God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 782

When the Type 2 Sharks caught sight of those smaller creatures, it was as if they had seen their greatest fear, and they hurriedly scattered.

The seemingly harmless dino-fishes suddenly picked up speed, swimming towards the various Type 2 Sharks. When they burst forth with their speed, they were more than twice as fast as the sharks and caught up easily. Using their razor-sharp teeth, they reduced the Type 2 Sharks to nothing more than bones.

Those ferocious sea sharks that had been chasing Yue Zhong earlier now sunk to their graves.

After consuming those dozens of sharks which were larger than normal whales, the school of dino-fish seemed to have been satiated, and they quietly floated in the sea, going with the flow, not chasing after Yue Zhong anymore.


Seeing this, Yue Zhong heaved a sigh of relief. In the sea, he could not even exhibit more than 10% of his ability. Even a Type 3 Mutant Sea Beast might gain an advantage over him. If he had been surrounded by those creepy dino-fishes, he would likely have been consumed in a matter of seconds.

Because of the reduction in combat ability, even Ku Yuufuu did not dare enter the waters, much more so since this particular ocean was known as the Sea of Mutant Beasts.

Yue Zhong had just heaved a sigh of relief when a figure suddenly slammed into him with a terrifying speed without any warning.

He spat out a mouth of blood from that impact, while Sharkie was also slapped to one side.

When the monstrous figure rose up, Yue Zhong grabbed onto its back, and could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

It was a gargantuan sea snake, its entire body black with a metallic luster. The entire length of the snake was easily over a thousand meters. When comparing the Type 5 Mutant Sea Snake back on Earth against this behemoth, it was practically a small loach.

Yue Zhong could not resist and activated his Eye of Perception to scan it.

“Type 7 Mutant Sea Snake Emperor, an Emperor-level Ferocious Beast of the Sea.”

“Type 7 Mutant Sea Snake Emperor!!”

He sucked in a deep breath, his entire body trembling. This was a Type 7 monster, as long as it was hostile towards Yue Zhong, a single slap could flatten him.

After all, the Type 5 Divine Warriors that he had come across on his journey could easily kill him, not to mention this Type 7 Mutant Beast. Most Mutant Beasts were stronger than a Divine Warrior of the same tier. In comparing combat strength, a Type 7 Mutant Beast would likely be more fearsome than a Type 7 Divine Warrior.

The Mutant Sea Snake Emperor seemed not to have noticed the speck-like Yue Zhong, continually slithering and twisting through the sea, causing huge waves to arise.

The sea was boundless, and as the monstrous beast continued to swim out, soon, there was no land that can be seen anywhere.

It was only in this wide and vast sea, that such a huge Type 7 Mutant Sea Snake Emperor could be born.

The beast came to a stop after a while.

The surface of the water started to churn, as numerous Type 6 Sea Dragons, mountain-like Type 5 Thorny Crabs, Type 5 Dragon-Snapping Turtles the size of islands, Type 5 Swordfishes, ferocious Type 5 Ichthyosaurus, other monstrous Type 5 Sea Snakes appeared. All of these mighty beasts all swam and surrounded the Type 7 Sea Snake Emperor with respect.

Yue Zhong was thoroughly shaken as he looked at all of these beasts, not daring to move. At a quick glance, there seemed to be at least 30 Type 5 Mutant Beasts, and 4 Type 6 Mutant Beasts. If such a horde of monsters were to roam free on Earth, the moment they went on land, who knew how many nuclear bombs it would take to deal with these beasts. Even Godzilla would be flattened in one second if it existed.

Yue Zhong continued to hug his body close to the Type 7 Sea Snake Emperor, knowing that the other sea Overlords were sweeping their gazes over him. If it were not for the fact that he was on the Type 7 Sea Snake Emperor’s body, they would have all torn him into pieces. He did not dare to move.

After summoning the subordinates, the Type 7 Sea Snake Emperor continued to swim out, this time, followed by its underlings.

Yue Zhong saw this and cried bitterly in his heart. He was getting further and further away from land, it would be extremely difficult for him to return.

After an entire day, the horde seemed to have reached a different territory.

Following a huge wave, a Type 7 Ichthyosaurus appeared from beneath the sea, not any less eye-catching than the Sea Snake Emperor.

