God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 777

The entire underground prison became chaotic as droves of human captives began to flee.

Yue Zhong sent out a few slashes, turning the steel bars of a cell into chopped up parts, before turning around to leave.

“Wait a moment, this little brother, are you intending to break out of the prison? If so, allow me to lend you a hand.”

Right at this time, a voice sounded from behind.

Yue Zhong turned around, only to discover a burly man with a pair of fierce eyes. This man would have been assumed to be a convict among humans, furthermore, he had 6 other inmates behind him, just like a little ring.

The man with muscles introduced himself in a boomy voice, “I’m Niu Meng! These are my brothers!”

Yue Zhong gazed at them and asked them without standing on ceremony, “What ability do you have?”

Niu Meng replied, “I’ve been held in a cell for a year, and I’m extremely familiar with the place. This little brother, you’re truly strong, however, it’s not enough to break out of this Temron Prison! There’s a certain dino-lord over here as the head guard. His strength is no less than ten times that of the normal dino-people. Furthermore, his mount is a Violent Raptor. They all have the strength of Type 4 Divine Warriors, with the Violent Raptor at the peak of Type 4 Divine Strength. Many experts had been torn apart by their teamwork.

“Do you know how to ride?” Yue Zhong asked.


Yue Zhong then pointed to another velociraptor, “You and your brothers can ride that!”


Niu Meng was considered a straightforward person and immediately got on to the velociraptor.

Niu Meng asked, “How do we address you?”

“Yue Zhong!”

Niu Meng then continued, “Brother Yue Zhong, the lowest level of this underground prison is an icy hell. They keep many of our human experts there as punishment. If you want to break out of here, you need to release those prisoners. That way, it’s possible to charge out of Temron with everyone’s combined efforts.”

Yue Zhong asked, “Are there any experts guarding the icy hell?”

Niu Meng swiftly replied, “There aren’t too many experts there, the strongest is maybe a Type 3 Divine Warrior and some of their mounts. However, we have to be fast, as the Dino-lords of the town would quickly come over to deal with the situation.”

“Alright! Let’s head there!” Yue Zhong swiftly made a decision. Since he was not yet familiar with this place, he needed the locals to help.

The dino-people were obviously hostile to the humans, thus Yue Zhong could only cooperate with their enemies.

Yue Zhong swiftly changed his direction, heading deeper into the prison.

“Icy Hell!! Their target is the icy hell!! Stop them!! They cannot be allowed to make it there!”

“Damn it! Their targets are the precious beasts!! Quick, stop them!!”


Following some roars and shrieks, a number of dino-people charged over on their various velociraptor mounts. Space was vast in this underground prison, allowing those mounts to run unbridled.

Within a few minutes, more guards were appearing and rushing at Yue Zhong.

If it were before his evolution to a Perfect-Attribute Evolver, Yue Zhong would have definitely been forced back by those dino-people, and he would only be able to strike a strategic retreat. However, now, he controlled his Electromagnetic Gun with ease, firing multiple beams out, claiming the lives of the dino-people with every single shot.

The velociraptors continued to snarl and attack Yue Zhong even after their riders were killed.

With a steely glint, Yue Zhong slashed out continuously with his gigantic Black Tooth Blade, empowered by his Dark Dou Qi, slicing off the heads of the velociraptors.

As he killed them, he was still secretly surprised in his heart, “The defense of this Temron Prison is truly tight. If I hadn’t evolved, I wouldn’t have been able to last this long.”

After entering the 3rd World, Yue Zhong had undergone an evolution, yet he still needed to push his limits and channel his Dark Dou Qi to maintain an absolute advantage.

Had it been before, dealing with a single Type 3 dino-rider would not have been an issue. 6 simultaneous attacks could force him back. 20 of them would be able to kill him. After all, before the evolution, he was also capable of unleashing a might close to an initial-stage Type 4 Divine Warrior, this showed how powerful the dino-riders were.

He continued to slaughter them as they come, while his Stamina and Spirit was being whittled away quickly.

