God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 769

Upon hearing that it was Yue Zhong, the remaining 8 Type 3 Flesh-Eaters immediately got excited. If they could hunt this man in front of them, they would elevate in status, position, and even their own bottleneck, reaching the Type 4 Divine Warrior level.

In the entire thousand-year history of the Flesh-Eaters, only one person had relied on radiation to break through to reach the Type 5 Divine Warrior level. Many had contributed to the cause of the Saint Clan and had been elevated to the Type 4 Divine Warrior level.

“Hahaha, you are my prey!! Give me your heart!”

Following a piercing laughter, a gust of wind blew past as one of the Type 3 Flesh-Eaters appeared in front of Yue Zhong sending a powerful fist towards him.

Yue Zhong raised his right hand to block, as the fist of the Flesh-Eater slammed into him, it caused him to be knocked back a dozen meters.

“Strong, these Type 3 Flesh-Eaters are not weak at all.”

Yue Zhong felt his hand go numb, had he not enhanced his Body of Steel to reach the Second Order, his hand might have been shattered by that single impact.


Seeing Yue Zhong being forced back, the rest of the Flesh-Eaters laughed savagely and gained more confidence to charge right at him, their claws stretched out to tear into his heart.
“In terms of body constitution, as a human, I’m still incomparable to these freaks!”

With a thought, Yue Zhong’s eyes narrowed, and a powerful Devil Flame dragon soared into the air, enveloping all the Type 3 Flesh-Eaters around him.


The Devil Flame Dragon coiled once, wrapping around the Type 3 Flesh-Eaters near Yue Zhong, causing them to scream out in misery, as they hurried to channel their Radiance of Life to withstand the burning.

However, the Type 3 Devil Flame was like a leech that stuck to them, no matter how much they struggled, they could not shake it off. Within 2 minutes, 5 of them had been burnt into ashes, their life force absorbed by Yue Zhong through the God and Devil Imprint.

“What a fearsome flame!!”

Annette and the remaining 3 Type 3 Flesh-Eaters stared at Yue Zhong with fear.

Currently, dense sounds of gunshots were ringing throughout Red Rock City, as the soldiers and Flesh-Eaters of the city took up arms to meet the invading robots.

At the same time, hundreds of soldiers were grabbing their laser guns and rushing towards Yue Zhong in the manor.


Annette and the other 3 exchanged looks and hurried to flee towards the center of the city. They had come to the conclusion that they could not face Yue Zhong, and wanted to preserve their lives. There was only retreat, as for Red Rock City, they couldn’t care less.

Humans were at a constant disadvantage in this world, even if they had conquered a city, they would not be able to hold on to it for long. The Flesh-Eaters would usually send an army to reclaim it. Furthermore, out in the wilderness, there was no clean water nor enough food. It was hard to fight a battle of attrition using guerilla warfare, which relied on sufficient resources.

“You want to flee? Today will be the day you die!”

Yue Zhong watched the 3 fleeting Flesh-Eaters, and his body was immediately shrouded by his Dark Dou Qi. Under the enhancement of the Third Order Dark Dou Qi, his body had reached the Type 4 Divine Warrior’s level.

With a tap of his foot, the roof he was on split apart, at the same moment, he appeared beside Annette.

“Impossible!! How did your speed become so fast?! Your speed should not be above mine!!” Annette could not help but scream in shock when he saw Yue Zhong. He had ascertained that Yue Zhong’s speed could not have been this fast from the earlier exchange.

Yue Zhong laughed coldly in response, whisking out his Flame Blade and directly sliced this City Lord in half. Fresh blood sprayed everywhere, and this demon who had killed millions of people had finally died at Yue Zhong’s hands.

The other 2 had terrifying speeds, and in a blink, they had escaped out of Yue Zhong’s vision. Suddenly, 2 bursts of blood-colored light shot through the skies, and the 2 of them were directly slain by Duanmu Sheng and Shaxi.

The 10 Type 3 Flesh-Eaters might have been killed by Yue Zhong and the experts he brought, but the rest of the Flesh-Eaters were still as vicious and cruel. Knowing that they were losing, they quickly began to slaughter the rest of the humans in the city.

