God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 788

“Even if I can’t gain the Radiant Battleship, capturing these Mid-Grade Dino-Generals as slaves of our Sea Clan isn’t too bad!”

 Sidopeia laughed lightly, swishing her mermaid tail and charged towards the Dino-General she was fighting, pointing at his abdomen. Immediately, a powerful gush of water shot out like a blade, slicing through his stomach.


 Holf saw how easily Sidopeia dealt with a Mid-Grade Dino-General of the same realm and his face fell, quickly ordering the rest of the Saint Clan.

If it were on land, Holf could at least hold his own against Sidopeia, however, in these waters, it was her domain. Any warrior of the same realm would suffer.

Sidopeia chuckled lightly, but gave her order with any mercy, “Capture them all, our Sea Clan is in need of some powerful foreign races to be our research subjects!”

The rest of the Sea Clan experts charged over, grabbing or killing any of those not from their race.

On the other side, Yue Zhong was piloting the Radiant Battleship through the void. As he fiddled around with the ship, he got to know it better.

The Gold Treasure Radiant Battleship had 2 main abilities. The first was the ability to shuttle through space. With it, he could get to Earth and the other worlds without the Gates of Hell. On it, there were the coordinates of 800 other worlds. With enough power, he could freely shuttle between them. The 2nd ability was its combat strength. There were 3 main cannons, 300 auxiliary cannons. The 3 main cannons could easily blast a Type 9 Divine Warrior to his or her demise, while the 300 auxiliary cannons could deal with Type 8 experts easily.

However, while it was seemingly almighty, its energy consumption was likewise immense. In order to kill a Type 9 Divine Warrior, one had to fork out that same level of energy. Of all the nucleus that Yue Zhong had, even if he combined them all, he could not even muster enough for a single blast.

The single shot that had injured the owner of that huge, golden hand earlier was from the residual energy left by Liu Shi Tou’s God-Devil Nucleus when it shattered.

Yue Zhong felt a pang of pity, “What a mess, although this ship is strong, I’m still too weak, I can’t even exhibit it to its maximum.”

Other than the 2 main abilities, there were other repair and maintenance cabins inside the battleship. As long as one had a single breath left, they could make use of these machines to regenerate themselves.

After a week, he appeared out of a forest of the Third World, through a void, and he leaped out from the hole.

“Over there!”

The moment he landed, he swept his surroundings a glance, closing his eyes to sense and dashed off towards a direction.

Inside a cave.

Sun Lan Lan was curled up in a corner, her beautiful face sunken and pale. Her right hand was swollen, as disgusting maggots crawled around her wounds.

Han Qiong was kneeling by her side, suppressing her disgust and used a wooden stick to pluck out the maggots from her right arm.

Sun Lan Lan suddenly grabbed hold of Han Qiong’s arm, crying miserably, “It hurts!! It hurts!! Qiong Qiong, am I going to die? Will I die?!”

From an idol that was adored by countless, to her current plight, it was enough to drive anyone insane. She did not dare to look at her own hand. Every time she caught sight of those maggots, she felt like throwing up.

Han Qiong patted her gently and consoled, “No! Don’t worry, Lan Lan, we’ll be alright!”

Sun Lan Lan grabbed her tighter as she sobbed, “Qiong Qiong, I want to go home, I miss home!! If I can go home, I will not make my mum angry anymore!! I will study hard! Qiong Qiong, I want to go home!!”

Han Qiong’s heart soured as she tried to soothe her, “Lan Lan, we’ll definitely make it back!!”

Sun Lan Lan continued to ask Han Qiong fearfully, “Qiong Qiong, why is Yue Zhong not back yet? Has he abandoned us?”

Sun Lan Lan’s mental state was currently extremely weak and only knew to rely on Yue Zhong.

When Greenie had finished evolving, it had flown into the skies.

Lightning was also merely one of the average beings here, and could only guard around the cave while bringing food back.

Sun Lan Lan and Han Qiong were initially not used to consuming the bloody and raw meat. However, after 2 whole days of hunger, they could only obediently consume the meat while holed up in this cave.

Sun Lan Lan had started to feel sick of this life and wanted to head out to pluck some fruits. Unfortunately, she was bitten by a Mutant Fly, and her right arm had started to swell, infested with maggots.

Sun Lan Lan and Han Qiong finally understood the frightening nature of the wild, not only were there terrifying dinosaurs out there, there were also powerful bugs that could kill humans.

Han Qiong consoled her, “Don’t worry, Yue Zhong would not abandon us. Look, Lan Lan, you’re so cute, and your figure is nice, Yue Zhong definitely likes you. Otherwise, he would not have saved us!”

Sun Lan Lan muttered meekly, “Really? But, I’m not as pretty as you, will he really like me?”

Han Qiong was their top beauty among the girls in the group. Sun Lan Lan had never thought that she could compare with her.

Han Qiong smiled brightly, “Of course, I promise!”

Han Qiong was smart and knew that if Sun Lan Lan continued to have wild thoughts, it would be bad, thus she brought the conversation to other topics.

“Is anyone there?”

All of a sudden, there were human voices outside the cave.

When Sun Lan Lan heard their voices, she became excited, and shouted shrilly, “We’re here!! We’re here!!”

Han Qiong’s face fell, reaching out to muffle her mouth, but she was too late. Han Qiong knew that human nature could be incredibly ugly. Two weak girls out here, in this cave, in such a lawless world, who knew what would happen to them.

Hearing her voice, 7 men walked in.

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