God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 796

Yue Zhong flipped his hands, as an Evolving Liquid appeared in his hands, “Alright! Since you’ve made up your mind, take this. After running a fever for one night, you’ll gain the strength you’re seeking. However, you will be deployed on the battlefield. If you’re ok with that, show me your resolve.”

Han Qiong grabbed the liquid, bowing to Yue Zhong, before leaving, “Yes!”

Lan Ling, Sun Lan Lan and the rest of the ladies looked at Han Qiong with envy, a hint of desire in their eyes.

After consuming the concoction, Han Qiong’s potential exploded out, awakening as a Strength and Agility dual-attribute Evolver. At the same time, she learned the Second Order Divine Speed skill, becoming a powerful expert.

Yue Zhong then busied himself in the following days by granting Ma Lei and Han Qiong authority and responsibilities, leading 2 troops of the 200 elite Vulture Tribe warriors. At the same time, he pulled out another 500 warriors into his direct supervision.

There were over a thousand elite warriors and 4,000 ordinary warriors of the Vulture Tribe. As for the slaves, there were about 10,000 of men and women together.

At the same time, there were enough rations stored to feed 50,000 people for an entire year. Hence, there was no issue with food for the time being.

Yue Zhong did not kill the slaves, instead, he presented a chance for them to regain their freedom. He expanded his source of recruitment to them, as long as these slaves gained enough contributions, they would become true soldiers.

When these slaves who were originally in despair saw this chance, everyone became excited, stepping up to register. At the end, Yue Zhong had managed to recruit another 1,000 able-bodied men among the slaves, while 3 women became medics.

As he was establishing some form of governance, Yue Zhong discovered a talent, and that was the seemingly-harmless, with no brains but boobs, and had been a burden most of the journey, Sun Lan Lan.

Her family had been in politics, and her parents and elder brother were government officials. She had been raised and nurtured as a politician as well. While she might not be comparable to those who were working in government, in this backward civilization, her upbringing gave her an edge over the rest, other than Yue Zhong, no one could compare to her.

Since he discovered her talent in this area, after setting up a cabinet, he threw all matters of governance to her.

Through the various challenges and combat, Yue Zhong might not be strong in the governance and political field as compared to professionals, but his experience set him ahead of Sun Lan Lan. However, he was still best at combat, thus, he would rather her handle such matters.

If Yue Zhong decided to take everything into his own hands, then just the system within the Vulture Tribe would cripple his plans.

After shuffling and shaking them up, Yue Zhong quickly gathered the troops to launch an assault towards the surrounding members of the Sun Alliance.

The Raptor Tribe was one of the members of the Sun Alliance closest to the Vulture Tribe, with over 600 elite soldiers, 2,000 ordinary villagers, 6,000 slaves, and was considered one of the tyrants of the area. The leader Qian Long was a Type 3 Divine Warrior, with a Type 3 Velociraptor as a steed, even Muto Genji would be wary of his strength.

Right as Qian Long was drinking with a few of his trusted aides inside a stone hut, the splitting sounds of alarms rang out through the camp.

One soldier came running hastily in, exclaiming in panic, “Leader!! Things are bad!! There’s an enemy!! Enemies are attacking!!”

Qian Long frowned and barked, “What are you panicking about!! Speak slowly! How many of them are there?”

The soldier responded in fear, “One!! Just one!! He has already destroyed the gate and stormed into our camp!! Over 30 of our velociraptor troops have been killed!”

The Velociraptor Troop consisted of the elite soldiers of the Velociraptor tribe, every warrior possessing the strength of a Type 2 Divine Warrior. The moment they heard that 30 of these elite soldiers had been killed, those in the banquet turned pale.

Qian Long grabbed his curved blade, his eyes flashing fiercely, “Prepare for battle! Let’s go and claim the life of this bastard!”

The rest of the warriors immediately made to grab their weapons.

“There’s no need, I’m already here!”

The voice had just resounded out, and Yue Zhong had already stepped into the house, his hand wielding his Black Tooth Blade.

Qian Long swiveled to see Yue Zhong, his pupils narrowing, “Who are you?!”

