God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 770

“We took down another city!!”

Gong Chang Tian looked as the RH2s tore through the city with little resistance, the corners of his mouth arched in a satisfied smile.

Every time he attacked a city, he would use the RH2s to charge right in, quickly ending half the battle. The leftover would usually be dealing with those Flesh-Eaters on the streets who were unwilling.

One RH2 was patrolling the streets of White Maple City, its guns and cannons extended out, sweeping the area for enemies. Suddenly, it twisted and with a loud roar, the cannons and guns fired madly at one shop, directly killing a Type 2 Flesh-Eater hiding within.

At this moment, a shadow charged over from afar. Under Bai Yi’s control, the RH2 swiftly adjusted its weapons to aim at the new enemy.

However, it was too late, the shadow appeared right in front of the RH2, a long 6m laser blade in his arm that came slashing through the RH2 right down the middle, separating it in two.

The man was dressed in black, tight clothes looked at the 2 halves and laughed coldly, “What presumptuous humans. Do you think our Saint Clan is for decoration purposes?”

At the same time, a number of shadows charged out from the various dark alleys at the speed of sound, employing all sorts of means to attack and destroy the RH2s.

Bai Yi’s clone in the handheld display of Gong Chang Tian began to warn loudly, “Warning!! Warning!! There is an indeterminate number of experts attack the RH2s. Preliminary investigations suggest that there might be at least 10 Type 4 Divine Warriors. There’s also the possibility of a Type 5 Divine Warrior. 36 RH2s have already been destroyed, please pass an order!”

Bai Yi had sent her clones to be controlled by Jess and Gong Chang Tian for the sake of the 3-prong attack. Without her help, they would not have been able to take down so many cities in such a short time.

Yue Zhong would not intervene with their command as well. After all, he was not God, he could not be omnipresent, and thus could only trust their judgment. A poor command would just send their elites to their death.

“What?! How did it become like this?” Gong Chang Tian turned pale when he heard this, and could not help but shout, “What have you been doing? How come so many high-level Saint Clan members appear without you know? You’re a Super A.I. for goodness sake!!”

Facing his outburst, Bai Yi spoke quietly, “I might be a Super A.I., there are many things beyond my control and supervision. As long as the enemy is not employing any tools or equipment with computer mainframes, I am unable to hack and obtain intelligence. I’m not an invincible existence!”

Bai Yi’s ability was extremely overpowered, as long as there was a computer-based machine, she could hack into it and bring it under her control. However, there were limitations as well, as she would be helpless towards anything that does not require a computer.

Gong Chang Tian had fought beside Yue Zhong before and watched how Bai Yi had brought so many types of equipment and weapons under her control, together with the RH2s, to defeat the Type 4 Flesh-Eaters. This caused him to have a misconception about Bai Yi’s power. In fact, while Bai Yi might be extremely powerful, there were ways to counter her.

He roared out anxiously, “Retreat! Retreat!!”

The RH2s in White Maple City were part of the Crusade Group’s main combat force. Currently, they had no way of manufacturing these powerful robots. If lost, they would suffer a drop in their might.


Under his order, many RH2s began to swiftly retreat out from White Maple City. As they fled, they would fire madly at the Type 4 Flesh-Eaters with the help of Bai Yi.

However, the Type 4 Flesh-Eaters exploded out with their terrifying strength, chasing after the RH2s relentlessly, destroying one after the other.

Even with Bai Yi’s control, the combination of a hundred RH2s could at most suppress one Type 4. Now there were over 15 of them, such a force was not something the RH2s could handle.

“The number of RH2s lost is now 45.”

“The number of RH2s lost is now 51.”

Bai Yi continued to report the current status of the RH2s, almost every second, there would be an RH2 being decimated.

Gong Chang Tian was not an inexperienced fighter, he quickly recovered from the shock and issued a flurry of orders, “Heed my command, Team 6 and Team 7 is to rush and kill all low-level Flesh-Eaters and city guards. Team 8, go find a way to slow down the enemy’s advance. Team 9 and 10, quickly flee from this place!”

