God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 787

Sibica was truly an elite among the Type 4 realm; she gritted her teeth and brought her left hand to block in front of her.

Yue Zhong’s fist slammed into her, sending her flying.

Sibica borrowed the force to bounce off the wall with her lithe body, sending a vicious kick towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong twisted his body, sending his own kick towards Sibica’s waist without mercy, causing her to slam into a wall like a broken toy.

In terms of Strength, Yue Zhong was actually weaker than Sibica.

However, after Sibica had expended her Radiance of Life, plus her right arm having been incinerated, her current condition was too weak to handle Yue Zhong.

After gaining a successful hit, Yue Zhong tapped his foot and appeared right beside Sibica, slamming another fist into her chest without mercy.

A look of despair came over Sibica’s face, as she released her Radiance of Light.

As it glowed brightly, Yue Zhong was forced back a few steps, his eyes narrowing as he stared at Sibica.

If a peak-Type 4 expert were to go all out, it would be a dangerous thing. With Yue Zhong’s current strength, if he were careless, it would likely end up in mutual death.

“Cunning human!”

Sibica glared at Yue Zhong with gritted teeth, and with a flash, she turned to flee. She was smart and knew that if she stayed on, it would only result in death. She might as well escape first, and seek a comeback later on.

Yue Zhong swept a glance before turning to gaze at the God-Devil Nucleus.

As he came up to it, he hesitated slightly, before using his God and Devil Imprint to scan the half-orb. A bright golden light came out from his imprint, shooting into the God-Devil Nucleus.


All of a sudden, a bright voice sounded beside Yue Zhong’s ear. His heart turned cold and he swiveled quickly to the left, retreating a few meters.

There was a young man who looked extremely ordinary, where one could even say he was slightly ugly, smiling at Yue Zhong. He was decked in black armor.

“Hologram? Who are you?”

Yue Zhong’s pupils narrowed, noticing that the glow around the young man and came to the understanding that he was a hologram.

The young man chuckled, before squatting down casually, “Me? I’m called Liu Shi Tou, nickname Dog-egg. I’m a failure, yet, the only one in 10,000 years to be closest to God.”

Yue Zhong could not help but be startled, “Dog-egg?”

Liu Shi Tou seemed to have discerned Yue Zhong thoughts, and laughed lightly, “A truly frustrating name, don’t you think? Before the world changed, I was just an ordinary farmer. After that, with the God and Devil System helping me, I slowly climbed to the ranks of a Type 9 Divine Warrior. I was just a slight distance away from the realm of true Gods. However, I still failed in the end, as I went to challenge that entity calling himself God, who had toyed with me every step of the way. I was squashed by a single hand of his, and forced to live here.”

“Type 9 Divine Warrior!!” Yue Zhong eyed Liu Shi Tou and was shocked.

The Type 7 Sea Snake Emperor already possessed earth-shaking might. With every single movement, it could cause tsunamis everywhere. A Type 9 Divine Warrior was simply superhuman.

Liu Shi Tou continued, “You’re called Yue Zhong right! Since you’re a human, I’ll hand over the rights and authority of this Radiant Battleship to you. However, don’t get too cocky. A treasure like this is merely one out of hundreds that God controls in his 800 worlds. This is a Gold-Level Treasure. Most of them are in the hands of other races, whereas we humans only control 3 of them. This Radiant Battleship is one of them.”

Yue Zhong asked respectfully, “Senior, may I ask, what is a Gold-Level Treasure?”

Towards this Type 9 Divine Warrior, Yue Zhong maintained his respect. After so many difficulties and obstacles, grabbing every chance he could to strengthen and evolve, he had only reached the Type 4 Stage. Liu Shi Tou had been able to reach the Type 9 Divine Warrior realm, this was proof of how much he had to endure and go through.

