God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 794

The Vulture Tribe was located in a valley with mountains on 3 sides, leaving only one point of entry. The singular direction was further fortified by a huge boulder formation as a city wall, with plenty of soldiers standing guard.

Huangpu Liehuo was currently lying prone in a forest, eyeing the city wall that was dozens of meters tall. He could not help but ask Yue Zhong meekly, “This is the headquarters of the Vulture Tribe, Leader, are we really going to do this? Aren’t we short on manpower?”

Inside the forest, there were a hundred other warriors. These were the subordinates Yue Zhong had just brought under his wing, and as they looked at the city wall, their hearts turned cold. They had just submitted to Yue Zhong, not knowing him well enough. They did not know how they were going to get past the wall.

“No! We have enough! Your task is to stand guard here, and not let anyone escape. Wait for my order to go in and claim everything. I’ll go destroy their defenses.”

After leaving this sentence, he sauntered towards the base himself. Since having absolute strength, he preferred using his might to demolish those in his way.

Huangpu Liehuo looked at Yue Zhong leaving his shock, “He’s really going in!!”

At the same time, his eyes flashed with a strange glint. Now that Yue Zhong was gone, it was the best time for him to flee.

Yue Zhong had just swallowed up the Crazy Wolf Troop and the Ximen Village, the sentiments of the subordinates had not calmed down yet. If Huangpu Liehuo left now, he could bring half of his troop away safely.

The moment he had that thought, he looked towards Shao Hua, Han Qiong, and Sun Lan Lan, only to discover a cloaked figure beside them. His heart turned cold. When that person appeared, how he appeared, Huangpu Liehuo did not know, but he could tell that he was extremely dangerous. He instinctively felt that should he make a wrong move, that cloaked figure would kill him instantly.

Ximen Hui was on the ground and he watched Yue Zhong walk over towards the Vulture Tribe with a bated breath.

“Who goes there?!”

The sentries on top of the wall had decent eyesight, locating Yue Zhong from afar, and barked out loud.

Yue Zhong eyed them and drawled, “I’m Yue Zhong, get your leader Muto Genji out to see me.”

The sentry who shouted became furious, “Audacious! Our leader is not someone the likes of you can get to see. Since you dare to offend him, you shall leave your life behind to atone for your sin! Fire the arrows!”

The soldiers swiftly aimed and fired, as dozens of arrows shot towards Yue Zhong.

The soldiers of the Vulture Tribe had 8 times the attributes of normal people and were used to hunting humans and wild beasts. Their archery was extremely efficient, and their arrows could find their targets with no problems.

Yue Zhong eyed the arrows casually and took a side step, causing the arrows to strike the ground.

“It seems like words don’t work and since you guys dare to act, you can all die!”

He pulled out his Dark Tooth Blade and with a flash, he leaped up the wall of over a dozen meters. He swung out and one of the soldiers was sliced into a pile of meat.

Huangpu Liehuo watched this with shock, “F**king strong!”

Ximen Hui had the same thoughts, “This man is truly fearsome!”

“Enemy attack!! Enemy attack!!”

Within the Vulture Tribe base, the sounds of alarms quickly went off and the soldiers quickly charged out from their rooms with their weapons.

From a lavish building at the center of the tribe, a 2m-tall man with bald head and naked upper torso sat on a piece of tiger hide, a dozen women by his side. His brows furrowed when he heard the shouts and alarms, and kicked a woman aside, before grabbing a huge blade and storming out.

A scrawny but beautiful man came scurrying towards him, crying out, “Your Highness, Your Highness!! That man is killing his way in!! He has already barged into the city, please act now, Your Highness, and kill that man!”

Muto Genji grabbed the scrawny man and barked, “Oni Meichi! Say it one more time?! It’s only a single man?!”

Oni Meichi became dazed as his body started to tremble, “Yes!! He’s only one person! He’s only one person!! Dead! They’re all dead!! Those soldiers that tried to stop him are dead!! He’s a ghost!! He’s a ghost!! Help!! Don’t kill me!! Don’t kill me!!”

