God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 797

Gridwood Village was a small place about 20 kilometers away from the Velociraptor Valley.

The village was at an optimal location in terms of transportation, thus, it was an area often contested for.

At the entrance of the village, there was a banquet being held, as a handsome young man sat quietly and enjoyed his wine, accompanied by 2 rows of beauties.

Yue Zhong came out slowly from the forest, walking directly to a table and sat down.

The handsome man with a refined demeanor stood up and bowed to Yue Zhong, “You really came. Hi, I’m one of the sub-leaders of the Sun Alliance, Nishigakete. I’m pleased to finally meet you, Yue Zhong.”

“What did you invite me here for?”

Nishigakete lifted his head and sat down, before smiling, “Yue Zhong, our Sun Alliance hopes that you can join us, and become part of us. With the strength of a Type 4 Divine Warrior, as long as you join us, you can definitely become the vice-chief! Power and women will be aplenty!”

The Sun Alliance had not yet acted because they wanted to test and investigate Yue Zhong’s true might for themselves. After all, someone who was able to conquer so many factions in such a short time and raise a powerful faction of his own was definitely not some random riff-raff.

If Yue Zhong had not evolved to the peak of the Type 4 realm, he could not have subjugated over a thousand warriors with ease, forcing multiple factions to cohabit together.

Type 4 Divine Warriors were truly peak existences among the humans, even in this Third World where experts were aplenty. The Sun Alliance had no choice but to tread carefully.

Yue Zhong shook his head, “I’ve no interest in joining your alliance. However, I’m very interested in whatever technology you might have. If you can provide me any, I will fork out an adequate payment.”

On this planet, where there were countless forests, prehistoric animals, and Mutant Beasts, it is likely that the world had already undergone its apocalypse once. After that, humans had fallen off the food chain, and the Dino-people rose to dominance on land, while the Sea Clan rose to dominance in the sea, turning into 2 powers vying for control.

After the apocalypse, human civilization declined rapidly, and those without adequate education could not carry out even the simplest of maths. However, there were still those who possessed some technology of the world before the collapse of humanity, which had allowed them to stand on par with the Dino-people and Sea Clan as well.

Humans were weaker in terms of physique, without any advanced technology, they would have long since been eradicated.

On Earth, if it were not for the firearms and heavy weaponry, a single horde of a million zombies could have easily wiped out all human resistance.

The Dino-people was obviously a tad stronger than the Saint Clan, and since the humans of this world could resist them for so long, the technology they possessed must be extraordinary.

After defeating the Vulture Tribe, Ma Lei had already disclosed some information to Yue Zhong. That was the main reason why he was going around to conquer the factions.

It was a pity that such technology posed too much of a threat, hence, only the Sun Alliance was in possession of them.

Nishigakete’s pupils contracted, but he still maintained a smile, “Prehistoric technology eh! You sure know how to jest. Such valuable things, what would you use to exchange?”

Yue Zhong replied indifferently, “Type 4 Mutant Beast nuclei!”

“Type 4 Mutant Beast nuclei!” Nishigakete immediately sat up, obviously rocked by those words.

Mutant Beasts were stronger than humans of the same realm; if a Type 4 Mutant Beast were to clash with a Type 4 human, there was an 80% chance that the human would either die or be forced to flee. Only 20% of the time could a human successfully kill a Type 4 Mutant Beast.

In this world, the Type 4 Mutant Beasts were rampant, but few humans had Type 4 nuclei. Every single one of them was beyond precious, and the most important thing was that they were the energy source of the prehistoric technology.

Of the technology in this Third World, almost all required Mutant Beast nuclei to activate. A single Type 4 nucleus could support a powerful weapon.

Nishigakete forced a smile in the end and countered Yue Zhong’s offer, “Yue Zhong, our Sun Alliance is willing to use 3 absolutely breathtaking beauties, 500 pretty virgins, and 20,000 slaves in exchange for that Type 4 nucleus, what do you think? I can guarantee you, those 3 beauties are all highly coveted after, more than 10 times as attractive as these women by my side right now. You’ll definitely love them!!”

