God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 790

Yue Zhong did not stand on ceremony and replied, “Sure! Where’s the medicine I want?”

Shao Sheng carefully took out a packet of medicine wrapped in leaves and handed it to Yue Zhong, “It’s here! This is used to treat those stung by the parasitic worms. Apply half on the wound, and the other is to be consumed. After 2 rounds of diarrhea, it’ll be ok.”

Yue Zhong pulled out a bottle of water and handed them to Sun Lan Lan, “Do as he says!”

Sun Lan Lan thanked Yue Zhong, her eyes full of gratitude, “Thank you!!”

Yue Zhong nodded to express his acknowledgment.

Shao Sheng continued, “Ah Hua, take them to the guest room!”

“Yes, Dad!”

A young girl of 14 or 15 came bouncing over, with only a few leaves covering her chest and private areas, revealing plenty of healthy, wheat-colored skin. Her looks were adorable and pretty.

Shao Sheng replied, “This is my daughter, Shao Hua, she will bring you to the guest area.”

Yue Zhong nodded and followed her to a simple wooden hut.

Inside, there was a big bed and some simple cooking utensils. Seeing this bed, Sun Lan Lan’s pale face turned red, as her eyes glimmered slightly, looking towards Yue Zhong.

Shao Hua smiled brightly at them, before waving and leaving the hut, “This is your accommodations! Other than food, you may look for me if you require anything else. If you guys change your mind and want to join us, you can find me too! I’m off!”

When she left, Sun Lan Lan quickly administered the medicine according to the chief’s instructions.

The weather turned dark, and many villagers began to prepare their meals, skinning their prey and putting the meat into the stoves. Soon an aroma of cooked meat wafted throughout the village.

Shao Yun came into the wooden hut, and grinned at Han Qiong, “Han Qiong, you must be hungry! Let me treat you to dinner!”

She shook her head to reject him, “No need!”

Shao Yun’s expression froze in dissatisfaction, coldly snorting, “Just don’t regret it!”

After that, he left in big strides.

“Let’s go out to eat as well!”

Yue Zhong drawled lazily before he walked out.

At the center of the village, a number of woks were placed together, while the villagers sat around.

At every wok, there was a man as the nucleus, while the children and women he was in charge of sat beside him. The boys came first, then the girls. Every one of them held coconut shells for bowls.

The men had meat, bones and some wild vegetables. The boys had a little meat and bones, while the rest were vegetables. Many of the women only had broth and vegetables, while the girls had a similar, but smaller, portion.

Everyone was treasuring their meal.

Shao Yun’s wok had the most meat and bones. His own bowl was stacked with meat and bones, while the women he kept also had meat and bones. Those he did not favor as much only had vegetables.

Seeing Han Qiong and Sun Lan Lan walking out, Shao Yun purposely pulled out a large fox leg and spoke something to the 13-year-old beside him. The girl immediately came into his arms, receiving the fox leg, and started making out crazily with Shao Yun.

After that, he shot a challenging gaze at Yue Zhong, eyeing him with contempt.

Yue Zhong snorted at the childish challenge, as he pulled out his own cooking utensils, and threw a few pieces of Type 5 Mutant Beast meat in to start cooking while adding some spices.

Soon, an irresistible aroma spread throughout the village, suppressing the flavor of the rest of the food.

Sun Lan Lan smelled the aroma and felt her stomach rumble. She had been forced to consume raw meat the past few days, just smelling the fragrance was enough to set her stomach off. She was a bubbly girl, in the past, she would have taken a piece without asking. However, after coming to this world, the cruelty shook her, and she did not rush, instead, waiting for Yue Zhong’s permission.

Han Qiong looked at the meat and could not help but swallow her saliva as well, revealing a hopeful expression.

“Help yourselves!”

Yue Zhong’s words had just fallen, and Sun Lan Lan immediately grabbed a piece to shove it into her mouth, gobbling it up in seconds. Her chopsticks did not stop, as she continued to stuff meat into her mouth.