Liu Shi Tou responded, “A Gold-Level Treasure is something that is able to resist God. Below that, the other treasures are White-Silver and Bronze respectively. You have a Treasure of Hope, those are classified as White-Silver. While they are powerful and useful, every one of them does not possess the ability to threaten God. Only treasures of Gold-Level can help you bridge that gap, surpassing the barrier, and becoming a true God!”

Liu Shi Tou gazed off into the distance, sighing in pity, “Otherwise, even if you have the strength to wipe out an entire star, you’re still merely an ant.”

“Destroy a star! What a tone!!” Yue Zhong sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Time’s running out, I hope that you can escape the clutches of that person, this can be considered as helping me fulfill my last wish.”

When he said that, the God-Devil Nuclei inside the half-orb immediately shattered, turning into countless beams of light that shot through the valves in all directions.

A number of messages appeared, entering Yue Zhong’s mind, connecting his own God-Devil Nucleus.

At that instant, it felt like his entire body was one with the Radiant Battleship.

“Your strength is still too weak before I disappear, let me help you Evolve!”

Liu Shi Tou pointed at Yue Zhong, and a golden light enveloped him, under its nourishment, Yue Zhong’s God-Devil Nucleus expanded once more.

“Congratulations, your Shadow Clone ability had been raised to the Second Order!”


Amidst a flurry of messages, all of Yue Zhong’s skill below the Second Order stage was instantly pushed to the Second Order realm. Those which were already Second Order were pushed to the peak, with just one more enhancement and a Third Order skill book, they would change.

Yue Zhong’s broken right arm also quickly healed.

Liu Shi Tou took a look and sighed, as he slowly disappeared from the world, “What a pity, my strength is only a fraction of what I had, and I can’t push you to the Type 5 realm.”

The fist-sized God-Devil Nuclei also finished shattering, disappearing from the world.

Yue Zhong opened his eyes, feeling the boundless energy coursing through his body. He turned towards Liu Shi Tou’s earlier position and bowed with solemnness, “Many thanks, Senior.”

Although Liu Shi Tou had been unable to help Yue Zhong evolve to the Type 5 realm, he had qualitatively improved Yue Zhong’s constitution as well as the God-Devil Nuclei, causing him to reach the pinnacle of the Type 4 realm.

“Expel all foreign races!”

Yue Zhong immediately gave his first order since coming in control of the Radiant Battleship.

With a bright flash, all the Type 4 Divine Warriors were sent out of the ship.

“What happened?”

Seeing the sudden appearance of the various Type 4 experts, the few Type 5 Divine Warriors still in a clash immediately stopped, gazing at the Radiant Battleship in suspicion.

The earth rumbled, and the battleship began to rise, as it lit up from within.

Holf stared at it and lost his mind, “It has fallen under someone’s control!! Damn it, who the fuck is it?!”

“Since the Radiant Battleship expelled our 3 races, there must be a 4th race inside there! They must have gotten the control over it!”

The beautiful Sidopeia came to a conclusion as she gazed at the rising Radiant Battleship.

The body of the ship fired out a number of white beams in thin air, revealing a large hole.

Right at this moment, another huge hole appeared out of nowhere, and a gold hand the size of a mountain shot out, trying to grab that Radiant Battleship.

The moment that golden hand appeared, a pressure was emitted, weighing down on everybody, preventing them from breathing as they dropped to their knees, terrified. Even the strongest and most arrogant Dino-General was no exception. Everyone’s faces were written with shock.

The huge hand grabbed onto the Radiant Battleship, intending to pull it towards its hole.

The Radiant Battleship immediately responded by blasting out with a powerful golden beam, piercing the hole, slamming into the terrifying entity on the other side of the hole.

There was a spray of blood from the hole, as a roar of fury that rocked everybody who heard it, “Damn you Dog-Egg Liu!!! Even in death, you still want to attack me!! I’ll bear this in mind!!”

Another beam of light shot out from the Radiant Battleship, twisting the puff of golden blood, before disappearing into the hole it created.

When it disappeared, the mini-pocket world was instantly engulfed by water.

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