God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 772

The crocodile-head beast stretched out its claws and pierced the pterosaur viciously in the chest as well, tearing a large chunk of flesh and some inner organs out.

Right at this time, Yue Zhong who was hiding at one corner fired his weapon, and an electromagnetic beam shot out, penetrating through the head of the Type 5 Pterosaur.

The Electromagnetic Gun, that had always been able to conquer anything, finally failed for the first time.

When the beam blasted the forehead of the Type 5 Pterosaur, it caused the scales to blast open, causing a 5 cm deep wound. Such an injury was nothing to the Type 5 Pterosaur.

Failing to achieve anything with one hit, Yue Zhong maintained calm, his Dark Dou Qi channeling and enhancing his body, pushing it to the next level, and he fired another 3 times while maintaining his steadiness.

The 3 electromagnetic beam fired out one after another, landing on the wound within milliseconds of each other.

Those beams managed to blast through and prick the brain of the Type 5 Mutant Beast, injuring it like a needle piercing into a person’s brain.

The Type 5 Pterosaur shrieked out in alarm and quickly flapped its wings to flee. A huge tornado blew past, as it shot towards the distance like a meteor.

Yue Zhong eyed the fleeing monster and he heaved a sigh of relief.

The Type 5 Pterosaur and the Type 5 Crocodile-head Beast had gone all out in mutual destruction, both suffering heavy injuries. Even so, Yue Zhong lacked the ability to finish it off, forcing it to flee was already something impressive.

As the Type 5 Pterosaur fled, the Type 5 Crocodile-head Beast descended from the skies, directly entering a small valley.

Yue Zhong observed the location it was heading to, his eyes flashing with greed, and he quickly burst forwards, chasing after it.

That was a Type 5 Mutant Beast, its entire body a moving treasure trove. Its scales could be used to produce the best combat armor, its blood could be used to develop Evolving Liquids, its flesh a powerful source of nutrients and its nuclei even more precious as an energy source.

“Warning! Warning! The region in front has a radiation of Level 4, classified as a mid-radiation zone. Without anti-radiation drugs, your body might possibly undergo mutation.”

Yue Zhong moved around the valley for a period of time, when the radiation device at his waist suddenly beeped out the warning.

Without any hesitation, he quickly pulled out the anti-radiation medicine he obtained in Red Rock City and swallowed it, delving deeper into the valley.

“Warning! Warning!! The region in front has a radiation of Level 5, classified as a mid-radiation zone…”

“Warning! Warning! The region in front has a radiation of Level 6…”

Each time Yue Zhong ventured a certain distance in, the device would squeak out to warn him of the increasing levels of radiation.

“Warning! Warning! The region in front has a radiation of Level 7, classified as a high-radiation zone. Even with anti-radiation drugs, your body might suffer and possibly undergo mutation!”

Yue Zhong arrived at the entrance of the valley and heard the urgent warnings of the device. He finally came to a stop and retreated 2 steps.

A high-radiation zone was extremely dangerous, even Type 5 Flesh-Eaters would be enveloped and consumed by the radiation in such places, their cells mutating, turning into Irradiated Devils.

In this world, the strongest Irradiated Devils were not due to the mutations in humans, but those in Flesh-Eaters.

Such a zone was basically no man’s land, few would dare to venture in without reason.

Yue Zhong stood there right at the border, his expression ugly as he gazed deep into the valley, his thoughts fleeting.

“Fuck it!! I must at least get a Type 5 Mutant Beast nuclei!!”

After hesitating for a while, a look of resolution finally passed his face, as he gobbled down 10 vials of anti-radiation drugs, pulling his Level 5 Defense Vest to cover his head. This precious item that he got from conquering the capital on Earth could withstand radiation. However, he was not too confident in its ability to withstand high levels of radiation.

He then channeled his Bone Encompassing Armor, and put on the scanning helmet he got from Qing Zhang City, wrapping his body in Dark Dou Qi. With his Shadow Steps activated, his entire being flashed towards the valley at a speed faster than sound.

