God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 792

The moment he saw his warriors diced apart by Yue Zhong, the leader of the Vulture Tribe troops narrowed his eyes and roared with fury, “Stop fucking around! Get ready for battle!”

The various warriors quickly got up from on top of the women and grabbed their spears. They did not even wear their pants properly, gathering together with their lower halves naked.

Yue Zhong suddenly pulled out his assault rifle and started to fire wildly into the warriors.

The bullets found their targets in the foreheads of the soldiers, instantly killing them.

Yue Zhong’s Firearm Manipulation had been enhanced to its Second Order stage, coupled with his physique that could surpass most Type 4 Divine Warriors, the rifle in his hand had suddenly become even deadlier than any of the strongest gunmen before the apocalypse. Within a hundred meters, he executed headshots after headshots.

He calmly killed them while assessing their strength, “8 times that of a normal person physique, but bullets can still claim their lives. Human bodies are still weak after all. These Vulture Tribe members might be good seedlings for the special forces, but in view of the large war, they’re still weaker than an infantry.”

In this world where there were plenty of prehistoric life forms, dinosaurs and Mutant Beasts, any human, even the women, had a physique that was at least 2 times stronger than those on Earth. Those who had gone through battle and enhancement would be at about 4 times. If they were placed on Earth before the apocalypse, they would be classified as freaks. However, in a large-scale battle, they could not contend with a weaponized army.

As for the dino-people, they were different. Each of them was at least Type 3 and above, their bodies stronger than Yue Zhong when he had just conquered the capital, by at least 3 times. Such monsters would be able to unleash a terror on the battlefield.

Only explosives, guided missiles, cannons, and anti-tank missiles would be able to deal damage to them. Other light weapons might not be effective.

In a matter of breaths, 20 Vulture Tribe members lost their lives.

The rest of their comrades stayed still, eyeing Yue Zhong with fear, their hands gripping their weapons with fear. Their backs were cold as they awaited orders from their leader.

Any ordinary person would collapse when they saw their friends or comrades dying, and might even lose their will to fight, fleeing as far as they could. These Vulture Tribe members actually stayed where they are, proving their will.

The leader watched his subordinates die with a sunken expression, asking hoarsely, “Who are you? I’m Xi Xiang Sheng, the 100-men commander of Vulture Tribe.”

Yue Zhong replied indifferently, “I’m Yue Zhong! All of you should just surrender, I can grant you your lives.”

Xi Xiang Shen’s eyes flashed with a wild glint, “Big words. Our Vulture Tribe has over a thousand soldiers, and our Chief, the great Muto Genji has the strength of a Type 3 Divine Warrior. You might be strong, but you can never compare to our chief. You had better surrender. As long as you join us, food and women will be available. Based on your strength, even granting you a village is no issue.”

A Type 3 Divine Warrior was considered a powerful existence among humans. Yue Zhong had also only been at a Type 3 stage when he left Earth. At that time, he had belonged to one of the peak existences on Earth. Among the humans, only the 12 Apostles could give him a little headache. Other than the other monstrous talents hidden elsewhere in the world, he was basically invincible.

Even in this prehistoric world, where the dino-people reigned supreme, in the human societies, it seemed that the Type 3 Divine Warrior was the highest existence.

“Since you’re unwilling, you can go to hell!”

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with a cold, and he fired out without mercy, his bullets entering the foreheads of the Vulture Tribe members, turning them into corpses.

Xi Xiang Sheng’s eyes turned red as he roared, “Kill!! Everyone! Kill him!! Only then we can live!!”

The 20 beast-like Vulture Tribe members roared and charged at him.

Yue Zhong watched them coldly, keeping the rifle in his storage ring. He pulled out his Black Tooth Blade, swinging forcefully. The warriors charging at him were immediately sliced up.

The 5m-region around Yue Zhong seemed to turn into a meat grinder, as long as anybody entered, they would be turned into meat and blood.

When the Vulture Tribe warriors saw this, they still charged forth with frenzy and savageness.

In a breath, all the Vulture Tribe members, including Xi Xiang Sheng, were turned into corpses.

Yue Zhong eyed the corpses, thinking, “These Vulture Tribe people are truly fierce!”

An ordinary troop would have long since collapsed when facing pressure from Yue Zhong. They might have surrendered or fled. However, these Vulture Tribe warriors actually fought till the end, even when they knew they were not his match. Such enemies were rare.

Shao Sheng came out from the captives and thanked him profusely, “Yue Zhong, thanks to you, we’re saved. Let me represent the village to thank you.”

Yue Zhong asked immediately, “Where’s the base of the Vulture Tribe?”

Yue Zhong did not intend to hole himself up to enjoy himself. Right now, he needed to get in contact with all the human powers. Shao Sheng did not prove to be of much value, hence, Yue Zhong did not want to stay in this village for long.

Shao Sheng replied, “The Vulture Tribe is one of the largest forces of this Bandit Dragon Mountains. Their exact location is unknown. Our Shao Village has only kept to ourselves around these parts. The Vulture Tribe’s existence was made known to us by a few warriors that joined us. I only know they are somewhere roughly west of us.”

Shao Sheng tried his luck, “Yue Zhong, why don’t you stay in our village? If you stay, you’re the strongest warrior, all the prettiest women can be yours!”

Yue Zhong’s display of might had been shocking, every woman looked at him with wonder and amazement.

Even Shao Yun had fallen silent. He was clear now that he was never a match for Yue Zhong. If Yue Zhong stayed, their Shao Village could possibly expand to become a powerful faction. Under such circumstances, he did not stand out to object.

Yue Zhong rejected, “Not interested.”

Seeing Yue Zhong reject, Shao Sheng was disappointed, but at the same time, he sighed with relief. He had been used to his authority as chief and did not wish for someone to be higher in position.

Early the next morning, Yue Zhong packed up and brought Shao Hua, Sun Lan Lan and Han Qiong out.

At the village entrance, an unexpected person was waiting. It was Shao Yun!

When he saw Yue Zhong approach, Shao Yun’s eyes lit up as he hurried over, “Yue Zhong, let me follow you as your subordinate.”

Yue Zhong was taken aback, “Why? I thought you disliked me?”

Shao Yun gripped his spear tightly and spoke straightforwardly, “That’s right! I did hate you because I thought I was stronger, and a beautiful woman like Han Qiong should not follow you. I was unconvinced! However, I know better now, you’re strong. Stronger than anyone I’ve seen. I hope to learn from you and build something by your side, not stuck in the village, living like a brute all my life.”

Yue Zhong then asked, “What about your women?”

Shao Yun replied with a carefree ease, “I’ve handed them to my friends and brothers, they will take good care of them.”

Seeing how nonchalant he was with his women, Sun Lan Lan and Han Qiong shot him disproving looks of contempt.

Only Shao Hua was unaffected, in this world, the men hunted, their death rates were high. Once they died, for the sake of survival, their women would automatically move on to another man. It was normal for Shao Yun to give his women away.

Yue Zhong’s tone then turned frosty, “Sure! You may follow me, but let me make this clear. You have to obey my every command. If you don’t, don’t blame me for being merciless! It’s not too late for you to back out now.”

Shao Yun felt his heart turn cold, but he did not back down, instead, replying, “Ok! I understand!”

With that, he joined Yue Zhong’s group, and they made their way westward.

As their group came to a part of the forest about 7 or 8 km away, there were the sounds of slaughter that rang out.

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