God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 780

When Lei Yong Feng and the rest saw Yue Zhong sending the Type 4 Puppet Rune into Uribi Taichi’s forehead, they heaved a sigh of relief. His strength had truly been too much, even if they were peak experts of the human race, having been sealed for many years in the Icy Hell had taken a toll on their powers. Even after joining hands, 5 of them were no match for him. Now that Yue Zhong had finally subdued him, they felt relieved.

“Those who break out of prison will die!”

In the skies, there was a sudden thundering roar, as an arrow swooped down in a flash of life, directly piercing the head of one Type 4 Divine Warrior, killing him instantly!

“Mid-Grade Dinosaur General!!” Lei Yong Feng caught sight of one Dino-General who was riding on a Pterosaur, his face falling as he muttered, “Brother Yue Zhong, the Mid-Grade Dino-General Ku Misaki has appeared. We are all not his match, and can only flee for our lives. We’ll be making a move first!”

After which, Lei Yong Feng disappeared from his location, making his escape towards the distance with utmost speed.

At almost the same time, all the captives all rushed to escape in various directions.

“Mid-Grade Dino-General, Type 5 Divine Warrior?”

Yue Zhong took a look and channeled his Summon Tamed Beast skill, immediately, a large hole appeared in the air, and Greenie, which had already evolved to the Type 4 Stage, flapped its wings and descended.

Yue Zhong grabbed Han Qiong, Sun Lan Lan and leaped onto Greenie’s back, while Uribi Taichi followed.

“Go! Fly with all your might!!” Yue Zhong barked.

Greenie could feel the urgent tone in Yue Zhong’s words and immediately spread its wings, channeling its innate ability. A powerful gust of wind congealed beneath its wings as it flapped out forcefully, shooting across the skies at a Mach 2 speed.

With this sudden acceleration, Han Qiong and Sun Lan Lan would not have been able to handle the G-force. However, Yue Zhong had already activated his Dark Dou Qi to wrap around them, protecting them.

About a dozen kilometers away, a silver-horned pterosaur soared in the air, a rider dressed entirely in silver-alloy armor on its back. The rider had a bow and his countenance was grim, as he eyed Yue Zhong’s party escaping into the distance.

This was precisely the Mid-Grade Dino-General Ku Misaki who had killed the Type 4 Divine Warrior with a single arrow!

Ku Misaki sighed, pulling out a red arrow from behind, and kept his gaze fixed on Yue Zhong. His eyes opened wide as he drew the arrow extremely taut.

A sense of danger arose in Yue Zhong’s heart, and he bent down to urge Greenie, “Damn it!! Dodge it!! Greenie!! Fly in an irregular manner!”

With his order, Greenie began to soar about haphazardly, trying to throw off the aim on it.

After 2 seconds, there was a bright glow of Radiance of Life on Ku Misaki, his eyes narrowed, and the powerful life force entered his red bow. He let go of the arrow, and the arrow shot towards Greenie like a shooting star.

The arrow reached Greenie within an instant, directly piercing its body and exploding.

A huge, bloody hole appeared in its back, as fresh blood poured out.

The arrow was incredibly vicious, although it did not penetrate Greenie’s brain, it was enough to shatter its spine. Greenie slumped and moaned in agony as it plummeted towards the ground.

With a single arrow destroying Greenie’s back, Ku Misaki’s countenance was also pale. Although he was strong, that shot over a dozen kilometers had overdrawn his strength.

He kept his bow and gave an order to a Low-Grade Dino-General beside him, “Ku Yuufuu! Go bring 20 soldiers to get those 3 humans, dead or alive!! Temron Prison definitely will not let anyone escape alive. They can only become our slaves or toys! This is the iron-clad rule of our city!”

“Yes! Lord Ku Misaki! I will go capture them, please rest assured!”

The Low-Grade Dino-General Ku Yuufuu replied with respect, before leading a unit of 20 pterosaur-riders as they made for Yue Zhong’s team.

As he left, Ku Misaki turned to look at Temron Prison, his gaze turning dark, “This time, I’ll definitely be in big trouble.”

