God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 795

Huangpu Liehuo, Ximen Hui, and Shao Yun quickly led their men to gain control of the entire valley.

Yue Zhong observed carefully, noticing that the entire space of the valley was about 900 square meters, with mountains on 3 sides. There was a clear river flowing through the camp, and fertile soil aplenty.

Over a thousand male servants were set to work in the fields, growing a variety of crops. Even though there was such a huge commotion outside, they were numb to it, instead, they continued to tend to the fields.

The struggles of this world were extremely cruel. Most victors would not even spare the slaves. Thus, to these slaves, their future was bleak.

Even when Yue Zhong walked past them, they only eyed him with either blank or frightened stares, not knowing how their future would pan out.

Yue Zhong looked at them, these slaves that had been tortured and starved, leaving only skin and bones. He kept quiet, turning around back to the center of the base.

When he returned, he noticed a dozen of warriors of the Ximen Village being bested by a warrior of the Vulture Tribe. They continued to charge up at him, but no one was a match for him.

More soldiers were rushing over.

Yue Zhong immediately barked out, “Stop!”


Seeing Yue Zhong appear, all the soldiers immediately stopped, their postures and gazes filled with respect.

The Vulture Tribe soldier’s face turned pale, but he stood still and looked straight at him, while his body trembled uncontrollably, evident of his fear towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong asked, “What happened?”

One Ximen Village soldiers quickly reported, “Leader! This Vulture Tribe member suddenly lost his cool and injured dozens of our brothers.”

Yue Zhong looked at the Vulture Tribe warrior.

The soldier stood straight and immediately spoke loudly, “Leader Yue Zhong! Earlier, you told us, as long as our Vulture Tribe members surrendered, we would be treated fairly. Some of these guys suddenly started to rape some of our women. We had already surrendered, yet that person raped a woman in front of us. I could not take it anymore that was why I went to beat him up. Your strength is absolute here, and I’m not your match. If you want to kill me, just say the word, and I will kill myself. However, I hope that you can remember your promise!!”

Yue Zhong swept a glance towards the Ximen Village warriors and asked coldly, “Is what he said true?”

Under that piercing gaze, the soldiers of Ximen Village lowered their heads.

One of them was about to deny it when Yue Zhong’s cold voice sounded, “I will get to the bottom of this, if anyone dares to hide the truth, then they will be treated the same as those that raped, beheading as a punishment!”

Upon hearing that, the warriors of the Ximen Village turned pale, their mouths twitching, turning quiet.

The soldier who had raped a woman from the Vulture Tribe turned pale and he immediately got down on his knees in front of Yue Zhong, “Leader, it was my fault! It was my fault! Don’t kill me, please! On account that I’m your subordinate, please give me a chance, don’t kill me!!”

Yue Zhong shot him a cold look, and barked, “What were my orders before, say it!”

The soldier turned pale, “After entering the camp, those who slaughter innocent parties will be executed! Those who rape women will be executed! Those who pillage or steal will be executed!”

Yue Zhong continued coldly, “Since you’ve heard my military order, you still went ahead and disobeyed, you sure got guts!”

The soldier felt cold sweat down his spine as he continued to kowtow out of fear.

Yue Zhong looked at the Vulture Tribe warrior, “What’s your name?”

The soldier replied, “I’m called Ma Lei!”

Yue Zhong chuckled, “Not bad! I admire your personality, how about being my direct subordinate?”

Ma Lei immediately got down on a single knee, exclaiming brightly, “I’m willing to serve Leader!!”

The Vulture Tribe had already been vanquished, Ma Lei had no icon to be loyal to. Yue Zhong’s strength had also amazed him. Being able to serve someone like this, he was obviously elated.

As for Yue Zhong, he needed someone like Ma Lei in his troop. With such a righteous person within his new organization, it would help the expansion in the long run.

Yue Zhong then looked coldly at the Ximen Village warrior, “Drag him to the square and behead him in full view of the public. Announce the consequences of going against my orders!! Those who dare defy orders will be beheaded!”

“Yes! Leader!”

Ma Lei responded with respect, before bringing the offending soldier towards the distance.

Very soon, the soldier was executed in front of everyone. His death caused a ripple among the Vulture Tribe soldiers as well as those who were still wavering. The cold, bloody truth of the matter was that it was imperative that they followed Yue Zhong’s orders.