The death rate of males was high in this world, causing an imbalance in terms of gender. However, pretty women were still traded as commodities, and within the various factions, there were still plenty of lustful men. Furthermore, men were still largely in control, only a rare few factions were controlled by women.

Yue Zhong laughed indifferently and stood up to leave, “I’m not interested in those. Forget it, I think the Storm Valley might be more interested in my Type 4 nucleus.”

Nishikagete’s face turned as he exclaimed, “Wait!! Yue Zhong, please give me a week. Let me go report this to the chief, I will definitely give you an answer in a week!! These women are a gift to you, every one of them has been trained. They’re all virgins as well and can fulfill your every command. Hope you like them!”

Green Region’s mightiest factions were the Sun Alliance, Storm Valley, and Pterosaur Mountain.

The 3 groups maintained a balance among each other, with Type 4 Divine Warriors in their ranks. At the same time, they also had their own weapons and technology. No single party dared to attack any other. If either the Storm Valley or Pterosaur Mountain were to gain the Type 4 Nucleus, then the balance would be destroyed.

Yue Zhong swept the ladies a glance and laughed, “Alright fine! Since this gift is decent, I’ll give you 2 days to consider. During then, I will not go seek an audience with the other 2 factions.”

Nishigakete struggled to maintain a smile, “Isn’t 2 days a little too short? How about 3?”

Yue Zhong’s face turned wooden and he retorted coldly, “If you’re not willing, forget it!”

Nishigakete continued to smile and replied, “Alright, alright, 2 days it is. I hope we can become friends.”

“Let’s go!”

Yue Zhong turned around and headed towards the forest. The ladies behind bowed once towards Nishigakete before following Yue Zhong.

Out here, where Mutant Beasts and Bugs were everywhere, if these ladies were caught by themselves, they would surely die. They had been trained to follow their master’s wishes regardless of their personality, thus, they could only follow behind Yue Zhong.

After Yue Zhong left, the smiling Nishigakete turned sullen, and he entered the village, quickly getting on his Velociraptor and galloped towards the distance.

In the middle of a lush forest, there was a huge mountain range. At the corner, there was a small valley that was only accessible through a small tunnel.

This valley was 20 times larger than the area of the Vulture Tribe. A number of majestic stone structures stood tall, forming a vibrant city. At the same time, the architecture was exquisite and beautiful, obviously the handiwork of an expert. Even on Earth, it was hard to compare.

In the center of the city, the buildings were different; made out of white jade-like materials, giving an even more resplendent feel to it. This entire region formed the inner city.

Atop a platform in the palace, a man of about 2m in height, bulging muscles, and a crown on his head, sat on a huge golden throne. Below him, there were 2 rows of men in black uniform.

At that moment, Nishigakete was kneeling on the ground, reporting everything to the man seated on the throne. He was the chief of the Sun Alliance, Type 4 Divine Warrior Takahiko Shinya.

Takahiko Shinya mulled over the report for a while, before asking sternly, “Type 4 nuclei? How many does he have?”

Nishigakete replied respectfully, “Chief, he did not specify. However, based on your subject’s conjecture, he should possess at least 5, otherwise, he would not propose such a trade. He’s not someone stupid after all, and he should know the value of the Type 4 nuclei.”

Type 4 Mutant Beasts had terrifying combat strength, with strange innate abilities and monstrous physiques. Even Type 5 Divine Warriors could not afford to underestimate them. If a Type 5 Divine Warrior were to be careless, he or she could even be killed. This made the Type 4 Nuclei all the more valuable.

Takahiko Shinya’s eyes glinted coldly as he ordered, “Good! Since he wants our technology, then let him experience the might of the technology. Kisame Shinji, go take a hundred Sun Warriors to go wipe this Yue Zhong out, and get that Type 4 Nucleus!”

A burly man with a few scars on his face stepped forward, getting on one knee and responded loudly, “Yes! Chief! I will make sure to get his head and present it to you!”

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