God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 798

Vulture Valley.

Inside the forest, amidst silence, a hundred soldiers in white armor, wielding white battle spears were following the lead of a general in silver armor.

“Attack the city, get Yue Zhong’s head, you’ll be free to do whatever you want for a week!” The leader wearing the silver armor and holding a huge battle ax was Kisame Shinji, tasked by Takahiko Shinya for this mission. He pointed to the wall and barked out.




Hearing his words, the 100 warriors immediately radiated a bloodthirsty aura, as they all got excited and charged down the hill, their fighting spirit pushed to the extreme.

The one-week free period meant that after they conquer the city, they could pillage and rape without any punishment. Such a reward was extremely effective in raising morale, causing them all to be extremely motivated.

“Enemy attack!! Enemy attack!!”

The moment the hundred spear-wielding warriors appeared, the soldiers patrolling on top the city wall discovered them and sounded the alarm.

8 warriors nocked their bows and fired down.

8 arrows shot out towards the white-armored warriors, appearing in front of them in an instant.

The 8 targeted soldiers thrust out with their spears, knocking the arrows away.

The arrows continued to rain down on the warriors below, but they were deflected easily.

In a few breaths, the warriors under the lead of Kisame Shinji had already reached the city wall.

He roared out loud, his voice traveling throughout the entire camp, “We are the Sun Warriors deployed here to arrest Yue Zhong! Those who belong to the Sun Alliance, as long as you return to us, we will forgo your past offenses. Those who dare to resist will be put to death immediately!!”

“It’s the Sun Alliance!!”

“The Sun Warriors, they’re the strongest warriors of the Sun Alliance!!”

“That’s great!! The Sun Warriors are here!! Yue Zhong is doomed!!”


Hearing Kisame Shinji’s voice, the many fellows with hidden agendas or dissatisfaction immediately rejoiced.

Qian Long pulled out his blade and killed a Ximen Village warrior, roaring loudly, “It’s time to rebel!! Our Velociraptor Tribe will rebel!! All brothers!! Follow me!! Time to kill that bastard Yue Zhong!!”

“Rebel!! The Velociraptor Tribe has rebelled!”

“Our Ferocious Tiger Tribe is also rebelling!”


Following many enraged shouts, the various ambitious upstarts began to lead their troops and chaos broke out within the walls of the city.

Since Yue Zhong had forcefully conquered these tribes, and the time was too short for him to have made an impact on them, the moment the Sun Warriors appeared, these leaders jumped on the opportunity to rebel.

The Sun Alliance had relied on this fact, that was why they decided to send a hundred of their elites to assault the city.

Yue Zhong watched this with a disdainful look, as he chuckled slightly, “Seems like I’m still unpopular. Ma Lei, aren’t you going to lead the Vulture Tribe against me?”

Ma Lei bowed and spoke solemnly, “Leader, you must be joking. The Vulture Tribe is no more, Ma Lei is loyal only to you, and I’m willing to act on your behalf to quell the chaos.”

Yue Zhong swept a glance towards the Sun Warriors that had barged into the city, grinning, “Sun Warriors, eh? Interesting!”

Yue Zhong was currently at the center of the Vulture Town, and many of the rebel troops gathered together with Kisame Shinji’s troops, as they marched over.

Through this period of governance and victories, there were a number of warriors who decided to swear by him, and these people gathered behind him. Han Qiong led 300 slaves as well as the Vulture Tribe Warriors to stand beside Yue Zhong.

When they all saw Yue Zhong himself, some of the rebels could not help but falter and take a few steps back. They were once again reminded of what he had done the past few weeks, singlehandedly conquering tribes himself. They knew clearly his vicious and decisive methods. If it were not for the Sun Warriors’ presence, they would not have dared to step out like so.

Yue Zhong swept his eyes across them and recognized 2, “Interesting! Huangpu Liehuo and Ximen Hui, I don’t think I’ve treated you unfairly, why would you choose to betray me?”

They were his first few experts that he subjugated, and treated them with respect and gave them responsibilities. He had never expected them to rebel at such a crucial time.

