God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 774

One hooligan laughed with lust as he grabbed the girl’s hands, pulling her towards the forest, “Han Qiang! Just nice! You’re the one I like! You guys aren’t allowed to snatch her from me!!”

Han Qiang immediately screamed shrilly, “Let go!! Save me!! Save me!!”

The 2 doctors exchanged a look of hesitation before running forward.

2 of the hooligans pulled out knives from their waists and threatened, “Fuck off!! Your seniors are here conducting business, don’t butt in!! Otherwise, we’ll leave you with some ‘presents’!”

The 2 doctors came to halt, their bodies shivering slightly, before lowering their head in shame. Although they had their conscience, under the threat of death, they chose to maintain silence.

The rest watched coldly, no one intended to help.

“Help!! Help!!”

The voices of Han Qiang and Sun Lan Lan rang out throughout the compound.

One prisoner stepped forward with a savage grin, walking towards the other 5 members, “Damn! This senior has been cooped up so long, and have not touched any woman for so long!! Today, I’ll enjoy myself properly!!”

“Seriously, what a bunch of trash!”

Yue Zhong saw this and frowned, pulling out his silencer pistol, pointing it at the hooligan who had grabbed onto Han Qiang and fired once.

A bullet hole appeared in between his head, as the dead youth slumped to the ground with a look of disbelief.


“Gun!! He has a gun!!”

“Everyone, attack!!”


Seeing that Yue Zhong used a gun to kill their own friend, the other 6 hooligans felt fear. They screamed out and 3 of them charged over, while 2 escaped towards the forest, and the last held Sun Lan Lan as hostage.


Following a few clear gunshots, the 6 of them were shot dead.

As their dead corpses slumped to the ground, the rest of the people were filled with shock.

Han Qiang and Sun Lan Lang were pale, not knowing what to do.

The convict who had wanted to enjoy himself felt his back break out in cold sweat, as he edged away silently.

The fatso, his secretary, and bodyguards all looked at Yue Zhong with alarm and respect.

Yue Zhong came up to Han Qiong and asked, “I’m asking you, did you guys come from Earth?”

Han Qiong looked at this man who had just killed 7 men without batting an eyelid, trembling in fear. However, she replied resolutely, “What is Earth? I don’t understand! Our Rose Group come from Duran Country! We’re just an idol group from Duran Country!”

Yue Zhong was sure they were not from Earth, and immediately changed his question, “Duran? Which planet are you guys from?”

“Our planet is called Saturn!” She finally understood Yue Zhong’s question, and her face turned pale, as she continued to ask in disbelief, “Mister, are we not on Saturn right now?!”

Yue Zhong replied, “Nope! This is not Saturn!”

He calculated silently, “Seems like it’s not only our Earth that had been sucked into this cruel world. Other planets are likely within the palms of that existence.”

Han Qiong saw Yue Zhong’s wound from the bite of the velociraptors and could not help but remind him, “Your injuries are serious! You should go to the hospital!”

She was good-hearted, and although Yue Zhong had killed the 7 hooligans mercilessly, and she was filled with fear towards him, she still reminded him.

The fatso clapped his hands lightly to attract everyone’s attention. He smiled and introduced, “Hi! I’m Luo Sheng! The CEO of Tiandu Group. Seems like everyone had been transported here by some mysterious power. I suggest that everyone join hands and look for a way home, how about that?”

“Help!!! Help!!”

Before he could finish speaking, screams of fear sounded from the forest.

3 black men and 5 white men ran out from the forests, behind them, a sabertooth tiger chased. With a single leap, it pounced onto one of the black men, ripping his throat with a single bite.


The moment the tiger appeared, everyone started to run in all directions. Only Yue Zhong stood still to observe the tiger.

Han Qiong ran a few steps before she saw Yue Zhong remaining where he was, and screamed, “Run!! You’re going to be eaten if you stay there!!”

Yue Zhong laughed lightly, looking at the Sabertooth Tiger, “No worries! I’m just in need of a good tiger pelt!”

The beast looked towards Yue Zhong warily, and instantly abandoned the corpse of the black man in its jaws. With its limbs tensing up, it quickly pounced towards Yue Zhong with a speed surpassing Type 2 Lightning.