Han Qiong also could not care about her image as she filled her mouth, exclaiming in praise, “This is amazing! So delicious!! What meat is this?! I have never eaten something as tasty as this before.”

As an idol of the world she came from, there was nothing Han Qiong had not eaten. However, she had truly not tasted the flavor of a Type 5 Mutant Beast meat. Furthermore, she had been hungry for a few days, which added to the mindset.

Yue Zhong smiled mildly but did not say much, continuing to grasp his own meat.

“Can I try one piece?”

At this time, a sweet voice sounded, as Shao Hua appeared, looking extremely expectantly at the meat and asked Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong nodded, “Ok!”

Shao Hua picked up a piece and placed it in her mouth, softly chewing it.

The moment she swallowed it, she could feel the hot sense of energy flowing through her body, enhancing her body.

Shao Hua immediately smiled brightly, “Delicious! That was extremely tasty! You must be Yue Zhong!! If you let me have this wok, I can give you my first time, how about that? I’m the prettiest girl in the village!”

Sun Lan Lan and Han Qiong became shocked when they heard this, they did not expect that such a pretty girl would sell herself for a wok of meat.

Yue Zhong retorted perfunctorily, “This wok of meat is precious! Your first time is not enough. But using your entire person would be barely sufficient.”

Shao Hua was not bad looking, although she wasn’t an absolute beauty, she had youth and vitality. However, Yue Zhong was numb due to the sheer number of beauties he had by his side.

Sun Lan Lan and Han Qiong heaved a sigh of relief. They could feel the energy flowing within their bodies, and knew that this wok of meat was definitely something valuable. They did not want Shao Hua to finish it.

Shao Hua seemed to consider it for 3 seconds, before laughing, “En! That’s true! This wok is definitely precious! My virginity is not enough. Fine then! I will sell myself to you! From now on, I’m your woman. That should be enough right?”

“Wait a minute!!” Right at this moment, Shao Yun came over, his face dark.

Shao Yun continued to declare boorishly, “Shao Hua, you’re the prettiest woman of the village, you should belong to the strongest, which is me. You should belong to me! I will use 2 wild cows, 8 foxes, 3 goats to exchange for you. After you become mine, I will let you oversee the rest!!”

Shao Hao did not hesitate to reply, “Shao Yun, I’m not yours yet. If you want me, you need to get my father’s approval. I think, my dad should be willing to exchange me for this wok of meat.”

Shao Sheng came over just then, and Shao Hua immediately exclaimed, “Dad! You’re here. I want to exchange myself for a wok of this meat from Yue Zhong. Dad, you can have half, I’ll have the other half!”

Shao Yun continued loudly, “Chief!! I will use 4 cows, 16 foxes and 6 goats in exchange for your daughter!! Let her be my woman!!”

That sort of figure was quite a sum of assets in the village, and most other women would jump at that offer.

Shao Sheng was slightly moved. Women in this village were low-status, and since men had to go out and fight, their risk of dying were high. Hence, they held elevated positions. Even the Chief’s daughter had a price, as long as it was sufficient. Furthermore, Shao Yun was the strongest warrior, following him would not be a bad thing.

Shao Hua fed her father a small piece of Type 5 Meat, “Try one!”

The moment he swallowed that meat, he felt a surge of energy in his body, pushing his strength up.

“Deal! Yue Zhong, from now on, Ah Hua is your woman!”

Shao Hua’s eyes were filled with delight as she poured half her bowl into her father’s bowl, watching as he ran off.

Shao Yun watched this and his mouth fell open, standing there in embarrassment. He glared at Yue Zhong fixedly, before turning around. He could not determine Yue Zhong’s bottom line, but his instincts told him this man was truly fearsome.

Shao Hao continued to stick by Yue Zhong’s side as she helped herself to the Type 5 Mutant Beast meat.

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