Having settled this issue, Yue Zhong came to the lavish house of the late Muto Genji.

“Greetings Master!”

A number of women were kneeling on the ground in two neat rows, welcoming their new master. These beauties were just toys and trophies for the strong, in order to live a decent life, they had to gain the favor of their new master, otherwise, their fate would be miserable.

Right at this time, Han Qiong’s flustered screams came ringing, “Qi Qi!! How did you become like this?! Qi Qi!!”

Yue Zhong followed the sounds and appeared beside Han Qiong.

In front of her, there was a naked, young woman, whose legs and hands had been chopped off. Han Qiong was crying uncontrollably and trembling as she held her in her arms.

Sun Lan Lan was also standing by the side, her body trembling with fury and fear at the same time.

Inside that room, there were many beautiful young women who had their arms and legs removed. They were all placed like trophies within the room, their eyes filled with despair or numbness.

Qi Qi seemed to stir as she screamed out, “Qiong Qiong! Is that you?! I regret it so much!! I regret it so much!! My hands and legs were chopped off by Master!! I’m sorry Master!! I will be obedient!! I will listen to you, please don’t chop my hands off, don’t chop my hands off!!”

Han Qiong screamed with rage as she held the smelly Qi Qi in her arms, “SCUM!! BASTARD SCUM!!! BEAST!!!”

Enough could be said about those foreign species like the Dino-people, but Han Qiong had never expected a human to be so sick towards his own kind. She was filled with an intense fury and killing intent towards Muto Genji.

Sun Lan Lan stared at the limbless Qi Qi, celebrating inwardly, “Thankfully I followed Yue Zhong, if I were to become like this, I’d rather die!”

The crippled Qi Qi regained her clarity, as she saw her good friend hugging her, and she sobbed, “Qiong Qiong, I regret it so much! I should have followed you guys! I want to dance!!! I can’t dance anymore!!! Wuwu!!!”

At that time, of the surviving members of the girl group, 2 had chosen to flee into the forest, one of them was Qi Qi who had her limbs chopped off and turned into a decorative ornament.

Han Qiong hugged Qi Qi and asked, “Where’s An An? Where is she now?”

Qi Qi revealed a frightened look, muttering in a half-sane state, “An An? An An is already dead. She angered Master and was eaten by her. No! Master! No! I didn’t say anything!! I will be good! I will be a bucket!! I will be good! I will listen!!”

Yue Zhong sighed when he watched this and turned to leave this revolting room, “Those with no power, truly lead a harsh life in this cruel world!”

Sun Lan Lan also could not stand it anymore and followed behind. Only by following Yue Zhong could she feel safe. Seeing the plight of those in the room, she was truly at a loss in this cruel world.

“Lan Ling greets Master!”

Yue Zhong had just entered the living room, when a woman of about 1.62m, her skin as fair as snow, with a lush head of hair stepped forward. She was dressed in a plain white dress, her demeanor pure and charming. She greeted Yue Zhong, flanked by 4 other girls.

“What a beautiful girl!!” Sun Lan Lan was stunned by the sudden appearance of this beauty, and her eyes flashed with envy. Although she knew she was a cute and pretty girl herself, compared to this beauty in front of her, other than her impressive bust size, she felt inferior in all aspects.

Yue Zhong was also taken aback slightly. Lan Ling was on par with Qi Qing’er, such a beauty, he rarely came across.

“Get up!”


Hearing his words, Lan Ling stood up and assessed this master of hers.

Right at this time, Han Qiong came out from the room of horrors, her eyes red. She came up to Yue Zhong and stared straight at him, “Yue Zhong, I want to gain strength. I want to become stronger, becoming a proper expert. Please help me. I’m willing to exchange everything of mine in order to gain the strength you can provide. I know you have it. Please don’t reject me.”

Yue Zhong eyed her, frowning slightly, “Have you thought it through? Even if you don’t have the strength, as friends, I can still guarantee your safety somewhat. As long as I’m not dead, I can help you lead a safe life.”

“I know!” Han Qiong’s expression was resolute, as she bowed deeply, “But I know that even if I were to live safely under your protection, I will never be happy. I want to protect those I love, I want to stop these cruel violence. Without power, I cannot do any of those. In this short period of time, I have realized how powerless I am. I need strength. Please grant that to me, please!!”

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