Huangpu Liehuo retreated a few steps and laughed coldly, “Yue Zhong, you might not have mistreated me, but forcefully conquering my Crazy Wolf Troops, I’ve always bore that hatred in mind! Compared to the Sun Alliance, you’re just a mouse! Today’s your death day!”

Ximen Hui’s eyes flashed with a complicated glance, before sighing, “Yue Zhong, you might be strong. But compared to the Sun Alliance, you definitely can’t win. I choose to stand on the victor’s side.”

Yue Zhong swept a glance across the rebels, before turning to his own side, and saw many familiar faces. Ma Lei of the Vulture Tribe, Han Qiong, 2 commanders he raised from the slaves, even Sun Lan Lan had led dozens of medics to stand behind him.

There were over a thousand who had chosen to rebel, and many of them were elite soldiers. On Yue Zhong’s side, there were 3,000, however, their combat strength was lacking. This was because most of them had been slaves prior, and their physique and constitution required time to recover.

Yue Zhong looked at the rebels and declared cruelly, “Not bad! I still have some support at least. Not too bad. As for those idiots over there, since you guys have chosen to stand out, you can all die today.”

When the rebels saw Yue Zhong smiling, their hearts ran cold. They could not help but turn their gazes towards the Sun Warriors.

Kisame Shinji stared at Yue Zhong and laughed coldly, “Yue Zhong! I’m Kisame Shinji from the Sun Alliance, you can choose to kneel and submit, otherwise, when I retrieve your head later, all your women and subordinates will be tortured to death!!”

“Sun Warriors, using the prehistoric technology to become the strongest warriors of the Sun Alliance. All who have been chosen are at least a Type 2 Divine Warrior. Your armor comes from the past era, and with its enhancement, even the weakest soldier possesses a strength of a Type 3 Divine Warrior. Let me test just how strong you guys are then!”

With a cold laugh, Yue Zhong tapped his foot and disappeared, reappearing in front of one Sun Warrior, his fist smashing viciously into his chest. A terrifying force exploded out, causing the armor to sink in, while the soldier was sent blasting towards a wall. He spat out a mouthful of blood, crumpling to the floor while taking ragged breaths.

Yue Zhong stared at the soldier in delight, “Impressive! This Sun Armor is truly impressive!!”

Although Yue Zhong’s strength could not compare to those Type 4 Strength-based races, he was still a force to behold. His fist had not been enhanced by his Dark Dou Qi, but smashing into a Type 3 Divine Warrior could definitely kill him.

However, this Sun Armor had actually negated part of his force, under its protection, the Type 2 Sun Warrior did not die, in fact, the armor did not seem damaged, displaying its powerful defensive ability.

“Everybody! Kill him!! Those who managed to get his head will be promoted 3 ranks, and given a virgin, as well as 50 beauties!!”

Kisame Shinji’s body lit up with runes, and a number of air ripples appeared beneath his feet. His speed was pushed to the middle limits of a Type 4 Divine Warrior, as he swung his huge battleax towards Yue Zhong at the speed of sound.

The armors of the other 99 Sun Warriors also started glowing, through the Type 3 nuclei, and enhanced by the armor, their combat strength was enhanced to the peak of a Type 3 Divine Warrior. They all charged right at Yue Zhong.

With a Mid-level Type 4 Divine Warrior and 99 Type 3 Divine Warriors acting, even if Yue Zhong was at the peak of the Type 4 realm, he had to devote 120% to the fight, otherwise, he might perish.

Qian Long’s eyes flashed with a savage glint, “Attack!! Let’s go kill those lowly slaves!!”

Huangpu Liehuo eyed Han Qiong and Sun Lan Lan, pointing at them and roaring, “Capture those 2, as long as we get them, Yue Zhong can’t flee!!”

Ximen Hui’s eyes turned red as he shouted, “Kill!! Kill!! Kill!! Yue Zhong had already set his mind on killing us!! The only way to survive is to kill him!!”

Under the various shouts and roars, the maddened rebels began to launch their assault.

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