God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 776

The dino-person laughed grimly, releasing some ropes, “Time for your meal! Go! My darlings!”

3 velociraptors immediately pounced towards the disabled people.

“Help!! Help!! Save me!!”

The sexy secretary cried, as tears and snot flowed down her face. She struggled towards one corner of the prison. However, she had just managed a few steps when a powerful jaw clamped down on her, tearing her in half. Blood and bone spurted out of the jaws of the dinosaur, causing the velociraptor to look even more savage.


“Don’t eat me!!”

“Save me!!”


Seeing the terrible scene, the rest of the disabled people began to run frantically for their lives within the cell.

The speed of the 3 velociraptors exceeded even that of Type 4 Divine Warriors, and ordinary people had no way of escaping such beasts. Many of them lost their lives to the velociraptors, filling the cell with screams, blood, and the sickening sounds of crunching bones.


As the velociraptors preyed on the humans, the humans continued to flee. They knew they could not outrun the velociraptors, but they just needed to be ahead of their peers, waiting for the velociraptors to eat their fill.

The people in the other cells watched this and they trembled in fear, their eyes filled with terror. They crept back in their own cells, afraid of their own fate.

“Damn beasts, seems like they treat us as food for these velociraptors!!”

Yue Zhong felt a boiling rage in him as he watched. These dino-people obviously did not treat the humans as humans, instead, as food to feed these velociraptors.

In one cell, Han Qiong’s scream sounded out, “Watch out!!”

After tearing apart one unfortunate person in two, a velociraptor turned towards Yue Zhong and charged at him with a flash in its eyes.

“Ah! How did its speed become slow? No, that’s not right, I’ve become faster!!”

Yue Zhong stared in wonder when he saw the velociraptor pouncing towards him, he suddenly burst forth and leaped onto its back, sending a fist towards its head.

After going through a metamorphosis this time, possessing the evolved-Strength attribute, he suddenly had 38 times Strength, and when that force exploded out, the velociraptor immediately buckled.

Yue Zhong sent fist after fist pummeling the head of the velociraptor, its skull caving in.

In a breath of a time, the velociraptor died with its brain juices flowing out.

“Might as well go all the way, let’s break out of this goddamn place!”

With a thought, Yue Zhong flipped his hands and brought out his Flame Blade. He burst forth with his full speed, instantly appearing in front of the dino-person, his blade slashing down, chopping him in half. There was not even enough time for the dino-person to react.

At this time, the 2 remaining velociraptors charged over, and their speed was still a threat to Yue Zhong. Furthermore, their fangs had some obvious bacteria, he did not want to be bitten by them again.

He activated his Shadow Steps, his speed exceeding a peak Type 4 Divine Warrior, reaching 1.3 Mach. He lightly leaped onto one of them and sent another powerful fist towards its head, sending it crashing to the ground.

The other velociraptor opened its jaws, forcing Yue Zhong to retreat a step, and the velociraptor closed its jaws on empty air. He then sent a kick towards its head, and the beast, which weighed a ton, to fly a dozen meters.

The single hit caused the velociraptor to concuss. Yue Zhong pointed with a finger, and a Type 3 Puppet Rune flew out, entering the head of the beast.

Yue Zhong eyed the other velociraptor still on the ground and also pointed, sending another rune towards it.

When the rest of the humans saw Yue Zhong easily disposing of the dino-person and 3 velociraptors, their eyes were filled with shock. They knew how terrifying these creatures were, and no one had been able to withstand a single strike from them. The velociraptors were more powerful than any beasts that any of them had seen.

In one of the cell, one young man who had thinning hair screamed out, “What are you doing? You bastard, you actually killed the esteemed dino-people. Do you know what that means? All of us will die because of you!!”


“Fuck!! You actually killed him?”

“Bastard!! Why did you kill the dino-person?! Are you trying to get us in trouble?!”

“Beast!! What were you thinking?! You’re going to drag us all with you!!”


A number of curses were directed at him, as the other people all could not help but become frantic.

He shot them all a glare and barked, “Shut the fuck up! Bunch of trash! My temper is not good, if any of you wants to spout more bullshit, I can send you to meet the dinosaurs in hell!”

At that, everyone’s hearts trembled in fear, and they fell silent. They saw how casually and ruthlessly he had finished the dinosaurs off. They did not dare to wage their own lives on his temper.

“I want to make my way out of this prison, those who want to stay, stay, those who want to leave, leave!”

He pulled out his Flame Blade and tore his way into Han Qiong’s cell, “Are you coming with me, or staying?”

Han Qiong looked at Sun Lan Lan and the rest, “Can I bring my friends along?”

“Sure! Let me make myself clear first, if there’re any battles, later on, I might not be able to ensure their safety.”

Han Qiong turned to look at the rest and asked, “Did you guys hear that? Are you coming? I’m leaving! I don’t want to become food like the rest here.”

Sun Lan Lan and the rest exchanged looks, hesitating. They had seen how terrifying the dinosaurs were. Inside this Temron City, there were dinosaurs and dino-people everywhere. Yue Zhong might be strong enough to deal with one or 2, however, it would be a tough mission to lead them out safely. The moment they were caught, they would definitely face unimaginable consequences.

Yue Zhong barked coldly, “3 more seconds to consider!”

To these beautiful idols, Yue Zhong did not have too much of a favorable impression. He only felt better about Han Qiong because she knew how to repay kindness.

Sun Lan Lan gritted her teeth and stood up, “I’m coming!!”

Zhang Chen Cheng and Qian Wei Wei lowered their head and apologized softly, “Sorry! Qiong Qiong!”

“Let’s go!!”

Since they had made their decision, he quickly led Han Qiong, Sun Lan Lan towards one of the Velociraptors. He had intended to save only Han Qiong, that was why he prepared a stead. The other was for convenience.

“Grab onto me!”

Yue Zhong leaped onto the velociraptor, hugging Han Qiong in his arms while commanding Sun Lan Lan.

Sun Lan Lan looked at Han Qiong with envy, before getting up and hugging Yue Zhong from behind.

Yue Zhong grabbed on the ropes and urged the 2 velociraptors out.

“Save me!! Save me!!”

“Let me out!! Let me out!!”

“Open this up!! Let me out!!”

“Let me kill my way out together with you!!”


Many of the humans began to scream and holler in frenzy within their cells. While some were willing to stay and wait for their deaths, many wanted to fight for their lives.

Yue Zhong rode the velociraptor and swung his Black Tooth Blade, causing all the cells to be broken, releasing the human captives.

“Warning!! Warning!! The human slaves are revolting!”

An alarm began to ring, as a number of dino-warriors charged out.

3 of them stood in front of Yue Zhong, barking, “Hold it!”

“Go to hell!!”

He then whisked out his Stinger, firing 3 shots, killing them with a blast to their heads.

“Tough bodies!!”

He looked at their corpses, and his heart chilled. Their bodies were truly tough, already reaching Type 3 Divine Warriors. These were just ordinary dino-people, who knew what else was out there.

Yue Zhong kept his Stinger, and pulled out his Electromagnetic Gun, killing his way out.

Various dino-people were charging over, but their heads were blasted apart by the beams from Yue Zhong’s Electromagnetic Gun.

Having evolved to a Perfect-Attribute Evolver, his strength had undergone a heaven-and-earth transformation. Just his body constitution was already on par with a Type 4 Divine Warrior. Adding on to his skills, the ordinary dino-people were not his match.

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