God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 781

A number of dino-people chased, led by Ku YuuFuu, hot on Yue Zhong’s tail.

One of them was running when suddenly, there was a loud boom as a landmine buried in the ground got triggered and exploded. The resulting explosion instantly consumed the dino-person.

At the same time, a few remote-controlled explosives that were hidden nearby went off, blasting the entire area, quickly enveloping all of the dino-riders.

Yue Zhong was in his Second Order Stealth, hidden among the trees, watching the scene unfold quietly.

Before the dust even settled, a number of the dino-riders ran out of the dust cloud, other than the one who got decimated by the landmine, the rest only suffered minor injuries.

While these dino-riders were not as strong as Type 3 Mutant Beasts, their body makeup was still tenacious. Even a heavy caliber bullet might not be able to penetrate their skin.

“Shit! Seems like normal bullets can’t do anything to them. I need something stronger!”

Yue Zhong eyed the seemingly unharmed dino-riders with an ugly expression. Currently, the human race back on Earth only used rifles. Against zombies, they were effective, however, against the Flesh-Eaters and now these Dino-riders, the rifles were far from enough. They had to rely on something else. Otherwise, they would be overrun and killed.

Yue Zhong threw all thoughts to the back of his head and brought out his Electromagnetic Gun to fire a single shot at Ku Yuufuu.

As a Type 4 Dino-General, the moment Yue Zhong emitted his killing intent, Ku Yuufuu reacted and managed to evade the shot.

“Over there!”

After dodging that dangerous shot, Ku Yuufuu turned around and located Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong fired out a few more shots, before tapping his foot and leaping up a tree, quickly making his escape through the trees.

The 3 electromagnetic beams penetrated 3 dino-riders in their heads, blasting them apart. His strength had already reached the intermediate Type 4 level, even without an arm, he could casually kill Type 3 Dino-people.


Ku Yuufuu’s eyes flashed with a vicious glint, charging after Yue Zhong in a swift manner.

The other 7 dino-riders also followed suit.

After Ku Misaki destroyed Yue Zhong’s right arm, adding on to the huge expenditure of Spirit and Stamina in Temron Prison, Yue Zhong was feeling weak right now. If he were to take on Ku Yuufuu, he would definitely be killed in a single exchange. Hence, he could only flee, making his way deeper into the forest.

The distance between the two drew closer, and soon, the forest was left far behind. A grassy plain appeared in front of them.

“Bye! I’m done toying with you!”

Yue Zhong had purposely drawn them away from Turtle and the rest. He quickly leaped up a tree and lunged off forcefully, his Dark Wind Wings opening and sending him soaring into the skies.

“Ku Soraichi!! Seal down the airspace!!”

Ku Yuufuu eyed Yue Zhong in the sky, his eyes flashing with a chill as he barked.

One of the riders stepped forward, his back had wings like a pterosaur, even his head looking 70% similar to one. He eyed Yue Zhong and let out a strange, shrill scream.

A powerful shockwave traveled upwards, sweeping past Yue Zhong. Under that force, the Dark Wind Wings suddenly dimmed, as though they had lost the connection to Yue Zhong, causing his body to plunge down quickly.

“Fuck! What was that?!”

Facing such a sudden anomaly, Yue Zhong was shocked as well. The sealing of airspace seemed to be a certain skill of some races of the dino-people. Some of them had the ability to increase their speed explosively, others, the ability to command the wind. Some had tough skins. This particular dino-person whose progenitor must have been the pterosaurs could unleash some shockwave to knock out all airborne objects, living or otherwise. The moment one was struck by it, even a Type 6 Overlord-class Mutant Beast would plunge.

Even so, Yue Zhong did not panic, he quickly pulled out his Electromagnetic Gun, aiming at Ku Soraichi before firing once.

Ku Yuufuu struck out with his lance, blocking the beam.

Following a loud bang, Ku Yuufuu was sent flying a few meters back, slamming into a tree. However, the Electromagnetic Beam was stopped by him.

“Damn freak!!”