Yue Zhong eyed him coldly and spoke icily, “I’m Yue Zhong, the man who has attacked your Velociraptor Tribe. You have 2 choices, kneel and surrender, or die!”

One lady who was standing nearby had a lost expression when suddenly, her gaze turned savage as she pulled out a dagger and thrust towards Yue Zhong’s heart viciously.

Yue Zhong did not even glance at the woman, slashing out with his Black Tooth Blade, and her head soared through the air. Her headless corpse stumbled forwards before crumpling to the ground, blood spraying everywhere.

Yue Zhong’s strike was swift and clean, causing everyone’s expression to turn ugly.

The pretty woman was the famed Black Widow among the Velociraptor Tribe, with a peak Type 2 Divine Warrior’s strength. She had even killed 2 Type 3 Divine Warriors before. Such an expert was casually slaughtered by this Yue Zhong, causing them to feel like a bucket of ice water had been poured over them. If they were to charge up, they would not fare any better.

Qian Long’s pupils narrowed as he asked, “You’re a Type 4 Divine Warrior?”

Yue Zhong shot him a condescending look and asked, “That’s right! Surrender, or death?”

Qian Long kneeled and spoke bitterly, “I surrender! A Type 4 Divine Warrior is not someone we can resist. We seek your grace and mercy! I’m willing to hand over the entire Velociraptor Tribe to you, sir!”

Type 4 Divine Warriors were existences that surpassed the limits of humans. Many of them could use their flesh bodies to destroy machines and with enough time, a single one could wipe out the entire Velociraptor Tribe.

Even an initial Type 4 Divine Warrior required at least 10 Type 3 Divine Warriors with exceptional physique or abilities to take on. Among the entire Velociraptor Tribe, only Qian Long was someone like that. In addition to his Type 3 Velociraptor, it was still not enough to face Yue Zhong.

In order to contend against one, such a tribe would have to rely on technologically advanced weapons. However, in such a backward civilization, it was obviously impossible.

When Qian Long surrendered, the entire Velociraptor Tribe fell into Yue Zhong’s hands easily.

When Yue Zhong conquered the tribe, he quickly deployed people to transport the resources and captives over to the valley of the Vulture Tribe, while he continued his assault on the surrounding tribes.

Han Qiong, Shao Yun, Huangpu Liehuo, Ximen Hui and Ma Lei would wait for Yue Zhong to slaughter the leaders of these tribes, or convince them to surrender through force, before leading their subordinates in to clean up and maintain order, while transporting the humans and resources over to the valley.

With such an aggressive approach, the number of people in Vulture Tribe valley soon grew explosively, reaching over 50,000 in half a month’s time.

The rest of the members of the Sun Alliance were swept clean, they either surrendered or were wiped out entirely.

After reaching a population of 50,000, Yue Zhong stopped his expansion activities and began the intensive training of his troops while consolidating his government.

The troops were messy, with slaves numbering half of the total size. Those factions that he conquered formed the other half, where fishes and dragons mixed. The combat strength and loyalty was an issue.

If the forces were not trained properly, at signs of trouble, they would quickly crumble. Thus, Yue Zhong could only enforce training to raise their discipline and combat strength.

On the government’s side, Sun Lan Lan had also crafted a system for the unwilling slaves, allowing them to hand in their workload in exchange for merit points. Once their points were sufficient, they could exchange them for their freedom.

The moment such an initiative was announced, the work ethics and morale of the slaves rose greatly.

At the same time, their treatment became better, and their eyes were filled with hope once again.

Under such conditions, various structures and fortification were built quickly within Vulture Valley, causing some semblance of a city to appear.

With such measures, Yue Zhong gained the approval and support of many slaves. At the same time, the countless victories also caused his prestige to rise in the eyes of his subordinates.

The chaotic mixture of various tribe members among his soldiers also prevented anyone from having funny ideas. At least, before Yue Zhong fell, no one dared to raise any thoughts of rebellion, instead, following his orders obediently.

Yue Zhong knew that such a method would only cause some unhappiness and unwillingness to breed, but he could only make do for now.

Yue Zhong’s actions over at the Vulture Tribe were too huge and earthshaking, soon, he received an invitation.

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