God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 785

The extremely beautiful and sensual mermaid revealed an alluring smile towards Holf, “I’m Sidopeia from the Sea Clan. People from the Saint Clan, how about joining hands to kill these dinosaurs, and we can explore the Radiant Battleship together?”

When her words came out, the Dino-riders immediately became on guard, their lances readied, and their bodies tense. The moment the Sea Clan made any sudden movements, they would launch an attack against them.

Holf smiled slightly, “Beautiful Sidopeia, I feel that we can all explore this Radiant Battleship. After all, slaughtering among ourselves will not achieve anything, instead, it will just wear us down. If in the event of our clash, we are unable to gain anything out of it, I’m sure no one wants to see this outcome.”

Among the 3 parties, Holf’s side was the weakest. Even if they joined hands with the Sea Clan to eradicate the Dino-race, they would then take care of him. Under such circumstances, he had no choice but to try and leave a way out for himself.

Sidopeia turned to look at the Dino-General, laughing coyly, “What are your thoughts, Mr. Dino-man?”

The leader of the Dino-riders laughed coldly, “There’s no compromise in our dictionary, kill them all!!”

The Mid-Grade Dino-General flashed, his lance bursting forth with an incredible killing intent, charging towards Holf.

Holf did not expect the Mid-Grade Dino-General to be so decisive, and he immediately raised his hands to defend himself.

That single lance thrust managed to penetrate Holf’s right hand, all the way through to his right shoulder, shattering the bones with his pure strength.

In terms of capabilities, Holf was similar to the Mid-Grade Dino-General in that both were Type 5 experts, and he should not have been injured so easily in a single exchange. However, he had underestimated the viciousness of the opponent and had suffered a disadvantage for it.

Right as the Dino-General was about to pierce Holf’s head, a number of Ice Blades shot out from the side, slicing down at the Dino-General.

In response, he jerked his lance up, meeting the ice blades and shattering them.

Holf took the chance to retreat explosively.

Sidopeia laughed lightly, “Mr. Holf, my proposal still stands, are you done considering?”

Holf snarled and replied, “I agree!! Do it!! Eradicate these bunch of rabid dogs!”

The Saint Clan instantly charged out and unleashed their abilities, clashing with the low-grade Dino-Generals, while the Sea Clan members also charged out and engaged in slaughter with the Dino-Generals.

The 3 Mid-Grade Dino-Generals were fearsome, even against the 7 Type 5 Sea Clan members as well as Holf, they could still hold the upper hand.

The Sea Clan were exceptional in sea-battles, if the battle had been in the waters, they would have easily killed the 3 Dino-Generals.

However, now that they were on dry land, their combat strength was diminished severely, and could not match the 3 Mid-Grade Dino-Generals.

If it weren’t for Sidopeia handling 1 herself, the Sea Clan and Saint Clan would have long been slaughtered by the 3 Dino-Generals.

Yue Zhong hid in the dark, watching them silently, not daring to move. In this battle, each party was stronger than him.

He laid prone on the ground, retrieving the Type 6 Cetiosaurus blood to drink. Once he absorbed it, it became a warm energy that flowed throughout his body, regenerating his right shoulder.

As the 3 species were still fighting it out, the Radiant Battleship suddenly glowed, and shot out a silver beam of light, sweeping through everyone present within this bubble world. When touched by it, all Type 4 warriors disappeared.

Yue Zhong’s sight became faded as he appeared within the ship. At that instant, he channeled his Dark Dou Qi and Devil Flames to envelop his fist as he struck out towards the right.

The Vampire on Yue Zhong’s right barely had the time to react and was struck viciously. The Devil Flames immediately threatened to consume him.

As he screamed, the innate Radiance of Life burst out, forcefully pushing the Devil Flames away.

Even so, Yue Zhong took the opportunity to strike once more at his body, and the weakened Saint Clan member spat out a few mouthfuls of blood, crumpling to the floor.

