God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 779

Lei Bao roared out in fury and charged towards Uribi Taichi, “Why the fuck are you wasting your breath on him? Everyone, fucking do him in!”

The rest of the captives also roared out and charged towards Uribi Taichi.

Facing such a fierce onslaught, the Dino-General had no choice but to urge his velociraptor back.

There were over 300 people sealed within the Icy Hell. Every single one of them was fierce, powerful human experts, possessing at least Type 3 Divine Warrior strength. Combined, together with Lei Bao and the other 5 Type 4 Divine Warriors, even Uribi Taichi would not be able to handle it.

“Kill! Kill our way out!!”

Lei Bao took the vanguard position and charged out.

The arrogant Uribi Taichi continued to retreat while striking out with its lance.

A number of lance beams pierced out, killing the human captives.

He was extremely crafty, choosing to target only those weaker ones, who were not his match.

Yue Zhong continued to rush out quietly with the rest.

After paying the price of a dozen people, they finally managed to make it out of the vicinity of the Icy Hell and arrived at a vast field.

Out on the field, there was a hundred velociraptors lined up neatly, their riders wielding lances.


Uribi Taichi stopped retreating and quickly led his cavalry towards the captives.

“Freak! Give us your life!”


Lei Bao wielded only a single huge spear, looking like a bear, exerting the pressure of Mount Tai as he charged towards Uribi Taichi. By exploding out at his maximum speed, he reached 1.5 Mach.

Uribi Taichi’s eyes narrowed coldly as he aimed the sharp point of Lei Bao’s spear. He struck out with his own lance and met the assault head-on, as a powerful tremor traveled up Lei Bao’s right shoulder. Following that, Lei Bao was sent flying a dozen meters, slamming forcefully into a wall.

In just a strike, Uribi Taichi had caused heavy injuries to Lei Bao, showcasing its terrifying combat might.


Yue Zhong looked at Uribi Taichi and his eyes could not help but flash with shock as well.

Right at this moment, Lei Yong Feng and the other 4 peak human experts arrived.

They joined hands and met Uribi Taichi, forcing him back.

Even so, they were only enough to hold him, not defeat him. With their combined strength, they were still weaker, as each time they clashed, they would cough out blood. Obviously, it was still impossible to contend with this monster.

The rest of the dino-people also engaged the other captives in slaughter, both sides unleashing all their might. At every second, there would a dino-person pummeled to death by the humans, likewise, there would be humans killed by the dino-riders or their velociraptor mounts.

Yue Zhong rode his velociraptor and waved his Black Tooth Blade around, his blade flashing out and killing a number of riders.

Han Qiong, Sun Lan Lan watched the unfolding slaughter, their faces white. It was the first time they witnessed such a terrifying scene.

After some time, another 20 riders appeared from other locations, joining the fray to suppress the humans.

At the same moment, there were screeches of Pterosaurs coming from above. Yue Zhong looked up, using his enhanced eyes to sweep through the air, and noticed that there was a flock of them flying over from about 10 li away. On top of them, there were many dino-people with bows.

“Not good, we need to take out Uribi Taichi soon, otherwise, we’ll all die here.”

With this thought, he quickly urged the Velociraptor beneath him towards the Dino-General.

Uribi Taichi’s body twisted slightly, evading an air blade that could slice even a Type 5 expert. The lance in his hand jerked upwards, sending Lei Yong Feng soaring back.

It was at this time that Yue Zhong charged over like an arrow.


Uribi Taichi’s eye flashed with disdain, and he used his lance to pierce towards Yue Zhong’s heart like a poison dragon, intending to penetrate even Han Qiong together.

With a flip of his hand, Yue Zhong summoned out 6 light shields, blocking in front of him.

The lance sprang out and immediately destroyed the 6 shields. However, he was met by a powerful fiery tornado that threatened to envelop him. If he wanted to follow through with his lance, he would be swallowed by that Devil Flame.

“Not bad! You have some skills, but sadly, it’s not enough!!” Uribi Taichi pulled back on his rope, and the velociraptor below him spat out a powerful but stinky breath, blowing the Devil Flames away.

As the Devil Flames scattered, a velociraptor charged out from behind, opening its jaws wide to bite down viciously on Uribi Taichi.

