God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 786

Both parties were still clashing with each other, when all of a sudden, Sibica gritted her teeth and charged towards the Low-grade Dino-General.

The Dino-General’s eyes congealed, the lance in his hands lifting up. At that instant, as he burst out with an incredible aura, he sent multiple piercing thrusts towards Sibica.

If she forced her attack, she would definitely be turned into a sieve. Before she even got to the Low-grade Dino-General, she would be heavily injured or even killed.

At that moment, Sibica shone with her own Radiance of Life, her speed increased by another 30%. Her body twisted at a strange angle, dodging the danger.

Even so, 3 of the lance lights pierced her body, resulting in 3 bloody holes.

Suppressing her pain, she swept out with her right claw, piercing through the Dino-General’s heart and crushing it within her palms.

When the Dino-General felt his heart crushed, he spat out a mouthful of blood, as the light in his eyes dimmed. He crumpled to the floor lifelessly.

Sibica looked at the body and breathed out in relief. Although she had killed this Low-grade Dino-General, her own injuries were not light. Furthermore, the usage of her Radiance of Life had weakened her considerably.

“Sibica, are you alright?!”

At this moment, Bolius came through the hall.

The tense Sibica saw her own comrade and relaxed even more, “I’m injured, but it doesn’t seem too bad.”

Bolius walked over, “Sibica, I’ve had a huge discovery! There’s an inheritance room, I’ve found a map of this Radiant Battleship, and there seems to be some sort of inheritance place on it.”

Sibica’s eyes lightened up as she exclaimed, “Really?! Let me see!”

“This is the map!!”

He pulled out a piece of paper and gave it to her.

“Isn’t this just a blank piece of paper?”

When Sibica received it, she suddenly had a bad feeling and retreated explosively.

Unfortunately, while her reaction was fast, Bolius’s claws had already torn into her abdomen, slashing out a chunk of meat, as blood flowed out profusely from her wound.

Sibica’s eyes flashed with fury, “Bolius!! Why?!”

“It’s simple, I want you to die!”

Yue Zhong channeled his Dark Dou Qi, turning into a flash of light that shot towards Sibica.

“Human? Yue Zhong! You are Yue Zhong, the one who got the Treasure of Hope!! That means to say, Bolius is already your puppet!! No wonder his strength had diminished!! How are you here?!” Sibica was truly an elite, coming to a conclusion on Yue Zhong’s identity in such a short time.

Yue Zhong had already become a must-kill target within the Saint Clan. All members of Type 2 and above had received the orders, and would not spare any means to hunt him.

“Once you’ve become my puppet, I’ll naturally tell you!”

“Wishful thinking, I will never become your puppet!”

Sibica called out once, and swiftly retreated by pushing her speed to the limit.

Her speed was much faster than Yue Zhong, thus, disappearing within a second.


Yue Zhong was clear that after a few more tunnels behind the door, the inheritance room would be in sight. He charged right for it in a frenzy.

He might not be sure what would happen in there, but he did not want Sibica to gain the advantage over him, gaining control over this Radiant Battleship.

Even if there was no chance of transcending to a god, if he could reach the level of a Type 6 or even Type 7 expert, he was willing to risk it all.

Right as he charged out the door, a premonition arose in his heart. He twisted his body, dodging to one side, at the same time, he channeled his Devil Flames, billowing out from him in a fearsome tornado.

Above the door, Sibica had leaped towards Yue Zhong like a coiling dragon, slamming into him with a speed that surpassed the sound barrier. Her kick sent him crashing into an electronic door, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood.

As she was about to chase after him, a ball of Devil Flames came rushing towards her. Her eyes flashed with pity, forcing her to lightly tap off the door, leaping backward.

“This woman is truly strong, I’ve been careless!!”

Yue Zhong wiped off the blood at the corner of his mouth, looking towards the direction where Sibica fled and quickly followed after with heightened wariness.

After passing a few more tunnels, Yue Zhong arrived at a large hall.

“This is!!”

Yue Zhong took a look at his surroundings and was shocked.

The hall was about the size of a soccer field. There was a large podium in the middle of the hall, where a half-sphere was floating, with countless strange runes carved on it. There were some other valves connected to it, also engraved with runes.

At the center of that glowing half-sphere, there was a small gold nucleus the size of a fist, emitting a powerful and mysterious source of power.

“God-Devil Nucleus!!”

Yue Zhong looked at the gold nucleus and reeled with shock. In his sea of knowledge, there was an exact replica, just that the size and degree of detail were on different levels.

Sibica had also appeared in the hall when she caught sight of the gold nucleus, her eyes lit up as she leaped towards it.

“Not good!!”

Yue Zhong’s face fell as he followed suit.

He was ultimately slower by a step, as Sibica reached the light orb first, reaching out to grab the gold nucleus.

As she touched it, there was a bright flash of light, directly incinerating her right hand, causing her to scream out in pain.

Yue Zhong watched this with shock and he stopped in his tracks. He then changed to send a fist towards Sibica.

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