God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 793

“Let’s go take a look!”

When Yue Zhong heard that voice, he made his way towards the source of commotion swiftly.

Soon, they arrived at the location, noticing that out in a plain, there were a number of men dressed in leather clothing wielding spears surrounding a village.

The size of the village was more than twice that of Shao Village. Also, they had wooden fences and basic constructions, the people within the village made use of these structures to defend themselves. The battle was thus much fiercer.

The leader of the men in leather clothing eyed the village that did not seem to give in and waved his hands with a frown. Another dozen warriors behind him came charging forth, each of them 2m in height, wielding large beast bones.

Seeing their appearance, the village immediately panicked. One man hollered loudly as 6 archers came forward and fired arrows at those warriors.

When the arrows fell upon those warriors, they just bounced off the Mutant Beast hides they were donning, not harming them in the slightest.

These warriors were like tanks that basically bulldozed through the relentless attacks on them, slamming into the wooden fences.

Under the relentless assault, the gates of the village were finally destroyed by the brute force of the warriors.

As the gates came crashing down, the warriors outside invading roared out and charged into the village like hungry wolves.

Very soon, there were the pitiful sounds of wailing, excited panting and heavy breathing from the village. In this sort of world where law and society were non-existent, once a village fell to attacks, the people would be killed, robbed, or pillaged. Such things were already unavoidable on earth, not to mention such a planet where civilization was still backward.

Han Qiong caught sight of a girl being dragged out as 7 or 8 men surrounded her. She could not help standing by not doing anything and shouted, “Stop!!”

One of them, who was decked in a tiger hide, swiveled round and caught sight of Yue Zhong’s group.

He coldly ordered, “Go kill those 2, and bring those 3 women here.”

The 8 elite warriors beside him charged forth with their long spears, their speed 8 times that of a normal person.

Yue Zhong eyed them coldly and walked forward with an impassive expression.

3 of the warriors had just reached Yue Zhong when a blade flashed past. Before they could even react, they were already sliced into multiple pieces, blood spraying everywhere.

Seeing such a horrifying scene, shock was written on the faces of the 5 other soldiers. They faltered and retreated subconsciously, trembling under the display of might. It was the first time that they had seen such a powerful expert.

From this, one could tell the difference between these warriors and those from the Vulture Tribe. As elite soldiers, they were actually hampered by their fear, whereas the Vulture Tribe would continue to attack even in the face of death.

The man in the tiger hide also had a pale expression as he retreated a few steps.

Yue Zhong swept a cold gaze and barked, “Kneel and surrender, or die!!”

One of the warriors suddenly waved his hands, sending a flying dagger towards Yue Zhong.


The moment he moved, his head exploded like a watermelon, his headless corpse crumpling to the ground.

Seeing this, the rest of the warriors felt a chill in their hearts.

The man in tiger hide barked, “Go grab those 3 women!!”

The 20 elite soldiers waiting behind immediately got into action, charging towards Han Qiong and the other 2 girls.

Shao Yun’s body went tense when he saw the approaching enemies, his hands gripping his spear tightly. Every one of the warriors did not lose out to him in strength, facing all 20 of them at one go was too much of a stretch.

Yue Zhong shot them a glance and flipped his hands, an assault rifle appearing. He then fired wildly into the group of warriors.

They had not even gone past a few steps when each of their foreheads had a new bullet hole, as they crumpled to the ground.


Seeing his fallen comrades, one elite could not take it anymore and fled, few could withstand the threat of death.

He had just run a few meters when he also fell down, a bullet hole at the back of his head.

The rest of the warriors froze, eyeing the assault rifle in Yue Zhong’s hand with fear and shock.

Yue Zhong shot one of them a look, and that warrior’s legs instantly went weak as he kneeled down, screaming in fear, “I surrender!! Don’t kill me!!”

“I submit!!”

With one taking the lead, the rest followed suit quickly.

The man in tiger hide suppressed his fear as Yue Zhong walked over, and he stammered, “I’m Huangpu Liehuo. This brother, If you have set your sights on this village, I will take my men away immediately. This time, we’ve offended you. I apologize deeply. Let me present something as a token of my sincerity.”

Yue Zhong replied coldly, “Surrender, or death! Choose!”

Huangpu Liehuo crumpled to the floor, calling out solemnly, “I surrender!! Spare my life!!”

Yue Zhong shot him a cold look and ordered, “Go gather your men. Stop whatever shit they were engaging in and round up all the villagers as well.”


Huangpu Liehuo heaved a sigh of relief in his heart, before rushing towards the village. Under his barking of orders, all the soldiers who were engaging in their pleasure gathered disgruntledly. The various men and women of the village were also chased out, looking over in fear and uncertainty.

With over 100 of his subordinates gathered, Huangpu Liehuo felt his mind settle, and he started to harbor some thoughts again. He looked towards Yue Zhong, only to discover Yue Zhong staring at him with a smile that did not seem to be a smile. His heart sank, and his ambitious thoughts were dispelled. He came up and reported obediently, “Leader, our Crazy Wolf Troop are all gathered.”

Yue Zhong pointed to one burly man whose body was covered in wounds and scars, saying solemnly, “Come over.”

The man eyed Yue Zhong before walking over quietly.

Yue Zhong asked, “What’s your name?”

He replied, “Ximen Hui!”

“Work for me, or live a life as a slave with no dignity.”

Ximen Hui struggled, before saying respectfully, “I’m willing to work for you, Sir!”

Although he was unwilling, he chose to submit. Yue Zhong then quickly reorganized this ragtag group.

From the Crazy Wolf Troops as well as the able-bodied men of the village, Yue Zhong pulled out 50 of the young men to be under Shao Yun’s lead. He then gathered the strongest fighters and organized them to be a group that he commanded personally. Huangpu Liehuo and Ximen Hui were the respective vice-commanders of those 2 groups as well.

With such an arrangement, the warriors of the Crazy Wolf Troop and Ximen Villag were just engaged in slaughter but forced to mix together. Although there was still hatred, under Yue Zhong’s stifling aura, they obediently followed his orders.

Huangpu Liehuo, how much do you know about the Vulture Tribe?”

After consolidating the 2 forces, Yue Zhong directly called for a meeting and fired this question.

Huangpu Liehuo’s Crazy Wolf Troop was actually a vagabond bandit group. They had no fixed campsite, and tend to travel around. They hunted smaller animals, and when they came across a good opportunity to ransack a village, they would do so, selling their slaves to other villages. Due to their vagrant nature, they were in a position to gather intelligence.

He quickly answered, “The Vulture Tribe is the strongest village out here, and is one of the Sun Alliance’s forces. This force has over a thousand people, each and every one of them fierce and savage. They’re a force not to be messed with.”

Yue Zhong continued to ask curiously, “Sun Alliance? What kind of a group is that?”

Huangpu Liehuo’s eyes narrowed, “They are one of the 3 major players in the entire Green Region. There are a hundred members of the alliance, each one of them a powerful force like the Vulture Tribe. The leader of the Sun Alliance is even rumored to be a Type 4 Divine Warrior from the legends, his name is Takehito Shinya. He, together with the Storm Queen Luo Qing Qing of the Storm Valley, T-Rex King Zheng Zhen, and Pterosaur King Dao Ge are known as the Green Region 4 Greats.”

A Type 4 Divine Warrior exceeded the human limit and were known as peak experts. In this third world, the number of Type 4 Divine Warriors could be counted with fingers. Otherwise, there would not be only 6 Type 4 Divine Warriors sealed in Temron.

Yue Zhong continued solemnly, “Sun Alliance eh? I want to see just how powerful these humans are.”

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