God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 791

Yue Zhong pretended to rummage through his haversack, bringing out some cakes and bottles of milk, handing them to Sun Lan Lan and Han Qiong.

The Type 5 Beast Meat could strengthen a person’s constitution, easily allowing a normal person to possess the physique of a trained veteran. Yue Zhong might have a few hundred tonnes of such treasures, but it was not enough. After all, his people numbered in the millions. If he wanted to increase the combat strength of his soldiers, the Type 5 Mutant Beast meat could not be squandered.

Sun Lan Lan and Han Qiong could only eat their cake silently. Such delicacies were already rare in this world, but compared to the Type 5 Beast Meat, it paled in comparison.

After dinner, as the villagers returned to their own huts, the sounds of moanings echoed throughout the village.

The moment Yue Zhong entered the hut, Shao Hua had already taken off her bra and panties, revealing a youthful and lithe body.

Yue Zhong frowned, “What are you doing?”

Shao Hua smiled coyly, “Sleeping with you! I’m already your woman, of course, I have to sleep with you.”

Yue Zhong took a glance at her body and could feel the heat of passion rising within him, He had already been busy for a few months, and numbed himself during times of stress and pressure. Now that things were slightly peaceful, he could not help but be aroused.

He pulled out a cape and covered her body, pulling her out, “Let’s go there!”

Shao Hua wore a bright smile and followed, “En!”

Yue Zhong quickly came behind the hut and set up a tent, carrying Shao Hua in.

Very soon, there were sounds coming out from within the tent.

Inside the wooden hut, Sun Lan Lan heard those sounds, and blushed as she muttered enviously, “He has bedded that girl!! Qiong Qiong, I’m in no way inferior to that girl, how come he didn’t choose me, but her? How is she better than me in any way? Her chest cannot compare to mine, and her looks are obviously inferior!”

Han Qiong chuckled and consoled her, “Forget it, Lan Lan, Yue Zhong don’t know that you like him after all. He just took her out of convenience. Compared to her, you’re obviously cuter.”

Sun Lan Lan nodded in agreement, “En! That’s right! Compared to her, I’m definitely cuter. Since Yue Zhong can like her, he will definitely like me. Once my injuries are better, I will make him fall for me!”

Just then, as the village was ringing out with the passionate moans, in the nearby forest, a number of eyes stared fixedly, their hands wielding long spears. They charged for the village like specters.

Inside a hut, a burly villager was currently hugging 6 women. Suddenly, 3 men appeared in his hut with long spears, and his expression turned to one of shock as he reached for his spear.

At that moment, the 3 men instantly thrust out, sending their spears through his body.

The 6 women stared in fear and horror.

After killing that villager, out of the 3, 2 of them had lust in their eyes as they took off their pants and pounced on the 6 women.

“Attack!! Enemy attack!!”

By the time the third hut was infiltrated, a villager of the Shao Village screamed out.

The moment his voice rang out, every villager charged out with their own weapons.



“It hurts!!”


The intruders numbered more than 50, every single one of them ripped and strong, their combat experience plentiful. They had the advantage of the sneak attack as well, and those villagers that charged out were quickly taken down by them, and the moans were replaced by screams and wails.

The sounds alerted Sun Lan Lan, whose eyes flashed with fear, as she exclaimed, “Something is happening out there!!”

Han Qiong had already gotten off her bed to rush towards Yue Zhong’s tent, “Go! Find Yue Zhong!”

“Yue Zhong, there’re intruders!”

The moment Sun Lan Lan entered the tent, she caught sight of Yue Zhong’s defined upper torso, as well as the satiated Shao Hua in his embrace. Seeing her nestled in his arms, she could not help but be jealous.

“Not good, they must be the people from other villages. Let’s escape quickly. Otherwise, we will be captured by them. If our luck is good, we might be absorbed into their village, otherwise, they might just kill us all or make us slaves.” Shao Hua’s face turned pale, twisting her body in a bid to get up. However, she frowned and her head felt light. After all, she had just gotten it on with Yue Zhong in a crazy manner and lacked the strength now.

At this moment, 3 spear-wielding men charged in.

One of them had thick hair across his chest, his right arm tattooed with a vulture. He stared at Sun Lan Lan with lust, “Great! These 3 women are all good stuff. Seems like we’re lucky this time. The big-breast is mine!”

Another black-skinned man with a smaller stature and crooked features licked his lips, “The fairer chick is mine. I want to have a good time. It’s been so long! The rest of the women in this village are so ugly!”

The last man had a face full of beard, he laughed savagely at Yue Zhong, “That man over there, crawl over here and lick your daddy’s shoes. Otherwise, I’ll skin you, and use your skull as my pissing pot!! Haha!!”

Shao Hua caught sight of the vulture tattoo on their arms and her face turned ugly. Trembling, she muttered, “Vulture Tribe, they’re from the Vulture Tribe. We’re finished, we’re all finished. They’re the most notorious bandits around these parts, everytime they attack, they will kill the men and capture the women as slaves after they’re done playing, they will eat them alive.”


Hearing her words, Sun Lan Lan and Han Qiong felt a cold sense of dread. They had not expected these men to be such vicious beings. If they ended up in their hands, they might as well die now.

The bearded man barked out aggressively, his eyes flashing with cruelty. He thrust out with his spear, “Damn dog, CRAWL OVER!!”

“Seeking death!”

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with a chilly light, flipping his hand, he pulled out his Stinger and fired.


Following a loud sound, the bearded man’s lower half was blasted apart.


Having his lower body blasted off, the bearded man’s upper torso rolled on the ground in his own pool of blood, struggling and screaming. The sound rang throughout the Shao Village.

“Audacious! You damn dog, you actually dare to hurt our Vulture Tribe people, I will tear your tendons apart!!”

The hair chest stepped forward with a roar, together with his midget friend, as both of them swung out with an 8-times speed towards Yue Zhong.

With an enhanced physique and abundant combat experience, even Earth’s special forces might not be a match for these guys.

Facing the 2 warriors, Shao Hua’s face drained of color as she screamed, “Watch out, Yue Zhong!!”

Yue Zhong’s face remained impassive as he fired twice, and the 2 men soared through the air, screaming in agony.


Seeing how Yue Zhong took care of them easily, there was none of the shock towards a gory scene, instead, Shao Hua’s eyes were filled with reverence towards him.

Sun Lan Lan and Han Qiong, on the other hand, saw the viciousness of the attack, and almost vomited.

In this third world, humans killed each other, and Shao Hua had seen her fair share of violence, hence she was not affected, instead, idolizing Yue Zhong.

“Come on!!”

He put on his clothes and walked out.

Currently, at the center of the village, there were 20 men and boys tied up together. The Vulture Tribe men had grabbed the women out and were fucking them right in front of their partners.

The warriors panted in excitement while the women screamed.

This time, the leader of the Vulture Tribe troops did not partake in the madness, instead, standing coldly at one corner. He caught sight of Yue Zhong walking over with his Black Tooth Blade.

The leader ordered, “Deal with him!!”

4 of the warriors beside the leader immediately charged towards him with 8 times speed.

The moment they reached near Yue Zhong, his blade flashed out, and the men were instantly turned into multiple slices of meat, fresh blood spraying everywhere.

Among the captives, Shao Yun was kneeling obediently on the floor. When he caught sight of how the 4 warriors were turned into minced meat by Yue Zhong, his heart went cold and was full of fear, “That is Yue Zhong!! He’s strong!! Thankfully I didn’t antagonize him!!”

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