In merely 3 seconds, he had reached a deep part of the valley, noticing that there were no signs of the Crocodile-head Beast, instead, there was the mysterious Gates of Hell.

“Gates of Hell!! There’s actually one here. The Type 5 Crocodile-head Beast must have escaped somewhere else through this door. Should I follow?”

Yue Zhong stared at the Gates of Hell and he thought to himself, before coming to a decision, “That Crocodile-head Beast is still not dead; if I follow it, it’s possible to deal the killing blow. I can then absorb its life force. This is truly a once-in-a-blue-moon chance. If I were to miss it, it’d be hard to encounter one again!”

He immediately charged through the gate.

With a bright flash, Yue Zhong appeared in another world.

The moment he appeared, he quickly activated his Second Order Stealth, observing his surroundings.

He discovered that he was in a place where huge trees towered and reached for the skies, every one of them dozens of meters tall. The grass was lush and everywhere, there were strange plants and flowers.

The Type 5 Crocodile-head Beast was slumped at one area, its blood flowing without stop, its breath ragged.

“It’s not dead yet! Who knows, I might be able to tame it and make it into a Puppet!!” Such a thought arose in his heart, before his eyes flashed with pity, “Damn, I don’t have any Type 5 Puppet Rune!’

A single Type 4 Puppet Rune required 50 Type 3 nuclei to form. A Type 5 Puppet Rune required 100 Type 4 nuclei.

The Type 4 nuclei were truly rare and precious, even after conquering 11 cities, his total Type 4 nuclei only reached 36. It was not enough to form a Type 5 Puppet Rune.

Yue Zhong threw that notion out of his mind and appeared on top of the Type 5 Crocodile-head Beast.

“Strong! Truly worthy to be called a Type 5 Mutant Beast!!”

Yue Zhong stood on top and could tell that the wounds of the Crocodile-head Beast were already healing at a speed visible to the naked eye. If no one disturbed it, the Type 5 Mutant Beast would easily recover within a short period of time.

He took out his Electromagnetic Gun and fired a few shots into the injured head of the beast. The beams tore apart the brain, further blasting it into pieces.

The Crocodile-head Beast trashed and twisted about for a while, before dying.

As it died, a large amount of life force was absorbed into Yue Zhong’s body through the God and Devil Imprint, entering his gold God-Devil Nucleus, enlarging it by a little.

“Congratulations on gaining +20 in all attributes, as well as an additional +20 in Strength. All skills below Second Order have gained an extra level. You have also gained 6 skill points.”

After killing the Type 5 Crocodile-head Beast, Yue Zhong gained another terrifying jump in enhancement, pushing his body constitution as well as obtaining 6 precious skill points.

With the 6 skill points, he could help his Third Order Devil Flame and Third Order Dark Dou Qi to be enhanced once more.

The Dark Dou Qi could push his body constitution, while the Devil Flame granted him terrifying, destructive might. He relied heavily on them, thus he would naturally choose to strengthen them first.

After killing the beast, he pulled out his Flame Blade to slice apart the monster. He worked his way from the head down, obtaining the Type 5 nuclei, then the blood, its hide, its meat and quickly filled up his Storage Ring.

As he was filling up his ring happily, there was a sudden movement in the grass nearby. All of a sudden, a number of beasts bolted out of the blue, charging right for him.


Having undergone so many enhancements, even without utilizing his skills, his full speed had already exceeded the sound barrier. He leaped back forcefully.

However, the speed of the beasts dashing through the tall grass was truly terrifying, exceeding even Yue Zhong.

“Velociraptors!! Aren’t they extinct? Even if they are, how is their speed this disgusting?”

Yue Zhong’s eyes narrowed and he caught sight of the 6 monsters that were dashing towards him, discovering that they were the ferocious velociraptors that were supposed to be extinct a long time ago. Their speed surpassed the speed of sound, and although they had the same appearance as the dinosaurs of yesteryear, their power seemed to be much more than that.

6 of them opened their jaws wide, catching up to Yue Zhong, biting down viciously.

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