Yue Zhong pointed out and a Type 4 Puppet Rune entered the Vampire’s forehead.

After struggling a while, he stood up and bowed, “Bolius greets Master!!”

Yue Zhong heaved a sigh of relief, and assess his surroundings.

It was an ordinary room, with 4 beds of different heights, and 2 strange optical devices on the table.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed and he dashed over, grabbing the electrical source of the optical device, and pulled out a handheld tablet to connect them.

The moment the handheld tablet was turned on, Bai Yi appeared with a smile, “Master, is there anything I can help you with?”

Yue Zhong immediately replied, “Scan this battleship, and try to gain control over it!!”


Bai Yi smiled brightly, and her eyes started to flicker with data, as she sent out her probing signals throughout this Radiant Battleship.

Soon, she returned to her normal status, looking at Yue Zhong apologetically, “Sorry, Master, the mainframe of this computer exceeds my computation ability. If I were to force my way in, there’s a chance that this clone of mine will be destroyed. Even if my main body was here, it would be impossible to do so. As of now, I can only control a small part of the ship as well as its map, and the place where the inheritance can be passed on. Only by entering the inheritance room yourself, then you would gain full control of the ship.”

Yue Zhong was somewhat disappointed when he heard that, but soon, he recovered. If this Radiant Battleship was like what Holf said, allowing for mortals to transcend into gods, he would do whatever it takes.

“Let’s go then! Immediately plot a route to the room, Bai Yi, choose the fastest and avoid all combat if possible!!”

The interior of the ship was crawling with other Type 4 experts. While he was somewhat confident of dealing with them, if he had to face them continuously, he did not know how he could keep up.

“Yes! Based on the analysis, there are 2 paths suitable. Based on Route 1, you will just have to face 2 enemies. For Route 2, you don’t have to face any enemies, but it would take about 5 minutes to reach there. Based on my estimates, the 2 enemies from Route 1 have a 90% probability of reaching the inheritance room faster than you if you choose Route 2.”

Bai Yi placed the options in front of Yue Zhong, showcasing the short distance of the 1st, versus the long, windy path of the 2nd.

“Alright, I choose 1, let’s go!”

He grabbed the handheld tablet and swiftly made his way towards the inheritance room.

There were many alloy electronic doors, most of them closed. However, the moment Yue Zhong came to them, they would automatically open, evident of Bai Yi’s doing.

As they passed by a number of corridors, Bai Yi suddenly warned, “Master, be careful, there are enemies right in front, and they’re fighting!”

Yue Zhong’s heart ran cold, and he immediately activated his Second Order Stealth, completely retracting his aura. The display in his hand flashed and Bai Yi disappeared, instead, a blond woman with an incredible body was battling a Dino-General.

The woman was precisely Sibica, one of the more outstanding Type 4 Divine Warriors of the Saint Clan.

The other was just an ordinary Dino-General, but he also had the combat strength of a peak Type 4 Divine Warrior. The lance in his hand struck out in mysterious ways, forcing Sibica to dodge constantly.

Sibica was a Vampire of the Saint Clan, her strength might not be comparable to other similar ranking warriors. However, her speed was comparable, if not faster, to an initial Type 5 Divine Warrior. She made use of her superhuman speed to dodge around the Dino-General, looking for an opportunity.

Both parties continued to maintain a stalemate, everytime they clashed, there would be loud sounds. In just a minute, they had exchanged over a hundred moves, but the victor was still hard to determine.

If both sides were of equal strength, and no one wanted to go all out, it would be difficult to ascertain the winner.

Yue Zhong hid there waiting for the victor to emerge. Although it seemed like they were in a stalemate, he was clear that sooner or later, there would be a victor. This was because, between the both of them, Sibica could not afford to waste time.

The number of Dino-Generals inside this Radiant Battleship was more than the Saint Clan. Their combat ability surpassed those Saint Clan members as well. If Sibica did not deal with this one quicker, by the time 2 others appeared, she would be forced to flee.

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