Finally, at the deepest recess of the prison, there was a huge door that had engravings of a T-Rex, Tanystropheus, Brontosaurus, Cetiosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and other magnificent prehistoric beasts.

Niu Meng stared at the door with a complicated gaze, “This is the Icy Hell!! Beyond the door, there are our strongest human experts, frozen.

The Icy Hell was known as the forbidden area of Temron City, where many powerful human experts were sealed in ice. It was the deepest of prisons, and it was rumored that every single human kept there had never been able to come out.


Yue Zhong swung his 2m-long Black Tooth Blade with his 38-times Strength onto the huge door.


Following a loud resounding sound, Yue Zhong’s Black Tooth Blade was sent flying, while the knockback caused his entire right arm to go numb. However, there was not a single scratch on the huge door.

“What a tough door!”

With his eyes full of shock, Yue Zhong saw that there was no mark left by the weapon that could even split apart an entire tank. The door was truly resilient.

Niu Meng looked at the door and gritted his teeth, “Damn it! It’s rumored that the door requires the key of the Governor, Uribi Taichi. I didn’t expect it to be real!”

Niu Meng had only heard about the legends of the Icy Hell and had never been here before.

Those who had seen this door were either the humans who were sealed within or the dino-people that brought them here.

With a thought, Yue Zhong brought out his sharpest blade, the Flame Blade, wrapping it in Dark Dou Qi, and slashed down once more.


Another resounding clash, the Flame Blade managed to slice through slightly, even with Yue Zhong’s channeling of the Dark Dou Qi, it only caused the Flame Blade to enter little by little.

He quickly retrieved his blade with a dark look, “No! If this goes on, by the time I cut through, my Stamina will be gone!”

Niu Meng’s face had an apologetic look, “Brother Yue Zhong, I’m sorry! I really did not know that this door was so tough! Let’s leave, otherwise, it’ll be too late by the time the dino-people come!”

“I’ll try once more!”

Yue Zhong gazed at the door, stretching out his right hand. A pillar of Devil Flame soared upwards as it quickly condensed in a searing manner and congealed a powerful Devil Flame blade.

“Open for me!!!”

When the Devil Flame blade came in contact with the door, it continued to shrink while the intensity of it grew hotter, and it finally sliced through the door like butter.

“It’s opened!! Holy shit!!”

“He sliced through the Icy Hell’s door!!”


Niu Meng and his brother watched in shock. They had heard that the doors were impenetrable, and he had brought Yue Zhong here merely to try his luck. He had not much expectation towards breaking the door. However, Yue Zhong had performed the impossible, causing him to be in disbelief.

The moment the doors were sliced open, a powerful wind of cold air blew out from within, causing everyone to be doused with a layer of ice almost instantly.


Sun Lan Lan began to tremble uncontrollably, hugging Yue Zhong tighter, hoping to get more warmth from him.

Han Qiong was slightly stronger, however, her lips were turning purple, and her body shivered uncontrollably.

Niu Meng and his men were suffering the same.

“All of you back up, I’ll go in to save them!”


Yue Zhong quickly summoned White Bones, giving it an order, “Protect these 2 women!”

White Bones’ fiery demonic eyes flashed as it nodded.

With a thought, a layer of Devil Flame shrouded Yue Zhong, and he took his first step in.

The moment he entered, he felt the cold plummeting to 20 times worse than before, dousing the Devil Flames on his body. The intensity of it caused his body temperature to plunge, as a layer of ice formed around him.

“What a terrifying Icy Hell!! This is fearsome!”

He was taken aback and quickly channeled his Devil Flames to shroud himself again, pushing his limits to resist the biting cold threatening to envelop him.

“5 minutes, seems like I can hang on here for another 5 minutes, tops. I would then be sealed by the cold!” Yue Zhong could feel the whittling of his Stamina and Spirit and came to a conclusion.

“However, 5 minutes is more than enough!”

Yue Zhong’s gaze swept through the inner parts of this Icy Hell.

Within the mighty cavern, there were a total of 320 ice cages of varying sizes, of which 300 were humans in smaller cages. Of the 20 larger ones, 6 were ice statues, containing humans within each of them.

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