God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 778

“Such a terrifying freezing force, there must be some secret to this chamber!”

Yue Zhong took a look around at the humans sealed in ice and swept his gaze around.

Inside the Icy Hell, there was a small, mysterious altar, and the frosty air was billowing out of it, enveloping the entire chamber.

He quickly came up to it, noticing that there were many strange runes engraved on it. In the middle, there was a white nucleus.

“This is a Type 5 Mutant Beast nucleus! What extravagance, they actually used this to create this Icy Hell!”

Yue Zhong felt a wave of shock when he saw the nucleus, recognizing it as a Type 5 Mutant Beast nucleus.

Every single Type 5 Beast possessed an overwhelming strength, their nuclei would definitely be precious. On his journey, Yue Zhong had been lucky to chance upon one. In this Icy Hell, there was actually one powering the frost-producing altar, which showed that the dino-people race did not view it as particularly precious.

Yue Zhong raised his hands and grabbed the Type 5 Nucleus, extracting it from the altar, and kept it in his storage ring.


The moment he took it away, the source of the frost energy in the cavern disappeared, and although it was still cold, it became manageable.

Soon, the rest of the small ice cages also began to melt away at a strange speed. However, the 6 prominent ice status did not seem to have any change.

“Apologies! I will need to be a little forceful!”

With a wave of his hands, 6 fiery lights flew towards the ice statues, and they began to melt, forming large puddles of water.


“Finally!! I’m out!!! I thought I would have to be in there for the rest of my life!” When there was little of the ice left, one of the statues broke apart in a shower of ice shards, as a burly man with a sword-like gaze stepped out, breathing deeply.

He stretched, before revealing a bright smile towards Yue Zhong, “Kid! Was it you who released me? Thanks! My name is Lei Yong Feng, and I can slaughter dinosaurs with my bare hands!”

“Hahaha! This senior is finally free from this goddamn place!! Hahaha!!!” Another ice statue broke apart, revealing an ordinary-looking man who smiled as he walked out.

He turned to Yue Zhong and grinned, “Kid, I, Lei Bao, owe you one!”

“I’m Yue Zhong! Seniors, I’ll leave this place to you. I’m heading off first! May fate allow us to meet again!”

Yue Zhong chuckled, before turning around to leave. He opened the Icy Hell in order to release the captives here. It would throw Temron Prison into further chaos, and he could make use of the chance to flee. Since he had accomplished his objective, he naturally would not stay here.

Lei Yong Feng looked at Yue Zhong’s retreating back and laughed lightly, “Interesting fellow!”

Just as Yue Zhong stepped out from the Icy Hell, a corpse flew towards him. He twisted his body abruptly, causing the corpse to slam into the gate of Icy Hell. It was crushed into meat paste by the impact, as though slammed and squashed by a huge truck.

A rider appeared, his body in a silver armor, his head that of a dinosaur. His eyes were cold, and in his hands, there was a 3m-long lance. He rode on top of a velociraptor that was all red in color, larger than ordinary velociraptors by half, and it had a single horn on its forehead.

This rider rode his mount quietly, slowly entering the space, emitting an oppressive, invincible aura, causing one to lose all fighting will.

“Governor Uribi Taichi!! He’s here!! We’re finished!! This time, we’re surely dead!!” Niu Meng saw the rider and muttered in horror.

The rest of the captives beside Niu Meng had fear in their eyes as they gazed at this Dino-General level leader.

Dino-General Uribi Taichi was the strongest and most feared existence in Temron City. he had killed countless humans who had tried to break out of prison. He could single-handedly suppress most revolts and chaos, and his hands had been dyed in countless humans’ blood.

He eyed Yue Zhong coldly.

“This fellow is strong! He definitely is above Type 4!!”

As Uribi Taichi glared at Yue Zhong, Yue Zhong felt a sense of danger arise in his heart and had a guess about the level of this expert.

Right at this time, from the Icy Hell, 10 experts who had been sealed within charged out, and the moment they saw Uribi Taichi, they roared out in fury, “Damn dinosaur, I’ll tear you apart!”

One naked man with a head of silver hair tapped his foot and charged at the Dino-General with the speed of an initial-stage Type 4 Divine Warrior.

