God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Attendant

Chen Ning looked at the beautiful young woman kneeling before him and said: “Zhang Su! Get up. I want to take a look at Shitou’s status. Being on your knees isn’t helping.”

Zhang Su immediately stood up hearing Chen Ning’s words, and she awaited Chen Ning.

Chen Ning walked over to Shitou before the eyes of everyone. His brows tightly wrinkled after carefully looking over Shitou’s body. He hesitated a moment and then slowly shook his head: “His wound is too serious. The opening is too deep. If there was a specialized doctor that could perform an operation perhaps he could live. Otherwise his only road is death. You can only grieve.”

Zhang Su’s eyes flashed with desperation. Again she kneeled before Chen Ning and painfully begged: “Not possible! Shitou can’t die! I’m begging you! Uncle, I’m begging you to save Shitou!! I’m begging you to save Shitou! I will do anything!”

The young girl standing beside Zhang Su also kneeled before Chen Ning and begged: “Mayor! I’m begging you, save my dad!”

“I’m sorry! His wound, I don’t have the ability.” Chen Ning shook his head. Even before Z-Age Chen Ning would have no way to cure Shitou’s wound. Don’t even mention the lack of medicine after Z-Age started.

Zhang Su and her daughter Chen Miao heard what was said, and couldn’t help but let the tears come out. The house filled with a hopeless atmosphere.

For this family, their backbone dying means the family is faced with ruin. Zhang Su and Chen Miao are the two beauties of the village. Several men covet them, but they are protected by the number one hunter Shitou, making those men not dare cause trouble. If Shitou dies, there well absolutely be several men who come around. Even if they don’t use force, in order to keep living, Zhang Su and Chen Miao can only give up their bodies.

“Let me try.”

A voice passed over from the side, and it attracted everyone’s vision.

Zhang Su and Chen Miao both looked upon Yue Zhong. They saw a thread of hope in their despair.

Yue Zhong walked over and carefully inspected Shitou while being watched by the hopeful eyes of Zhang Su and Chen Miao. He discovered Shitou only had a fatal wound on his stomach. The other wounds weren’t too serious.

Zhang Su and Chen Miao both walked over to Yue Zhong’s side and nervously looked at Yue Zhong’s expression.

Yue Zhong said to Chen Miao: “Go grab a bowl of warm water that has been boiled.”

Chen Miao immediately went to the kitchen without saying a word.

Zhang Su asked a little worriedly: “Doctor, is my husband save-able?”

Yue Zhong turned and duly said: “I don’t know. I only have a fifty percent certainty! But if I don’t try and save him, he will certainly die. If you don’t want me to try, or you don’t trust me, then say something now.”

Zhang Su bit her lip and said: “Save him! I’m begging you save him!! So long as you save Shitou, however you want me, I promise to you.”

Zhang Su’s house was already out of food. The only thing she has is her slender graceful body. In order to save her husband, she truly would do anything.

She is willing to offer her body if Yue Zhong wants it. Her husband just has to be able to survive.

Yue Zhong looked at Zhang Su without taking notice to her and promised: “Yes.”

Zhang Su is truly a beautiful and graceful young woman. But there is still a large gap between her and the grand beauties like Lu Wen, Chen Yao, Ji Qingwu, and Guo Yu. Yue Zhong has twenty beauties under his sphere of influence that can compare with Zhang Su, actually even above Zhang Su. Yue Zhong didn’t have any strange ideas towards her.

Zhang Su’s heart slightly relaxed a bit seeing that Yue Zhong paid no notice to her promise. And at the same time he didn’t do anything strange. After all, The large majority of men in the village wouldn’t be able to resist her charm.

Chen Miao quickly brought a bowl of water over.

Yue Zhong grabbed three life saving flowers from his bag. After breaking them down, he finally mixed it in with the water to make liquid medicine, and then he spread the medicine over the wound. He also took two painkillers and antibiotics pills and forced Shitou to swallow them.

Under the effects of the life-saving flower, Shitou’s wound started to slowly heal while everyone watched. It no longer flowed blood.

The original in a unconscious and struggling Shitou slowly recovered and settled down from the medicine.

“Good! I can only do to this level. Living or dying will depend on his willpower! Tomorrow I will come give more medicine and. Let’s go mayor Chen. I’m tired.” Finished with everything, Yue Zhong stood up and walked over to Chen Ning. There was nothing else he could do. He would do no use staying here.

Chen Ning looked at Yue Zhong at this time. His eyes filled with amazement. He never thought Yue Zhong could have carried such a magical medicine, and it added another layer of respect and fear.

The complicated eyes of Zhang Su and Chen Miao watched as Yue Zhong and Chen Ning returned to the mayor’s house.

As soon as Yue Zhong arrived at the villa, he fell into a deep sleep. He battled the whole day, and it used up a lot. And he also suffered an extremely serious injury. He was only able to persist on due to being much stronger than ordinary people, consuming a large amount of blood-red beads, and the life saving flower medicine.

White Bones and Greenie were placed in a room not far from Yue Zhong. They could hurry over in the first instance if there were any disturbances.

Yue Zhong didn’t sleep long. The door to his room was softly pushed open, and a figure walked over to Yue Zhong’s bed. There was a rustling sound of clothes falling down, followed by a fragrant treasure entering into his bedding.

He was startled awake as soon as that tender and soft body entered into his bedding. He snapped out of reflex, grabbed the throat of the soft body, and coldly said: “Who are you?”

“I am Chen Miao! The mayor found me to lie down and attend on you.” Chen Miao’s soft body somewhat quivered in fear as she spoke to Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong finally relaxed his grip on Chen Miao’s throat. He carefully sized up this bare naked ** girl before him in his bed.

[TL: ** in raws.]

She was wearing pigtails. Her skin was white and tender, full of elasticity, and she had a beautiful delicate little face. Although her body wasn’t as good as Lu Wen and Guo Yu, her development wasn’t bad. Her two small buns filled with youthful elasticity. She is yet a tender and beautiful little miss.

Yue Zhong looked at this young miss full of youth and energy, and his heart slightly shook: “Do you know what lie down and attend means?”

“I know! it……it is to accompany you and do.” Her cheeks blushed, she hesitated a moment then bravely looked directly at Yue Zhong.

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