Behind it, there were countless other Type 5 and Type 6 Mutant Beasts.

The moment the Type 7 Sea Snake Emperor caught sight of the Type 7 Ichthyosaurus, its eyes turned crimson red and it quickly charged at it.

The Type 7 Ichthyosaurus also swam over with an imposing aura.

Both parties clashed, and the Type 7 Ichthyosaurus bit down viciously on the body of the Type 7 Sea Snake Emperor, drawing blood as its sharp teeth punctured the hard scales. Precious blood flowed out.

The Type 7 Sea Snake Emperor also bit down on the Type 7 Ichthyosaurus, tearing into its body and drawing blood.


The 2 mighty beasts engaged in the most basic of brawls, biting and clashing against each other, struggling in the sea.

Yue Zhong was easily flung off, thrown towards a few hundred meters, his body once again jolted and he spat out a mouthful of blood. There was no way he could do anything in this battle of such scale.

The 2 Type 7 Mutant Beasts were truly ferocious, causing waves to ripple out, the highest over hundreds of meters tall.

Yue Zhong had just come up to the surface, and was faced with one such wave, sending a few hundred meters away again.

“That’s… the blood of the Type 7 Mutant Beasts!!”

One blood-red wave swept towards Yue Zhong, and his eyes brightened. He opened his mouth to take in as much seawater as he could.

The blood and seawater entered his body, turning into a warm energy that spread throughout his limbs, revitalizing his cells and pushing the broken shoulders as well as his other injuries to recover.

Such blood was extremely nourishing to humans, the stronger the Mutant Beast, the more benefits the blood and essence brought.

Thus, the blood of this Type 7 Mutant Beast was a precious gift to Yue Zhong.

The warmth flowed throughout his body, ending up in his sea of knowledge, covering his Regeneration Rune, causing a few more engravings to appear.

“Congratulations, having absorbed the blood of a Type 7 Mutant Beast, your Regeneration skill has gained +1 Enhancement.”

Yue Zhong immediately felt overjoyed. The Regeneration skill was incredibly useful, aiding him in escaping the clutches of death on several occasions. Now that it was enhanced, he could not be happier.

At this moment, a water cannon shot from afar, slamming into him, causing him to soar into the sky and cough out blood once again.

Yue Zhong looked towards the source and noticed a Type 5 Ichthyosaurus and a Type 5 Copper-Hammer Shrimp engaged in a ferocious clash. The water cannon had been the innate ability of the Copper Hammer Shrimp, and Yue Zhong had been unlucky to be in the way.

Water Cannons, Ice Shards, Ice Blades, Water Blades, Thunder strikes, Bone Spikes, all sorts of abilities were being channeled and utilized by the Type 5 and Type 6 Mutant Beasts as they clashed with their enemies.

Inside this large sea, there would be a new corpse floating to the surface at every second, all of these bodies casualties from the exchanges between the Type 5 and Type 6 Mutant Beasts.

Among those bodies, there would be a few Type 3 and Type 4 Mutant Beasts, which had been caught in the crossfire.

Yue Zhong immediately activated his Second Order Stealth, moving carefully through the sea, watching out for the clashes. None of the beasts actually paid any attention to him due to the Stealth.

“That’s a Type 4 Mutant Beast!! Time to risk it!!”

Yue Zhong suddenly saw a Type 4 Sea Snake corpse floating, his eyes brightened and he gritted his teeth to swim over. He arrived quickly and burrowed into its head, retrieving its brain matter, blood, and nucleus.

“Another one!! This time, I’ve struck it rich!!”

The moment he came out of the Type 4 Sea Snake, he saw another corpse floating nearby. He could not control his excitement and immediately swam over, retrieving all that he could.

While the main characters of this territorial war were the 2 Type 7 behemoths and the other Type 6 and Type 5 monsters, there were numerous Type 4 and Type 3 Mutant Beasts around as well.

In this place, the Type 4 Mutant Beasts were the most plentiful. It would be rare to catch sight of one on Earth, but here, they were common everywhere.

Yue Zhong got himself busy, digging through the carcasses of the various Type 4 Mutant Beasts and kept the precious loot into his Storage Ring.

There were plenty of Type 3 Mutant Beast corpses as well, however, he could not be bothered with those.

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