It was the first time Yue Zhong saw someone forcefully taking his Electromagnetic Gun head-on with a melee weapon. It seemed that only these Type 4 monsters could do so without worry about their bodies.

“Seems like my sneak attack on the Type 5 Sitolius was a lucky one, if he had not been distracted by the Snake-woman, I think even if it hit him, he would have been fine.” Thinking back to how he managed to kill Sitolius, he could not help but celebrate that his luck had been good.

Yue Zhong swiftly adjusted his aim and continued to fire at the group of dino-people.

They hurried to retreat, dodging behind cover.

As Yue Zhong was nearing the ground, he quickly channeled his Gravity Manipulation, lessening his weight to ⅕ of its original. When he landed, the rebound was much lesser, and he made use of the opportunity to escape.


Ku Yuufuu only needed to rest for merely 5 seconds, and his erratic blood flow had stabilized. With a tap of its foot, he transformed into a shooting star towards Yue Zhong.

Out here on the plains, Yue Zhong activated his Shadow Steps and pushed his Dark Dou Qi, his speed increasing to its maximum. However, the distance between him and Ku Yuufuu continued to shrink. His Stamina and Spirit was being consumed at a terrifying rate, yet he did not dare slack off.

This Ku Yuufuu was definitely a Type 4 expert that was even stronger than Uribi Taichi, even if Yue Zhong was at his peak, it was difficult to say who could win. As long as Yue Zhong became careless now, he would definitely be killed.

Both of them continued to run at a speed of Mach 1.5, soon passing through the huge plains.

At the edge of the vast plains, there were plenty of cliffs, below them, it was a huge, boundless sea.

The moment he charged out of the plains, he leaped down towards the sea without hesitating.

The moment he plunged into the water, Ku Yuufuu already appeared at the edge of the cliff.

Ku Yuufuu stood there, not intending to jump down. Instead, he laughed coldly and roared out, “Sea of Mutant Beasts! What a way to seek death. Human, if you surrender now and become my slave, I can still spare you. Otherwise, you’ll surely die a horrid death!”

The loud roar resounded throughout the entire area.

All of a sudden, the waves broke apart, as a huge tentacle swung out from beneath the surface of the sea, slamming towards Ku Yuufuu.

The tentacle had appeared without warning, and its speed was insanely fast. Even with Ku Yuufuu’s heightened sense of danger, he was struck violently by the tentacle. His entire body shot through the air, spitting out blood.

The moment he landed, he retreated explosively beyond a thousand meters. As he looked up, his countenance was pale and filled with dread.

The blue waves continue to churn, as dozens of small creatures with wings and dinosaur heads flew up onto the cliff, landing near where Ku Yuufuu had spat out his blood and some inner organs. They began devouring it without any care.

When they were done, they swiftly reentered the sea.

Ku Yuufuu saw this and was reminded of his clan memoirs, retreating a few steps unconsciously, not daring to go near the sea at all.

As for Yue Zhong, he had quickly put on his Sea Mask and started swimming deeper.

He had just descended about a dozen meters when a sudden tingling came down his spine and his scalp turned numb. In this dark waters, where nothing could be seen, it felt like there were countless monsters waiting to rip him apart. His entire body froze.

Right at this time, a bunch of creatures the size of a palm, as dense as a colony of ants came swimming over. They had wings, sharp teeth, and were obviously fish but had dinosaur heads.

He felt a sense of danger the moment he saw them and adjusted his direction, swimming away frantically.

The winged fish continued to swim towards him.

As he fled, another dozen Type 2 Mutant Sharks seemed to have discovered Yue Zhong, and they adjusted their positions to swim towards him.

In the sea, Yue Zhong’s speed could not compare to when he was on land. The dozens of Mutant Sharks caught up to him easily.

Left with no choice, Yue Zhong channeled his Summon Tamed Beast technique, calling Type 2 Sharkie over. He waved his sword, and sliced one of the Type 2 Mutant Sharks, before grabbing on to Sharkie as they fled.

The creepy winged fishes came up to the Type 2 Mutant Shark and pounced on it. The waters churned for 2 seconds, and when they left, a bunch of bones sank towards the bed of the sea.

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