With his orders, the RH2s that had all been fleeing quickly changed formation, some attacking, some fleeing, while the others focusing on the slaughtering of the low-level Flesh-Eaters and human soldiers.

Like this, the speed of the Type 4 Flesh-Eaters slowed down drastically, with no choice but to send some to go and take on those going on a rampage within the city.

Gong Chang Tian led the remaining 20 RH2s to flee towards the distance. He was beginning to regret not listening to Yue Zhong, although he was now focused on getting away.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

After a round of explosions, a number of RH2s were destroyed, as a handsome man stepped through the destruction, his hands holding a whip. Had this person been placed anywhere on Earth prior to the apocalypse, he would be chased by plenty of girls.

This handsome man walked towards Gong Chang Tian while smiling, “How do you do, I’m Gu Mu from the Saint Clan, am pleased to make your acquaintance!”

On the display of the central computer in the command center, Bai Yi warned, “Warning! Warning! Based on the scans of the life form in front, there is an 80% possibility of the person to be a Type 5 Ancestor-type, a survivor of the Sacred War.”

“Type 5 Ancestor!!”

Hearing this, everyone in the vehicle command center, everyone’s face fell. The Type 5 Ancient were experts who had survived the war centuries ago and had an unimaginable power. At the same time, their battle experience was practically unmatched. There were no games to be played before such existences.

The remaining RH2s began to fire their lasers and cannons at Gu Mu.

He remained impassive, dodging within the rain of firepower, some of them barely brushing him by, as though they were all purposely avoiding him.

Gu Mu continued walking forward while smiling, while the RH2s exploded mysteriously, turning into balls of flame.

Seeing this, everyone turned ashen.

“Attack! Do not cease attacking!!”

One Resistance soldier had despair written across his face, as he roared out and began to fire madly at Gu Mu.

He had just stood up when his brain split open mysteriously.

Gu Mu chuckled, “You guys aren’t being nice. Stop the fire. You guys aren’t my match. If you continue, only death awaits. I’m not interested in killing you. Where’s your leader? I want to meet him.”

Hong! Hong! Hong!

At the same time, the last 4 RH2s combusted in balls of fire, and the RH2s that had successfully conquered a few cities under Gong Chang Tian were all wiped out. All of them eyed Gu Mu with pale expressions, many of them trembling.

The disparity in strength was too vast. Even though they had 60 soldiers in this fleet, facing Gu Mu, they were no different from ants. Their lives could be snuffed out just like that.

“I’m the highest in command here, Gong Chang Tian!”

Gong Chang Tian walked out from the command center, speaking brightly in a tone that was neither submissive nor arrogant.

Gu Mu continued to smile warmly, “Very good. Gong Chang Tian, I admire you. Let’s become friends. I’m sick of the war between the humans and our Saint Clan. I do wish for peace. Are you willing to become my friend? Let’s work together for peace between the humans and Saint Clan, alright?”

“Living in peace?! That’s impossible, you bunch of sadistic freaks, are not worthy of living on this planet! I, Gong Chang Tian, would never live alongside you! Brothers, everyone, charge onward! Let’s kill this motherfucker! Even if we can’t, we must at least bite a chunk of meat!! We humans will never bend our heads!!”

With a roar, his Dou Qi enveloped his body, pushing himself to the state of a Type 4 Divine Warrior. His eyes turning bloodshot, with a tap of his foot, he shot towards Gu Mu.

Lance also activated his ability, as bright light radiated from his body, shining like the sun, causing everyone to be blinded temporarily.

Even Gu Mu had to shield his eyes from the intensity of it.

“Chance!” Gong Chang Tian’s eyes flashed with a glint, as he sent a fist towards Gu Mu’s head


Just as his fist was about to connect with Gu Mu, his head exploded mysteriously.

At the same time, Lance, as well as the soldiers beside him, suffered the same fate.

“At least you’ve got some backbone.”

Gu Mu opened his eyes coldly and muttered as he stared at the corpses, before turning around to leave.

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