Han Qiong watched as the Sabertooth Tiger leaped towards Yue Zhong and cursed. Although she was afraid of this man who had killed those hooligans, she was grateful to him, and could not bear to see him eaten up.

Yue Zhong pulled out his Flame Blade and slashed down.

With a flash of his blade, the head of the Sabertooth Tiger soared into the sky, fresh blood pouring out of its body as it slumped to the ground.

“Amazing!!” Han Qiong saw how easily Yue Zhong had slaughtered the Sabertooth Tiger and her heart was full of shock.

After killing it, he immediately pulled out a small gas stove, pot, clean water as well as seasoning to prepare the Type 5 Crocodile-head Beast.

Han Qiong shot Yue Zhong a look and quickly chased her companions.

“Help! Help!! Save me!!”

Han Qiong had just run a few steps when she saw the other idols of the Rose Group fleeing towards another direction. Behind them, there was a huge mosquito with a wingspan of 6m, its sucker pierced through the chest of one of the girls. She was screaming out in terror and pain.

Han Qiong saw this and screamed out while crying, “Wen Wen!!! Hold on!! I’ll get someone to save you!!”

Before she finished, the body of Wen Wen convulsed violently, and her entire body seemed to be suddenly drained of all fluids. There was no chance of survival at all.

The rest of the girls screamed when they saw it, fleeing as far as they could like headless flies.

Han Qiong continued to scream while running back towards Yue Zhong, “Over here!! Here!!! There’s an expert here, he can protect us!!”

Only Sun Lan Lan, a petite girl, as well as another tall one with chestnut hair quickly ran over. The remaining 2 seemed to be oblivious as they fled towards the forest.

When the huge mosquito had finished sucking Wen Wen’s corpse dry, it flapped its wings and flew towards Han Qiong.

When the 4 of them saw this, their souls almost left their bodies as they quickened their pace.

The petite girl was fleeing hastily when she tripped over a stone and fell to the ground. Despair was written all over her face as she screamed in a shrill voice, “Save me!! Qiong Qiong!! Save me!!! Lan Lan!!! Don’t leave me behind!! Chen Chen!!”

Hearing her screams, Sun Lan Lan came to a halt, hesitating for a while. The chestnut-hair Chen Chen continued to flee with big strides.

Han Qiong came to a stop, gritting her teeth, throwing a huge stone towards the giant prehistoric mosquito, screaming, “The mister from Earth!! Please save us!!”

She lacked strength and had no prior training, thus the stone missed the mosquito.

The prehistoric mosquito was about to pierce the body of the petite girl.

The girl’s face was written with despair, tears flowing out her eyes, and there was even a sliver of yellow urine coming out from her pants.

Peng! Peng!

Just as it was about to finish off the girl, 2 Stinger bullets slammed squarely into its head, bursting it, and the mosquito was dead.

Blood sprayed all over the girl below, as the lifeless mosquito plunged down and fell on top of the petite girl.


She was shocked, as she quickly scrambled from under the body of the mosquito, without a care for her image.

Han Qiong, Sun Lan Lan, and Zhang Chen Chen turned to look at Yue Zhong, as well as the Stinger in his hands.

The 4 of them quickly ran to his side, finally feeling a sense of security.

Han Qiong thanked Yue Zhong with gratitude, “Many thanks! I’m Han Qiong, this is Sun Lan Lan, Zhang Chen Chen and Qian Wei Wei! How do we address you?”

“It’s Yue Zhong!”

Yue Zhong replied indifferently, before whisking out the meat of the Type 5 Beast and began to devour it. The meat was tender and bouncy, full of flavor and extremely delicious. The moment it entered Yue Zhong’s abdomen, it transformed into energy to nourish his body, pushing his recovery.

Qian Wei Wei began to sob at one corner.

Zhang Chen Chen looked at Yue Zhong, a strange glint in her eyes.

Sun Lan Lan hesitated for a moment before stepping forward, “I’m Sun Lan Lan, thank you for saving me earlier.”

He replied indifferently, “Don’t mention it.”

It was merely a wave of his hand, Yue Zhong was also sick of seeing scums bullying women.

After that, he went back to his meal quietly, and the atmosphere turned quiet.

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