His own mount shot the other beast a fierce glare and opened its own jaws, biting down on the velociraptor beneath Yue Zhong on its neck, breaking it with a loud crack.

As it slumped to the floor, Yue Zhong burst forth with a combat spear, thrusting towards Uribi Taichi.

“Such tricks would not work on me!!” Uribi Taichi laughed coldly, piercing through Yue Zhong’s brain with his lance, as the body dispersed into thin air.


Uribi Taichi was taken aback, at this moment, a powerful wind blade slashed down at him. He quickly urged the velociraptor to dodge one side, evading the assault.

Lei Yong Feng once again lifted his own weapon to pierce towards Uribi Taichi’s heart with the speed of sound, while another male used the Air Lock skill to hold Uribi Taichi down. Another 2 men also wielded their own combat spears to attack the Dino-General.

A powerful light flashed out from the lance in Uribi Taichi’s hands, forcefully breaking the Air Lock, at the same time knocking Lei Yong Feng and the other 2 Type 4 Divine Warriors away.

As Lei Yong Feng was sent flying, a powerful beam of electromagnetic force shot out from behind him towards the Violent Velociraptor.

Since Uribi Taichi’s attention was entirely on Lei Yong Feng, he had not enough time to react, and the electromagnetic beam burst through the beast’s head, causing it to explode.

Uribi Taichi soared up, his eyes fixed on the rubble where the shot came from, noticing Yue Zhong and the Electromagnetic Gun in his arms.

“Fucking shit!! I’ll kill you!!”

Uribi Taichi immediately exploded in rage, the Violent Velociraptor had been his closest companion, battling alongside him in countless fights, and evolved to its stage with much difficulty.

With a tap of his foot, his entire frame shot towards Yue Zhong like a cannonball.

All of a sudden, a shadow charged out from below him, wielding a long spear and charging towards him.

“Another illusion! Break for me!!”

Uribi Taichi shot the figure a look and casually struck out with his lance.

Yue Zhong, who had suddenly burst out from the ground, channeled his Dark Dou Qi, his speed increasing by more than two times, and he sent a Gravity Manipulation to disrupt Uribi Taichi, whose body sunk slightly due to the increase in gravity.

A void hole appeared as countless bone blades shot out, slashing towards Uribi Taichi.

The strength of the Dino-General was too insane, even the bone blades from White Bones were shattered the moment the lance swept out, however, they managed to cause him some injuries.

The lance might have been knocked awry just a little bit, but it still entered Yue Zhong’s left shoulder with extreme force, coupled with the powerful strength, it was enough to destroy his shoulder.

Yue Zhong forcefully suppressed the pain, appearing in front of Uribi Taichi and leaped up, his right fist covered with Devil Flame, slamming into the Dino-General’s face.

The flames that could easily incinerate a Type 3 Divine Warrior combusted, burning Uribi Taichi’s face.

His reaction was equally fearsome, raising his left hand to smash Yue Zhong’s head.

In response, Yue Zhong quickly channeled his Dark Dou Qi around his right arm and raised it to block.

Uribi Taichi’s fist slammed into Yue Zhong’s right shoulder, the immense force exploding out, sending Yue Zhong flying over a dozen of meters. Even after the enhancement and protection of the Dark Dou Qi, his right arm nearly shattered.

“Fuck! This monster is strong!!”

As he struggled up, his heart was filled with shock. He was already a Type 4 Divine Warrior and was not considered weak, but even so, he was still struggling to kill this opponent. Uribi Taichi’s strength was far out of his expectations.

The Third Order Devil Flame had reached a level where it was almost able to incinerate anything that it came in contact with. Even Uribi Taichi could not fully extinguish it. His body burst out with the Radiance of Life, however, it was turned into smoke by the burning Devil Flames.

Uribi Taichi flashed and dodged while bellowing in rage. He forced out an even stronger Radiance of Life, forcefully extinguishing the terrifying Devil Flames.

After dealing with it, his breath came in pants, having exerted much of his strength. He had dropped to a level of an initial-stage Type 4 Divine Warrior. At this time, Yue Zhong suddenly appeared, a fist flying into the Dino-General’s face, sending him flying.

Yue Zhong continued to rain over 20 blows on Uribi Taichi’s body, forcing his state to be weakened, before he pointed out and sent a Type 4 Puppet Rune into his forehead.

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