God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 773

Yue Zhong’s Third Order Dark Dou Qi surged, as he pushed himself with his Shadow Steps. His body twisted and he dodged to the side.

4 of the velociraptors bit down on air, while the other 2 managed to land a bite on Yue Zhong’s body.

The sharp teeth of the 2 velociraptors tore through the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake hide, the Level 5 Defense Vest, tearing into his body. The force of the bites caused a few of his bones in the right shoulder to shatter, as fresh blood flowed.


Shock flashed in his eyes, the speed of these velociraptors could already surpass Type 4 Divine Warriors.

Facing these vicious beasts, Yue Zhong dared not stay any longer, with a thought, he channeled his Devil Flame, blasting towards the velociraptors.

In an instant, the 6 velociraptors were engulfed by the roaring Devil Flames.

A bright white light flashed from the bodies of the velociraptors, resisting the burning of the Devil Flames.

Yue Zhong was taken aback when he saw the light, “Radiance of Light!!”

However, in just 3 seconds, the 6 Velociraptors were incinerated, leaving 6 nuclei. The strands of life force flowed towards Yue Zhong.

After burning them to death, Yue Zhong heaved a sigh of relief.

“Congratulations, you have crossed a hidden Gates of Hell to enter the Third World. You have 2 choices right now, go back to the 2nd World, or close this Gates of Hell, staying in the Third World to survive, until the day where the 1st and 2nd Worlds collide.”

“If you choose to close this gate, you will gain a reward of a random treasure on your body being upgraded to Level 10. At the same time, you will have to complete a mission to open up this gate, to return to the 2nd World.”

“Level 10 Treasure?”

He was excited when he heard this. The strongest treasure he had on hand was only Level 7. Even so, it was a great boon to him, and he had never even heard of the existence of a Level 10 Treasure.

Yue Zhong thought for a moment, and pulled up his handheld monitor, speaking firmly, “I choose to stay here. Close the Gates of Hell!”

He had initially intended to stay in the 3rd World to steal the technology from the Saint Clan. However, the mission was risky, and chances of success were low.

In Saint City, there were about 10 Type 5 Divine Warriors, and even the rumored Type 6 Divine Warrior holding the fort. He had initially hoped to infiltrate and make use of Bai Yi to obtain the technology. However, it was unlikely that he would succeed. Since that was the case, he decided to try his luck in the 3rd World. Even more importantly, the allure of the Level 10 Treasure was too great.

The moment he made his choice, the huge Gates of Hell closed shut.

From the skies, a beam of light almost invisible to the naked eye fell on Yue Zhong’s ring, causing it to glow.

After the light faded, the ring turned gray as a notification appeared in Yue Zhong’s mind.

“Level 10 Mid-Grade Storage Ring, upon equipping, Spirit +60. Storage space has increased to 81 cubic meters.”

“Why was it this?!”

Yue Zhong stared at his Storage Ring, his eyes filled with a complicated look. While the space increment after it reached Level 10 was extremely large, he was happy, but what he needed was something to boost his fighting capabilities.

“Your mission has been decided, you have to kill a mid-grade dinosaur general by your own hands. The Gates of Hell would then reopen.”

A simple notification rang in his mind, and there were no further words.

“Mid-grade dinosaur general, what’s that?”

He frowned, not knowing how and where to start. However, he was certain that it was likely not something easy to deal with.

Yue Zhong turned around to eye the corpse of the Type 5 Crocodile-head Beast, and he felt better, “Thankfully, the ring has been expanded. This mountain of meat won’t be wasted.”

At this time, there was sonorous and terrifying roar from a distance. The earth started to tremble, and Yue Zhong felt a strong sense of unease. He quickly used his Devil Flame to wrap his Flame Blade and sliced the Type 5 Crocodile-head Beast into two, keeping one half into his ring and ran.

Not long after, sabretooth tigers, microraptors, velociraptors and as other ancient extinct beasts charged out from the jungle in a dense horde.

Yue Zhong looked at the horde, his expression falling. He did not dare stay for a moment longer than necessary, just 6 Velociraptors were enough to injure him earlier. He could not deal with them even at his best condition, not to mention when he was injured.

Behind that horde of fleeing dinosaurs, there was a huge tyrannosaurus rex with powerful hind legs, its height of over 30m chasing after them.