One black man waved his right hand, causing a spatial blade that could kill Type 4 Divine Warriors to form and slashed towards the Uribi Taichi.

Another yellow-skinned man slammed the ground hard and channeled multiple earthen spikes to burst out of the ground.

One woman swung her hair wildly, causing some strands to shoot towards the dino-general like cannon balls.

Every one of those captives had a strange ability, none of them even showing the strength of a Type 3 Divine Warrior. They all were even stronger than Yue Zhong was when he first entered the 2nd World.

In the Icy Hell, there were humans who possessed freak-like strength.

“Great!! There’s hope!! As long as the experts in the Icy Hell work together, even Uribi Taichi would not be their match!! We finally have a hope of escaping!!”

Niu Meng looked at the dozens of escaped captives exhibiting their abilities at Uribi Tacihi, and his eyes flashed with hope. Based on his knowledge, such attacks were beyond what humans could deal with.

“Bunch of trash! If you want to escape from the Icy Hell, dream on!! Let me crush that hope of yours!” Uribi Taichi snorted as he shot them a cold glance. He urged the velociraptor beneath him and suddenly disappeared from his location.

A lance shot out from the nether void and pierced through the head of a silver-haired convict easily.

A huge jaw clamped down on the black man and bit off the entire top half of his body.

Uribi Taichi’s body appeared and he brought his lance down like a death god, reaping lives easily. The velociraptor under him also lashed out with its sharp teeth and tore its unfortunate victims into two.

In a breath’s time, there were 13 more corpses of the escaped captives, 9 of them had holes in their heads, while the other 4 had their bodies crushed with teeth marks.

Uribi Taichi stood quietly at his original position, blood dripping constantly off his lance. The velociraptor was still chewing, as the sounds of bone-crushing rang out, giving them a truly terrifying visage.

Niu Meng and his bunch of brothers, Han Qiong, Sun Lan Lan had ashen expressions, their eyes full of fear.

Sun Lan Lan looked at Uribi Taichi and shuddered, regret filled her mind, “I should not have tried to escape!!”

Uribi Taichi continued to gaze down condescendingly at the people, “Lowly humans, you dare to incite chaos and rebel, it’s truly a crime that deserves death. However, I’m easy-going, as long as you crawl over here, and lick my lance clean, crawl back to your cages, I can spare your lives!! If you dare to resist, I will crush you guys just like crushing ants.”

“Crawl your fucking….!!”

One of the little brothers roared out in fury, but before he could finish, a lance burst out from a void in the sky, piercing his head.

Uribi Taichi continued to laugh coldly, “You pieces of trash have no right to talk. Crawl over, or die!!”

“Niu Pi Tang!!”

One of the captives beside Niu Meng roared out in anguish, and in a flash, his head was also sent flying.

Niu Meng and the other 2 captives had steely expressions, their eyes full of grief, but they did not dare to make any sounds. Their lives were in the hands of this terrifying existence.

Right at this time, more captives came rushing out from the Icy Hell.

“Charge!! Everyone!! Kill those two monsters!!”

One captive roared out loud, however, just as he finished talking, a lance flashed out and his brains were splattered all over the ground.

In a second, all the captives halted, their faces full of fear, as they gazed at Uribi Taichi with apprehension.

At this moment, a person sauntered out, it was Lei Yong Feng, “Uribi Taichi! Let me take you on!”

Uribi Taichi shot Lei Yong Feng a disdainful look, “Lei Yong Feng, you’re not my match originally. Being sealed in there for so long, you’ve fallen even further behind. You better get in there obediently, or death awaits you.”

Lei Yong Feng’s gaze narrowed as he boomed, “That’s right! I might not be your match. However, I’ve comrades with me. 6 of us, against you! If you let us go now, things can still be discussed. Otherwise, don’t blame us for bullying you with our numbers!”

5 more stepped out from within the Icy Hell, it was precisely the other 4 men and 1 women sealed in those huge ice cages. They were all Type 4 experts.

Uribi Taichi snorted coldly, “Hmph! If you all were at your peak, there might be a possibility of winning me. However, you’ve been sealed for so long. Give it up! Your only choice is to return quietly and await our orders!”

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