divine Warriors could pilot, and on the ground, 100 RH2s were currently marching towards them in an orderly fashion.

Seeing such a terrifying scene, Annette and the other Type 3 Flesh-Eaters suddenly felt fear and despair.

“Scramble!! We can’t hold on here anymore!!”

Annette was also a decisive man, as he quickly gave the order.

“Still thinking of leaving? You beasts can go to hell!!”

Following a cold voice, 2 electromagnetic beams shot out, blasting the heads of 2 Type 3 Flesh-Eaters to the sides of Annette.

Annette and the remaining Flesh-Eaters turned around to see Yue Zhong holding his Electromagnetic Gun, alone.
Annette frowned as he fixed his gaze on Yue Zhong, “Who the hell are you?!”

The black Flesh-Eater beside Annette scrutinized Yue Zhong carefully and became agitated, yelling, “Yue Zhong! He’s the leader of the human resistance, Yue Zhong!! He has the God and Devil Imprint!! Kill him!! And we’ll be elevated to the upper echelons of the Saint Clan!!”

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