God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 799

Seeing the wildness of the rebels, a number of Yue Zhong’s supporters felt threatened and began to flee. After all, many of them had been slaves, their combat strength and will could not compare to these rebels.

Yue Zhong waved his hands and slammed a Sun Warrior backward, roaring in a low voice, “Kill these rebels! Bolius!”

The ever-silent puppet Bolius that had been standing at one corner, shot out with his cape flying behind him, giving an impression of a specter as he charged right into the midst of the rebels.

In his hands were two 2m-long Mutant Beast Bone, used like hammers as he swung them wildly at the rebels.

As long as any rebel soldier got within 5 meters of Bolius, they would be smashed into meat paste. Everywhere he passed by, he was like a devastating killing machine churning out chunks of meat.

As he continued to terrorize the rebels, the elite Sun Warriors were engaged by Yue Zhong and had no chance to impede him.

In merely 3 breaths, Bolius had appeared in front of the handsome Huangpu Liehuo.

The moment Huangpu Liehuo caught sight of Bolius in front of him, his eyes flashed with despair and regret, as he screamed shrilly, “Don’t kill me!! I surrender!! I’m willing to lead the Crazy Wolf Troops to swear loyalty to Leader Yue Zhong! I’m willing to be a slave!! I’m willing to be the lowest slave!! Don’t kill me!! I will lead my men to quell the chaos!! I was beguiled by Ximen Hui, that was why…”

Before his words finished, there was a loud swing of the bone mace, smashing into his head. His brains exploded out at that instant, splattering all over the ground.

Having killed Huangpu Liehuo, Bolius continued to charge into the crowd, resuming his meat-grinding actions as he arrived in front of Ximen Hui.

Ximen Hui was full of regret as he sighed, before slashing his own neck, “Seems like I was wrong! I will use my death to atone for my sins, I plead for you to have mercy on my clansmen!”

Bolius charged right in front of him and smashed down, turning his body into meat paste, before continuing on to the 8 other members of the Ximen Village. He then turned and charged back into the crowd.

Qian Long continued to shout while in fear, leading his Velociraptor Tribe to flee, “Attack! Attack! Hold the fort!!’

Having seen the terrifying fate of Huangpu Liehuo and Ximen Hui, as well as Qian Long’s attempts to flee, the rebels started to crumble, trying their best to escape. They had heard Yue Zhong’s orders to kill them all, and they did not wish to die.

Seeing the collapse of the rebel army, Ma Lei shouted in excitement, waving his blade as he took the lead to chase after them, “Kill!! Leave none of these traitors alive!!”

One of the slave leaders also roared as he charged after the rebel, “Kill!! Kill the traitors!!”

The 3,000-strong army immediately felt their morale rise, as they rushed forward, slaughtering those rebels that had lost their commanders and will to fight.

Qian Long managed to extract himself from the battlefield, but after 5 breaths, the meat-grinding Bolius had appeared right in front of him. In a single swing, he managed to turn this Type 3 Divine Warrior into a squash as well.

With Qian Long’s death, Bolius continued on his rampage among the rebels, tearing through them and slaughtering their commanders or leaders, causing sprays of blood every second. This led to even more mayhem and chaos.

Kisame Shinji felt his heartbeat quicken as he fought Yue Zhong, “Damn it, there are 2 Type 4 Divine Warriors here!!”

He had led this group of a hundred Type 3 Divine Warriors under the assumption that it would not be hard dealing with an ordinary Type 4 Divine Warrior. However, Yue Zhong was a peak level Type 4 Divine Warrior, and even if they all combined their strength, it would merely be enough to keep him occupied, not having any leeway to deal with Bolius.

If they fought on like that, they would all die.

“Everyone, Mad Drive!!”

Under his roar, the Type 4 Mutant Beast nucleus in his silver Sun Armor glowed, and the runes expanded out, as boundless strength poured into him, turning his muscles tighter. His countenance grimaced in pain.

Mad Drive was a last-resort, once they used it, the nucleus power source would be sucked dry, enhancing the armor for a last-ditch power boost. Since the strength of Mutant Beasts was stronger than humans of the same realm, with such a force entering the human body, while it gave them more power for a short period of time, the backlash would be an extremely heavy price to pay, sometimes, even crippling a person.