“Trash!! Go to hell!!” Muto Genji flared upon seeing such a pathetic scene and flung Oni Meichi to a side. The unfortunate man slammed into a wall, turning into a lump of flesh and blood under the immense force.

When the dozens of beauties saw this, their eyes flashed with fear, not daring to say anything.

Muto Genji was a vicious and cruel man, everyone knew this. Every day, there would be a woman who would die under his torment. However, no one dared to retaliate, because the consequences would be dire.

Having killed Oni Meichi in a single throw, Muto Genji grabbed his blade and went out.

The moment he left the hut, Muto Genji caught sight of Yue Zhong grabbing a warrior of the Vulture Tribe walking towards him.

The various other warriors were all standing one side, watching in fear.

“Go to hell!!”

All of a sudden, 3 warriors charged out from the crowd. The moment they got close to Yue Zhong, a cold blade flashed, and their bodies immediately burst apart in a shower of blood and flesh.

“Shit! He’s strong!” When he saw this, Muto Genji’s gaze narrowed, his heart becoming more alert. Now he knew where there were so many of his warriors standing by, but no one dared to charge up.

Muto Genji roared out in anger, “What the f**k are you all doing? Are you still Vulture Tribe warriors? He’s only a single person and you are all so scared? Charge!! Get up there and kill him!! Otherwise, I won’t show any of you cowards mercy!!”


“For His Highness!”



The moment Muto Genji’s voice rang out, all the soldiers burst forth with a savage glint in their eyes, roaring as they charged at Yue Zhong.

However, the difference in strength was too vast, once they got within 5 meters of Yue Zhong, they would be sliced and diced.

Within moments, dozens of Vulture Tribe members had already turned into corpses, but no one had yet reached Yue Zhong. Under such circumstances, the wills of the Vulture Tribe warriors crumbled, their eyes flashing with despair. Had Muto Genji not been out to hold the fort, they would have long since collapsed and kneel to surrender.

Yue Zhong shot Muto Genji a cold look and spoke indifferently, “You must be Muto Genji? Kneel and surrender, or die!”

Muto Genji pulled out the curved blade that he used often, made out of a Type 3 Mutant Beast claw, and retorted, “Who are you? This seat is the leader of the Vulture Tribe and a member of the Sun Alliance, Muto Genji! Going against me means going against the Sun Alliance!! Even if you are strong, you can’t possibly contend with the Sun Alliance!”

“Your bullshit is rampant! Just die!”

Yue Zhong’s brows arched as he shot forwards like an arrow, his Black Tooth Blade swinging out in a beautiful curve towards Muto Genji’s head.

Muto Genji felt an intense danger enveloping him and his body went tense, all his muscles tightening. His speed reached the maximum that he could and he brought up his curved blade in haste.

The cold light of the blade flashed, and when Muto Genji’s blade had just arrived above his head, his body had split apart in the center, both halves flying opposite each other.

When the Vulture Tribe warriors saw their god-like existence Muto Genji being cleaved in half, their hearts crumbled, everyone not believing what they saw.

Yue Zhong then turned to eye the 200-plus members and coldly ordered, “Kneel to surrender, or die!”

“I surrender!!”

“I surrender!!”


Like a chain reaction, those Vulture Tribe warriors who had sworn never to submit to the enemy before going down on their knees.

Yue Zhong then waved his hands, sending a signal flare into the skies.

Outside, Huangpu Liehuo saw the flare and his eyes widened in disbelief, standing up in a swift motion, “He succeeded!! He actually conquered the Vulture Tribe!!”

Ximen Hui also muttered in disbelief, “He actually succeeded! A single person attacking the Vulture Tribe!! Fearsome!!”

Seeing the flare, Huangpu Liehuo quickly brought the men and charged into the Vulture Tribe base.

Inside, there were members of the Vulture Tribe kneeling with their hands on their head, as well as the other subordinates curled up in fright. When they saw the group of strangers coming into the base, their faces turned to one of apprehension, not knowing what was to become of them.

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