The speed of the tyrannosaurus rex was incredibly fast, easily chasing up to a velociraptor. It opened its huge jaws and snap down on the unfortunate velociraptor, enveloping it entirely. As its teeth came crushing down, there were the sickening sounds of crushed bones and blood splattered out.

Yue Zhong watched the scene with a chill in his heart. Had it been him, it was definitely impossible to evade that bite.

The running speed of the tyrannosaurus rex was faster than the velociraptor, but the speed of the bite was even more fearsome. There was no way the velociraptor could even react in time.

The tyrannosaurus rex seemed to have a black hole for its appetite. After swallowing that velociraptor, it quickly dashed forwards, opening its jaws once again to bite at a megaraptor this time. Blood covered its jaw red.

There did not seem to be any dinosaur that could defend itself against the tyrannosaurus rex. The monstrous beast charged up to the remaining corpse of the Type 5 Crocodile-head Beast and started to devour it voraciously.

Yue Zhong activated his Second Order Stealth, running madly. He did not want to face that fearsome beast right now. He managed to escape to a slightly safer and wider area before he gasped for breath.

All of a sudden, there was a bright flash of light as some humans in strange clothing appeared in front of Yue Zhong.

“Is this random teleportation?”


Yue Zhong saw the sudden transfer of humans and understood, these must be the survivors selected randomly by the System to be sent over.

“Where is this?”

“Who are you people?”



Seeing themselves appear in a foreign land, the newcomers were thrown into panic.

Yue Zhong stood one side, observing them quietly.

This time, of those who were sent here, there were 6 who looked like young hooligans. 2 of them were doctors dressed in hospital garbs. 7 ladies were in cool, seductive clothing, their looks exquisite and attractive. There were 3 men with weapons, their expressions fierce. 8 men were in prison uniform. 4 black people, 6 white people. 13 naked youths, some of them still joined with one another. One fat man who looked to be in a high position or status, with a sexy and beautiful secretary beside him, as well as 2 bodyguards.

“Holy shit! It’s the Rose Group!! They’re the idols of Rose Group!!”

One of the hooligans caught sight of the 7 ladies in cool clothing and shouted out excitedly.

“Liu Ying Bing! I’m your fan! Help me sign an autograph please!”

The 6 hooligans immediately clamored over towards the 7 beautiful ladies.

The 8 prisoners, as well as the weapon-wielding men, segregated themselves according to their own groups, exchanging cold looks while eyeing the rest warily.

The bodyguards of the fatso quickly arrived by his side, pulling out their weapons to keep an eye on their surroundings.

The 4 black and 6 white people also observed for a while before heading towards the forest.

“Rose Group? On Earth, there should not have been such an idol group!”

Yue Zhong frowned when he heard this. Although he was not familiar with the entertainment circle, he was certain he had never heard of the Rose Group. Furthermore, based on the reaction of the 6 hooligans, it seemed like the Rose Group was extremely popular.

Yue Zhong came up to the 7 ladies who were being harassed by the 6 hooligans and asked, “Are you people from Earth?”

One of the hooligan with piercings, his fashion sense heavy with jeans, and his expression wild and fierce shot a dirty look at Yue Zhong and shouted, “Earth? Are you fucking daft? Scram! Can’t you see this senior trying to hook up?! I’ll beat your fucking ass!”

Another ordinary-looking hooligan with a face full of pimples grabbed a big-breasted lady and tried pulling her towards the forest, while cursing, “Fuck! What the fuck are you acting pure for!! Stinking bitch, you must have been screwed countless times by those producers and directors, this senior wants you for one time, yet you don’t want to give me face?! Fucking bitch!! Everyone, let’s take turns screwing her!!”

The young lady, with light makeup, her hair in a single ponytail, and her figure truly explosive, started to scream, “No!! Save me!! Save me!!”

“Shun!! This is Sun Lan Lan!! Your father I have had a crush on her for a long time!! I want to be her first!”

Following some wolf-calls, the 6 of them pounced over.

As Sun Lan Lan was being dragged away, the rest of the 6 beauties had fear in their eyes, not daring to say anything.

Only one of them, whose looks were the most striking out of them, with a pure yet valiant aura about her, stepped forward to shout, “Let go of her!! Let go of Lan Lan!! You guys are breaking the law!! I’ll call the cops!”

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