“What to do?”

Yue Zhong looked at Greenie, his expression ugly. He had the Dark Wind Wings and could glide effortlessly in the sky, but once Greenie slammed into the ground, it would definitely die.

Even as a Type 4 with a powerful body, its body was too heavy, and dropping from such a height would cause even a Type 5 Mutant Beast to perish.

“Help! I don’t want to die!! I have not even been in love!! I don’t want to die!!”

Right at this moment, Sun Lan Lan’s cries sounded from Yue Zhong’s right.

Although Sun Lan Lan was an idol, she was vain, selfish, and even afraid of death. Now that she was falling to her death, she began to just cry her heart out.

Han Qiong’s face was also pale, she bit her lips hard, trembling with fear. She might be a strong and resolute person, but in the face of death, she was likewise overcome with fear. In fact, there were few people who were truly unafraid of death.

Yue Zhong was vexed, and he yelled, “Shut up!! Just keep quiet!! As long as I’m here, you won’t die!!”

Scolded by Yue Zhong, Sun Lan Lan immediately covered her mouth, but her tears continued to flow out. She stared fixedly at him, hoping for another miracle.

With a thought, the Dark Wind Wings burst open, supporting the 4 of them in mid-air.

The moment they floated, the fear disappeared from Sun Lan Lan and Han Qiong’s eyes, instead, they were filled with excitement; there was hope after all.

Yue Zhong charged down towards Greenie, applying the Gravity Manipulation to envelop its body and lower it by 5 times.

Even so, that could only help to cushion the fall, he had no means to help it recover.

As a gigantic beast, Greenie had a terrifying strength, a speed that exceeded most others, sharp claws, and a shocking weight. Even with the 5 times decrease, its speed of descent was still fierce.

As Greenie landed and was about to smash into the ground, it channeled its innate ability again, summoning a strong wind to support itself down.

As the winds disappeared, it fell down, causing a large amount of blood to splatter all over the trees nearby.

Yue Zhong grabbed the 2 girls as he descended beside Greenie.

As a Type 4 Mutant Beast, Greenie had a strong regenerative physique. Its wound had already closed and was starting to repair at a speed visible to the naked eye. Even its bleeding had stopped.

“What a strong recovery rate. However, it would still require at least a day to fully heal.”

Yue Zhong felt slightly better when he saw Greenie healing, however, he knew it was impossible for it to recover that fast.

With a shattered spine, such an injury was still serious to a Type 4 Mutant Beast. It would take at least a day to recover properly. There was no need to mention combat, even moving would cause it tremendous pain.

Yue Zhong came up to Greenie’s head and patted it with an apologetic smile, “Sorry! I’ve brought this upon you!”

Greenie was his first Tamed beast and had followed him throughout countless battles. He had come to view Greenie as his trusted mount. Now that it was heavily injured, he could not help but feel heartache as well.


Greenie rubbed its head against Yue Zhong like a little kid, letting out low moans, as though complaining about the pain.

Yue Zhong then pulled out the Type 5 Nucleus he obtained from the Icy Hell, placing it in front of Greenie.

The beast immediately opened its eyes and beak in joy, gobbling up the precious nourishment.

The moment it entered Greenie’s body, its eyes closed and it fell into a deep sleep. The Type 5 Nucleus was providing it with powerful evolving nourishments. The best way to absorb and digest such energy was to sleep.

Yue Zhong activated his Summon Tamed Beast ability again, as a huge hole appeared. This time, Turtle appeared, crawling out quickly.

The last time Yue Zhong tamed Turtle, it had been at a peak Type 2 stage. Now, after some time, it had evolved into a Type 3 Mutant Beast as well.

Of the 4 Mutant Beasts he had tamed, only Turtle had the strength to move Greenie.

“Take it, let’s go!”

With a thought, Turtle grabbed Greenie and placed it on its back as it swiftly climbed deeper into the forest.

Yue Zhong and the rest also followed.

Soon after, a number of pterosaurs appeared in the air, as their riders leaped down.

As they observed the environment, the leader, Ku Yuufuu declared, “They’re that way! Give chase!!”

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