God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 784

Yue Zhong reached out his hand that was being corroded away to grab the bone spike. It retracted, and pulled him up towards one side of the wall. It temporarily helped him to avoid the fate of being digested.

“Those are nuclei!! Mutant Beasts’ nuclei!!”

He had just taken a breath when he caught sight of a pile of nuclei at one part of the lake of digestive juices. There were more than thousands of them, forming a small hill.

“White Bones! Go grab them!”

Yue Zhong became excited and his eyes shone with greed as he looked at the mountain.

White Bones extended its right arm, grabbing the pile of nuclei and brought it to Yue Zhong.

With a thought, the entire pile entered his Storage Ring.

Once it disappeared, the red stomach linings began to secrete out green digestive juices again, covering the fleshy walls.

In a single breath, the Type 6 Cetiosaurus could easily consume over thousands of smaller living creatures. Of which, the Mutant Beasts with stronger life forces would still struggle. However, under the constant corroding of the stomach acid, the Mutant Beasts began to dissolve with time.

At that moment, Yue Zhong channeled his Devil Flames, surrounding him, burning the stomach acid that got too close to him.

“Damn it! Break for me!!”

Yue Zhong pulled out his Electromagnetic Gun and aimed at one part of the stomach lining. The beam smashed viciously into the flesh, resulting in a huge bloody hole, as the precious Type 6 Mutant Beast blood flowed out.

The Storage Ring flashed, and he began to store the blood in a huge tank.

Suffering such an injury, the Type 6 Cetiosaurus felt the pain and unease. It opened its jaws and tried to throw up.

With the hurling of the stomach, a powerful force began to expel Yue Zhong together with the contents of the stomach out.

Yue Zhong was sprayed out in a water jet, soaring for goodness knows how far, before he landed up in a misty area, on cold, hard ground.

“Wait a minute? What’s going on? There’s no water here!”

When he landed, he immediately noticed that there was no seawater. He looked around and found that he was in a separate area, while the ‘skies’ were still the deep blue sea, seemingly held back by something.

“What is that? A spaceship?”

After ascertaining his position, he swept a glance across his surroundings again, immediately noticing a silver spacecraft. It was over 200m in height, and on it, there were numerous cannons facing out, each of them larger than any cannons on Earth.

When Yue Zhong saw that, his eyes flashed with a strange glint, and he quickly dashed over.

As he came up to it, he noticed that the spacecraft was shrouded in a layer of blue light. He pulled out his shape Flame Blade to try slicing through it, to no avail.

He then tried various methods to break through, however, not a single one of them worked. Even his strongest move of congealing his Devil Flames into a Devil Flame Sword was not able to penetrate it.

“Damn it, what should I do?”

Yue Zhong looked at it, helpless and frustrated, as he sunk into thoughts. Based on his instinct, he could tell that this spaceship would be incredibly helpful to him, even the entire human race. However, he had no means of accessing it.

Suddenly, a number of small shuttles descended from the blue layer.

Yue Zhong took a look at them and quickly activated his Second Order Stealth, hiding behind a huge boulder.

The shuttles opened up, and a number of humanoid experts walked out.

“Humans?” Yue Zhong hid behind the boulder and completely retracted his aura. He stared at those experts and wondered.

Although there was no light in this region, the shuttles were releasing a faint blue radiance. While ordinary people might not be able to see beyond 10 meters, Yue Zhong knew that there were some who were able to see well in the dark, even up to a thousand meters. He did not dare be careless.

Among those that stepped out, there was a blond man with a fit body. As he stepped out, he looked at the huge spacecraft with a hint of desire, “Radiant Battleship! It truly is here. As long as our Saint Clan controls this, the Saint War this time will be ours! No!! We might even ascend to become even stronger and compete with those experts from the higher realms!!”

One of the Type 4 Flesh Eaters asked, “Great Ancient Holf, what is this Radiant Battleship? Is it really so important to our Saint Clan? It just looks bigger than ours.”

Holf eyed the ship with desire while reprimanding the person who asked, “What do you know? We’re just toys of God, our lives and deaths are under his control. He created us, and can even destroy us. As for this ship, this is something not of his creation! In other words, this was something another god, or gods, created!! It is truly a symbol of hope for our Saint Clan. By obtaining this, we can escape the clutches of God, and maybe even become Gods ourselves!”

“New Gods!!”

When they heard this, all the Flesh-Eaters and Vampires sucked in a breath of cold air. They were extremely clear that they came out of the entity known as God, and had conquered humans to become the overlords. However, God was still an invincible entity to them, and even the highest of them had admitted that he was no match for God. To think that there would be an item that could help them transcend, this rocked them to their cores.

Another blond woman, with a voluptuous figure decked in tight leather clothes, asked, “Great Ancient Holf, since this is so important, why didn’t the Saint Emperor come personally? If he were to come, this battleship would definitely be ours.”

This time, the Saint Clan had deployed 6 Type 5 warriors, and 100 Type 4 Warriors to this world. However, those that managed to successfully survive till now were those present. The rest had been eaten by the countless terrifying beasts in the Sea of Mutant Beasts. If the Type 6 Divine Warrior had made a move, they would definitely not have suffered such losses.

Holf replied solemnly, “No! This Radiant Battleship only allows those Type 4 and below. If a Type 6 existence were to get close, it would trigger the self-defense mechanism and kill the intruder. Sibica, I am not able to get close to it as well, thus, the responsibility of gaining it falls on you guys. This is the hope for our Saint Clan, once you guys obtain it, when we summon the rest of the clan, we will help you reach the Type 5 stage!!”

The beautiful Type 4 blond woman Sibica immediately responded with a serious expression, “Understood! Great Ancient Holf, Sibica will definitely deliver the control to your hands!”

“The Radiant Battleship is our Dino race’s treasure! Bunch of stinking Flesh-Eaters, get out now! Otherwise, I’ll tear you apart!!”

Right at this time, a number of Ichthyosaurus came appearing from the blue film enveloping the mini-pocket of a world, with riders on them. These were the dino-riders dressed in silver armor and held lances.

One of them was a Mid-Grade Dino-General, who swept a cold gaze over Holf and his men, barking, “Scram!!”

The hundreds of low-level Dino-Generals and 2 other Mid-Grade Dino-General surrounded them, forming a huge circle.

Holf looked at them with an ugly expression, they had a total of 3 Type 5 Divine Warriors, while his Saint Clan only had him. If they were to clash, their Saint Clan would definitely suffer greatly.

“Overbearing!! Your Dino-race is truly overboard. This is the seabed, our Sea Clan’s territory. I think you guys had better listen to the lord of the seas – Our Sea Clan!”

Following the sounds of a contemptuous laughter, a Type 5 mermaid appeared, with blue hair and shells covering her private parts.

Behind her, there were 6 other Type 5 warriors, on top of that, they had 200 Type 4 Whale Shark-men, Killer Whale-men, Lobster-men and various other intelligent sea-creatures.

The 3 species faced off in this deep part of the ocean. The Saint Clan members might be the overlords back in the 2nd World, but here, they held the most disadvantaged position.

The atmosphere grew tense as time flowed.

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