God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 120

Chapter 120: Probe

Chen Ning looked at his two sons wolf down the food. His brows wrinkled: “Two little bastards, eat slower.”

The eyes of the women surrounding the large table in the courtyard all fell upon the two cans of beef. Things to replenish nutrients were completely given to the men in order to fight and hunt. They could only eat some gruel and scratch out a meager existence. They already hadn’t eaten meat for a long time.

But the Chen family women and children knew, some of the families in the village don’t even have gruel to eat. They have started to eat grass and tree bark. Some even ask their daughter-in-laws to sleep with men for some food. The Chen family women didn’t have too many complaints because of this. To be able to eat maize gruel in Z-Age is not bad.

The land in the Chen family village is poor and barren. Several families are hunters. The main income is poaching wild animals in the mountain, and then selling them privately. Each family doesn’t have much food storage. One third of the people changed to zombies after the world changed. But the villagers rallied under the command of Chen Ning. They completely wiped out the mutated villagers and buried them.

Yue Zhong ate several mouthfuls of maize gruel and fried peanuts to show his gratitude, and then he laid down his chopsticks. He had a large amount of all kinds of food in his storage ring. He was completely uninterested in filling his stomach with the maize gruel.

Chen Ning saw Yue Zhong stop eating after eating several pieces of beef. He also set down his chopsticks and slowly said to Yue Zhong: “Little brother Yue Zhong! To get from our village to Stone Horse Village, one must pass through the Zhang Family Village and the Mudfish Ravine. Zhang Family Village isn’t like our village. There are man-eating demons everywhere there. It isn’t a good place to cross.”

Yue Zhong downplayed the situation: “No problem! Your people only needs to guide. I will take care of the man-eating demons in Zhang Family Village.”

The number of zombies that have died at Yue Zhong’s hand is nearly one thousand. Furthermore Yue Zhong has already decided to only rely on his own strength to cut a path into the world. He carries a prestigious position that holds the lives of hundreds of people in his hands, and his words carry formidable confidence. Chen Ning looked at Yue Zhong and couldn’t help but believe his words.

Chen Ning hesitated a moment. He asked a little expectantly: “Little brother Yue Zhong, why are you in such a rush to return to Stone Horse Village?”

Yue Zhong intentionally or otherwise said: “I established a survivor base in Stone Horse Village. I have hundreds of people there. I naturally can’t be away for too long.”

There were over twenty capable men here in Chen Family Village. If he could absorb them, then Yue Zhong’s power could increase a large amount. But if you don’t have the muscle, other people won’t rely on you.

Hearing Yue Zhong’s words, Chen Ning looked at Yue Zhong and his view changed: “So Yue Zhong is the boss of a base. Truly a young hero. Amazing! Truly amazing.”

Yue Zhong plainly said: “Oh you are flattering me.”

From then on, Chen Ning started beating around the bush on the Stone Horse Village survivor base situation and policies.

Yue Zhong started to explain the situation and policies in Stone Horse Village one by one.

Chen Ning thought a moment, and he asked a probing question: “Brother Yue Zhong, if I brought all my villagers to seek refuge, how would you treat me?”

The food quantity was already extremely tight in the Chen Family Village. Chen Ning could only eat maize gruel as the village chief. don’t even think about others.

Chen Family village is close to the mountain, but that mountain has too many mutated beasts. Ordinary people without firepower are extremely weak in front of those mutated beasts. Today they organized a group of twelve men to brave the mountain, but unfortunately they ran into mutated monkeys. Five of the twelve died, and two were seriously injured, crippling the small population of this village.

The dangers of these mutated beasts to the hunters is very clear. They had encountered these terrifyingly powerful mutated beasts when hunting once in the past. If it wasn’t for having no other choice, the Chen Family Villagers wouldn’t think to go hunting in the mountains.

It would be a problem for the Chen Family Village’s food supply to last for another week. Chen Ning’s food supply could last another two weeks for his family if they conservatively ate even less. Chen Ning already didn’t have any options and thought to rely on Yue Zhong. They are cornered in reality.

The villagers wouldn’t look upon the food Yue Zhong had with green eyes if the village had food, and they wouldn’t fight over each other to be Yue Zhong’s guide.

Yue Zhong duly said; “If you can bring the whole village into my group, and organize a small fighting unit, I will make you and your two sons preliminary team members. If you achieve merits in battle, you can promote into an official team member. Your wives and children can enjoy outside member benefits. I can guarantee none of the villagers will starve to death. If they want to achieve any kind of treatment, then their performance will need to be looked at.”

The fact that Yue Zhong wasn’t too fervent, and he didn’t promise Chen Ning an extremely high position made Chen Ning even more relaxed. Chen Ning would be suspicious if Yue Zhong promised him an extremely high position.

A young fellow rushed into the courtyard at this time. He said to Chen Ning with a face of sorrow: “Uncle! Uncle quick come look. Uncle Shitou cannot stand up. Do you have medicine?”

Chen Ning isn’t only the Mayor, he also knows a little bit about ancient medicine, so he is also the village doctor.

Chen Ning apologized to Yue Zhong seeing the youngster rush in: “Sorry, I need to go take a look.”

“I will go with you.”

Yue Zhong followed Chen Ning out.

Inside a crude brick house, a middle-aged man was lying in the bed. He was struggling in endless pain. On his stomach there was a long gash, and blood continuously flowed out of the enormous wound.

A good looking young woman was whispering in a low voice and using a towel to wipe the sweat of the man. A beautiful young fourteen or fifteen year old girl stood to the side at a loss, looking at her father on the bed.

The man on the bed used his broad shoulders and powerful hands to be the best hunter in the village. He used his hands and shoulders to protect his wife and daughter. He let them be much better off than the others in the village. If the man on the bed died, his wife and daughter truly didn’t know how they would be able to continue living in the cruel Z-Age.

The beautiful young girl looked at Yue Zhong and Chen Ning walk into the room. She kneeled before Chen Ning, begging with huge tears in her eyes: “Uncle! I beg you. I’m begging you save Shitou! I’m begging you!! I will do anything if only you save him!”

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