God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 783

At the center of the battlefield in the sea, a huge number of Type 3 and Type 4 Mutant Beasts were quickly gobbling up and devouring the corpses of the other Type 3 and Type 4 Mutant Beasts.

At the same time, the intensity of the clash between the 2 Emperor-level behemoths had infected the rest of the Mutant Beasts, causing them to go all-out in a mad slaughter as well.

Yue Zhong had already evolved to a Type 4 stage, although he could easily be flattened by a Type 6, Type 7 Mutant Beast, against a Type 4 Mutant Beast, he had his means. Even for a Type 5 Mutant Beast, as long as it did not especially target him, he could find ways to evade.

Just as he was scrambling to collect as many Type 4 nuclei as possible, all of a sudden, the Type 7 Mutant Sea Snake Emperor swung its tail forcefully, causing a large wave to sweep out. Yue Zhong and dozens of other Type 4 Mutant Beasts were sent up into the air at a height of 2,000 meters.

As the wave receded, they descended back towards the sea like meteors.

“This is bad!!” Yue Zhong’s face fell, if he landed in the water, the powerful impact would cause him a certain degree of hurt, even if he was a Type 4 expert. If it were any other ordinary person, they would definitely die.

While in mid-air, the Dark Wind Wings flapped open, but its radiance dimmed, obviously, it was still affected by that soundwave attack from the Dino-riders earlier.

Yue Zhong hurried to channel his Gravity Manipulation, lightening his weight by 5 times. Even so, it would not reduce the impact.

“Oh right! There’s still that thing!”

As he descended, his gaze swept through his Storage Ring, and his eyes brightened. With a flip of his hand, a bone umbrella appeared.

It swiftly opened, and his falling speed was reduced even further.

An ordinary umbrella would not be able to support a human during a plunge. However, this bone umbrella was made out of Mutant Beast bones, and its main material was the scales and a Type 3 Mutant Beast. With the powerful tendons used to tighten and secure all the joints, even a heavy-caliber gun might not necessarily pierce through it. Thus, it could naturally support his weight.

The dozens of Type 4 Mutants Beasts slammed down into the water from the skies.

One Type 5 Ichthyosaurus of more than a 1,000-meters in length was unlucky. It had slammed into a Type 4 Crocodile Turtle, another Type 4 Ichthyosaurus as well as a Type 4 Tyrant Shellfish, and its entire body was twisted beyond hope. It died immediately.

The other Type 4 Mutant Beasts also died upon impact the moment they slammed into the water, their brains rocked and shattering.

When those mountain-like beasts slammed into the water, they caused further waves that spread out, inciting a ripple effect that caused other Type 4 Mutant Beasts to slam into each other and die.

As the various Type 3 and Type 4 Mutant Beasts caught the scent of the blood, they began to swim in a frenzy towards the corpses of the higher-stage Beasts.

In order to snatch the corpses of those Beasts, the Mutant Beasts began to bite each other furiously, and the entire sea was churning with writhing bodies.

Yue Zhong landed on the Type 5 Ichthyosaurus body, immediately running towards its head.

As he was running, a pair of thick and coarse tentacles suddenly grabbed hold of the corpse from below, dragging it down into the depths of the sea.


Yue Zhong’s gaze flashed, as he grabbed tight onto the body, climbing towards the head.

The nucleus of a Type 5 Mutant Beast was simply too valuable to Yue Zhong. If used well, he could turn a Type 5 expert into a puppet for him, or raise a Type 3 Mutant Beast directly into the Type 4 stage.

The corpse sunk deeper into the ocean.

A Type 4 Sea Snake and a Type 4 Cetiosaurus quickly swam over.

As they got closer, some other tentacles shot out explosively, slapping the 2 Type 4 Mutant Beasts viciously, causing them to be sent back about 6 or 7 meters.

They became agitated and quickly got into a tangle with the tentacles, biting down viciously, breaking them apart as blood flowed.

The Type 4 Mutant Beasts became embroiled in a cruel clash, while some other smaller Mutant Beasts quickly swam over.

Yue Zhong caught sight of these unknown variants of Mutant Crabs reaching out with their claws and tearing the scales of the Type 5 Ichthyosaurus inch by inch. They then burrowed in and began consuming the Type 5 behemoth’s flesh.

Numerous other small Mutant Beasts came swarming around the corpses, each of them tearing off the scales and meat of the Type 5 Ichthyosaurus.

On top of that, other Mutant Beasts of relatively normal size came swimming over, trying to bite into the corpse of the Type 5 Ichthyosaurus, but to their dismay, they could not tear into those scales.

Of the various species that were trying to consume the Type 5 Ichthyosaurus, only the mini Mutant Crabs and Mutant Sea Centipedes were successful in tearing the scales off. Even so, their speed was extremely slow.

Yue Zhong continued to climb upwards, while the body of the monstrous beast continued to be drag deeper and deeper.

After goodness knows how long, Yue Zhong finally made it on top of the head. He pulled out his Flame Blade and thrust right down with his immense strength, creating a small hole. With joy in his heart, he quickly dug the hole out and burrowed in.

After plowing through a huge amount of flesh, he finally found the Type 5 nucleus, keeping it together with a large amount of brain matter, fresh blood, and flesh into his Storage Ring, before swiftly climbing out.

Right as he got out, he suddenly felt his entire body sinking, a huge pressure weighing on him. If it had been an ordinary person, the person would have been crushed instantly.

“Where is this?”

Yue Zhong surveyed his surroundings, noticing that there was no light, while countless deep-sea mountains of more than hundreds and thousands of meters surrounded him.

The huge carcass of the Type 5 Ichthyosaurus was still being dragged by the huge tentacle towards one of the peaks.

All of a sudden, a huge claw shot out, grabbing one Type 4 Overlord Octopus and crushed it easily.

A swirl then appeared, sucking the Type 5 Ichthyosaurus corpse towards it.

Yue Zhong looked towards that direction, only to see a pair of savage, green eyes. The entire peak seemed to be enveloped by a strange power, even with his Night Vision, he could not see past the peak.

A chill came over Yue Zhong, he turned around to look at the other peaks, noting that there was nothing there. However, it felt like upon closer inspection, there were terrifying creatures lying in slumber.

“It’s too dangerous here!!”

Yue Zhong felt a grave sense of danger and quickly made his way for the surface.

At this moment, a huge whirlpool appeared, sucking Yue Zhong towards one of the peaks.


His heart turned cold as he paddled furiously, trying to escape. However, due to the forces of the whirlpool, his efforts were futile, and his body slowly inched towards the peak.

In a few breaths, he was sent soaring through a thick fog towards the peak of the mountain. A monstrous Type 6 Cetiosaurus had its huge mouth open, drawing Yue Zhong towards it!

In front of that behemoth, Yue Zhong was just like a grain of rice, together with it, other fishes, prawns, Type 2 and Type 3 Mutant Beasts flew in.

Without any chance to resist, Yue Zhong was swallowed.

The Cetiosaurus had sharp rows of teeth, the moment its jaws closed, the teeth came piercing down, tearing the numerous Type 3 Mutant Beasts into shreds, before swallowing them all in a mess of blood and flesh.

Its appetite was insane, and it was impossible for Yue Zhong to try and remain at its throat, hence he was washed down together towards a lake full of a rancid stench.

The moment he plunged into it, he realized his clothes were melting, as smoke rose up. Every part of his body was sending him pain signals, as though he was bathing in acid.

“Shit!! I definitely cannot stay here!!”

In his pain, Yue Zhong quickly summoned White Bones. A void appeared, and a bone spike pierced through the red, fleshy wall.

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