Under his orders, the Sun Warriors all unleashed their Mad Drive, forcing themselves to absorb a large amount of power.

At the next instant, dozens of them suddenly spat out blood, crumpling on the floor, their orifices bleeding. Due to most of them being at the Type 2 realm, the peak of the Type 3 realm was their absolute limit. Their bodies could not handle even greater power.

One of them immediately died as blood flowed out all of his orifices. However, there were some who managed to grit through the pain and began to emit a dangerous aura. They had actually gained the might of an initial Type 4 Divine Warrior.

“Mad Drive, what fools!”

Yue Zhong looked at them and laughed coldly, activating his Art of Fear, as a powerful Spiritual attack spread out and enveloped all of them.


These Sun Warriors might possess the strength of a Type 4 Divine Warrior now, but they did not have the same Spirit. Faced with such a powerful Spirit attack, they all hugged their heads and let out screams.

Even though the armor had some abilities to protect against Spirit attacks somewhat, the Sun Warriors were mostly only at Type 2 realm, thus, the gap was too huge.

Under that duress, Kisame Shinji stepped towards Yue Zhong with a countenance full of pain, swinging his ax at him.

Yue Zhong pulled out his Black Tooth Blade and blocked.


With a loud clang, Yue Zhong was actually forced back dozens of meters from that impact, the Type 5 Black Tooth Blade in his hands trembling without stop. There was even a slight dent in the blade. Apparently, the Type 5 Black Tooth Blade could not compare to the Sun Battleaxe in Kisame Shinji’s hands.

Having sent Yue Zhong away, Kisame Shinji was like a fiendgod, charging towards Yue Zhong, every step of his causing a heavy footprint on the ground. In a breath, he had already appeared in front of Yue Zhong, swinging his battleax at him.

“What a pity, your actual strength is lacking a little, otherwise, you could contend against me with this added strength!”

Yue Zhong’s pupils narrowed, and enveloped himself with his Dark Dou Qi, dodging towards the right with a sudden burst of speed, evading the blow from Kisame Shinji.

At the same time, he pulled out his Stinger and pointed it at Kisame Shinji’s head.

A bad feeling arose in Kisame Shinji’s heart, and he twisted his body in order to dodge that imminent killing blow.


Following the loud gunshot, Kisame Shinji’s brains were blown apart, his body crumpling to the ground, and the silver Sun Armor on his body lost its luster.

He had borrowed the might of the Silver Sun Armor to boost his strength, but his personal ability was still lacking, and could not control the power well. As for Yue Zhong, he was at the peak of Type 4, together with the Dark Dou Qi, he almost neared the level of a Type 5 Divine Warrior. The differences between them were too huge.

With Kisame Shinji’s death, the rebel army immediately fell apart and tried to flee, while the morale of the Vulture Tribe rose even higher. They displayed 120% of their combat strength, slaughtering all the traitors.

After paying a painful price, a few hundred of them managed to reach the entrance. However, the sight there caused them to despair even further. Lightning, which had reached Type 4, was currently lying in wait.

Yue Zhong had already gained a large number of nuclei from the battle at the sea. After swallowing a number of Type 4 Mutant Beast nuclei, Lightning had evolved pretty soon after.

Seeing the appearance of the traitors, Lightning flashed forward into their midst, and their heads were all removed in a shower of blood.

With Lightning guarding the entrance, and many chasing warriors from the back, the rebels were plunged into despair. Some tried to push their way through the entrance with numbers, however, the moment they got close, their heads were separated from their bodies. A Type 4 Mutant Beast was an invincible existence to these Type 2 Divine Warriors.

Many of them threw down their weapons in a bid to surrender but were met with countless spears thrusting into their bodies, turning them into sieves.

In their despair, many of them decided to fight to their deaths. They were still wiped out in the end, although they managed to slay a few slave warriors. However, any of them who revealed their abilities would almost be immediately dealt with by Bolius.

After 3 hours, every single rebel soldier was killed.

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