God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Old Family Village

Yue Zhong looked at the villager holding the large knife and the villager holding the home-made crossbow, and he said in a deep voice: “I came to ask directions! Bring out the leader of your village!”

Everyone is extremely wary in Z-Age. Yue Zhong also knew his presence would make the people guarded.

The villager holding the home-made crossbow looked at Small Green standing beside Yue Zhong. He hesitantly said: “You aren’t welcome here, please leave!”

If it wasn’t for Small Green standing beside Yue Zhong, that villager might not be so nice. He would simply tell Yue Zhong to scram.

The other villager holding the large knife curiously sized up Yue Zhong. His vision fell onto Small Green, and he couldn’t look away. He had never seen a person able to tame a monster of such unmatched strength.

Yue Zhong looked at the two survivors, his brows wrinkled. He didn’t wish to argue with the villagers. He commanded to White Bones: “Grab them up!”

The spirit flames ignited in the eyes of white bones, and he galloped over to the two villagers.

Seeing White Bones rush over, the villager holding the crossbow became startled. He turned and pulled the trigger at White Bones, and the bolt darted towards White Bones like lightning.

White Bones gazed upon the incoming bolt, and it easily stopped it with the axe, knocking the bolt flying.

“How severe!” Seeing White Bones knock away the flying arrow, the eyes of villager holding the crossbow flashed with fear. He tossed aside the crossbow and pulled out a machete from his back.

White Bones quickly rushed into the two survivors. He appeared before the crossbow survivor like a demon shadow. A knife-hand chopped at the survivor’s neck, knocking him out.

The villager holding the large knife chopped at White Bones. White Bones waived his axe, knocking against the villager’s knife. The knife was easily sent flying, then a fist boomed into the side of the villager, making the villager curl up into a ball on the ground.

The sounds alarmed the survivors inside the village. Quickly over twenty male villagers holding knives, guns, clubs, and other weapons rushed forth from the village and faced off against Yue Zhong from far away.

Under the watch of the twenty plus male survivors, Yue Zhong brought Small Green into the village. With an overwhelming imposing manner he looked at the survivors and said: “Who is the leader of this village. Make him come out and see me!”

The twenty plus men were intimidated by Yue Zhong’s mighty presence, unexpectedly not a single person dared speak.

There was a man with several white hairs on his head and a large mole on his right cheek. He was a little old man, and he split apart the crowd and walked directly to Yue Zhong. He said slightly respectfully: “I am Village Chief Chen Ning. I am the person who handles matters for the village. May I ask who are you? Why have you come to our village?”

Chen Ning already saw Small Green standing by Yue Zhong’s side as he was walking out of the crowd. He knew the person before him wasn’t someone this small village could provoke.

Yue Zhong looked at Chen Ning and directly asked: “I came to ask directions. What is this place? I want to go to Stone Horse Village and Always Bright Village. How do I get to these places?”

“So long as you send a person to guide me to Stone Horse Village, this bag of rice will be that person’s reward.” Yue Zhong pulled a bag from his backpack and opened it up revealing the rice inside. He then threw it on the ground.

The greatest treasure to ordinary people in Z-Age isn’t gold or diamonds, but rather food that can fill one’s stomach. Seeing the bag of white rice on the ground, the eyes of the villagers all turned green. They could almost not live on due to the food problem, and they didn’t dare brave death hunting in the mountains.

“I know how to go to Stone Horse Village! I will guide you!”

“I know! Let me guide you!”

The villagers immediately began to compete with each other upon seeing the bag of rice. The bag had approximately 10kg of rice. If eaten frugally and used for gruel, that bag of rice could let a small family live for one month.

Seeing the villagers one by one fight with each other, Chen Ning’s face sank, and he yelled: “Give me some quiet!”

Chen Ning had the respect of the villagers. The villagers all temporarily quieted down, but they all still fervently stared at Chen Ning. They all wanted to obtain the job of guiding Yue Zhong.

Chen Ning looked at Yue Zhong and invited: “it is getting late. Brother Yue Zhong, it would be better to rest a bit in our village. Tomorrow i will make people guide you.’

“That is bothersome!”

Yue Zhong wasn’t polite. He directly brought White Bones and Small Green into the village.

[TL: Yue Zhong says it is bothersome because he is causing trouble for them. As in, I don’t want to bother you guys for the favor. He wasn’t polite in that he just strode on into the village without further words. Upon re-reading this the meaning could be taken the wrong way.]

This village certainly wasn’t big, and it wasn’t as lively as Always Bright Village. There were barely forty households, and the large majority were old brick houses.

After calling off the alarm, the woman and the children of the village finally came out of their houses. They curiously looked at Yue Zhong and the companions at his side.

After White Bones had the Feign skill, if it didn’t shoot bone spikes, ordinary people just thought it resembled a silent weird human.

[TL: In case you forgot: “Feign allows Special Skeleton to feign a change in its body type into a large creature.” I guess he can Feign as a human.]

Yet Small Green attracted a large amount of attention from the men and women. Even if it was just a young green eagle, it already revealed a fierce attitude. None of the people dared lightly draw near.

Yue Zhong looked around. He discovered the women and children didn’t show any signs of mistreatment, and he couldn’t help but have a much more favorable opinion towards Chen Ning.

One should know much of the darkness hidden in mankind’s heart exploded out after Z-Age. Chen Ning is kind to the women and children which is a rarity in Z-Age.

Chen Ning is the village chief, and the place he lived in wasn’t bad. It was a spacious courtyard of five small buildings.

There was a large bowl of gruel, a dish of fried peanuts, and four sweet potatoes placed on a table in the building. On the table in the courtyard there was also a large bowl of gruel, but the consistency wasn’t as thick as the gruel in the house.

Yue Zhong and Chen Ning’s two sons, Chen Sheng and Chen Wang, sat at the large table in the house. Eight young and old women sat around the large table in the courtyard.

Chen Ning said to Yue Zhong: “We only have this food here. I’m a bad host, please forgive me. Eat as you please, don’t be polite.”

Yue Zhong looked at the dishes on the table. He grabbed two cans of beef from his backpack and opened them. He placed them on the table and laughed: “Come, eat as you please.”

Chen Sheng and Chen Wang saw the two cans of beef, and their eyes both were a little green. They hadn’t eaten meat for several weeks. They couldn’t handle the sight. They reached out their chopsticks, and they were ready to risk their lives stuffing their mouths.

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