Those humans barely had time to defend themselves, and many were instantly killed or heavily injured. At the same time, some of the human experts had been wary of the madness of the Flesh-Eaters, and begun to engage them in battle.

Yue Zhong brought his experts and quickly joined the fray, slaughtering the low-level Flesh-Eaters. They were simply no match for Yue Zhong and his subordinates.

When the army of RH2s joined the battle, they quickly suppressed all the chaos.

When everything had settled down, the once-bustling and radiant Red Rock City had been largely damaged, with plenty of broken buildings and dead bodies everywhere. It resembled a ruin, with casualties of both humans and Flesh-Eaters.

The original number of humans had been 80,000, after the slaughter and crazy battle in Red Rock City, there were only 4,000 left.
Having conquered Red Rock City, Yue Zhong swiftly mobilized his people to gather all the resources and working equipment out of the city.

He had gained a large number of resources and a few thousand people in this attack.

At first, most of those people in the inner city had been staunch supporters of the Flesh-Eaters, but after the massacres carried out, witnessing many of their friends and families killed, they were filled with hatred towards the Flesh-Eaters, and many took the initiative to join Yue Zhong’s Crusade Group.

At the same time when Yue Zhong invaded Red Rock City, at another side, Gong Chang Tian had led a large fleet to attack Black Crow City, a city also under the control of the Flesh-Eaters. Jess was also leading another force to crush yet another city elsewhere, gaining resources.

Having successfully concluded the assault on Red Rock City, Yue Zhong handed the cleanup to Luo Chen, before he led his own elite troops towards the next city.

With Bai Yi in control, Yue Zhong had 3 troops all attacking simultaneously, bringing 11 cities down, saving about 100,000 humans, and gaining a large number of resources.

“Retreat? Why??” Gong Chang Tian stared at Yue Zhong’s image in the display, asking unhappily.

Currently, Gong Chang Tian had just taken down 3 cities and was feeling invincible, he had not expected Yue Zhong to call for a retreat at this moment.

Yue Zhong replied solemnly, “We have already brought down 11 cities of the Flesh-Eater Clan. They’re likely to respond any time now. If I’m not wrong, they’ve gathered a large army to deal with us. If we don’t retreat now, it’ll be too late.”

Gong Chang Tian fell silent, before replying, “I got it, Leader! Let me get White Maple City first, and I’ll retreat then!”

Yue Zhong felt a sense of unease and he barked, “No! I’m ordering you to retreat now!!”

Gong Chang Tian looked at Yue Zhong resolutely, “Apologies, Leader. We’re now only about 10 li away from White Maple City. There’re 30,000 of our brethren waiting for us to save them. Bai Yi’s net has not yet discovered any Saint Clan members nearby. With such circumstances, I definitely have to go to White Maple City to save our fellow humans.”

After that, he cut off the communication.

Yue Zhong’s army had been split into 3 to take down 11 cities in one fell swoop. Of which, Yue Zhong took 4, Jess also took 4, only Gong Chang Tian had managed to take 3. He truly wanted to continue, otherwise, it felt like he could not even compare with Jess.

“Fucking bastard!” Gong Chang Tian’s forceful cut of the communication caused Yue Zhong to frown and curse.

As of now, while Yue Zhong was considered the highest leader, Gong Chang Tian’s authority was not any lesser than before. He had plenty of loyal subordinates and good buddies.

In order to utilize the entire force as a whole, Yue Zhong had no choice but to use Gong Chang Tian, as long as he did not think of betraying Yue Zhong. However, he did not expect that Gong Chang Tian was so stubborn as to try and rack up merit, that he overstepped his authority.

Gong Chang Tian quickly ordered, “Convey my command, everyone is to march forth, the target is White Maple City!!”

Under his orders, the armored fleet began to move forth swiftly towards White Maple City.

Soon, they arrived.

With over a hundred RH2s marching in formation, they quickly charged right through into the city.

After breaching the walls, they began to sweep out anyone who took up arms against them. Be it Flesh-Eaters or humans, whoever fought back would be killed on the spot.

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