God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 800

After the chaos settled, Yue Zhong began issuing out new orders and reorganizing his subordinates.

Han Qiong, Shao Yun, Ma Lei and Sun Lan Lan had obtained great merits in the rebellion this time, and Yue Zhong conferred upon them titles.

At the same time, Yue Zhong also promoted a number of slaves that had performed well, directly removing their slave status, allowing them to become commanders. On top of that, he punished all the family members of the rebels, branding them as slaves, while assigning the women of the rebels as rewards to those who had just risen in rank.

Seeing their comrades achieving a different status, a bright home, beautiful women, many of them became extremely motivated to build the city up. They put in more hours and efforts, some even going out of their way to excel in their military training.

Through this rebellion, the total number of elites under Yue Zhong had reduced drastically, but after the baptism, many of their hearts and loyalty were now firmly towards Yue Zhong. At the same time, he had gained a hundred Sun Armor, allowing his military might to leap.

Since he gained the 100 Sun Armor, he began to study them carefully. Although the design was simple, the armor consisted of the top of mankind’s intelligence on this world. Even the material used to make them was something Yue Zhong could not discern.

After studying them for an entire day, he chose to give up. His strength was in combat, researching into something like this was not a strength of his.


Near a small stone mountain, a sudden explosion rocked the entire area. The 20m-tall stone mountain suddenly blew up, revealing a small hole at the center of it.

In front of the mountain range, Yue Zhong was wearing the silver Sun Armor, equipped with a Type 4 Nucleus. He felt the energy coursing through his body, and was excited, “This Sun Armor is truly powerful, when equipped, I can exhibit the strength of an initial-stage Type 5 Divine Warrior.”

Yue Zhong recovered from his joy while reassessing his knowledge about the armor, “However, since the Sun Alliance sent this unit to deal with me, that means that there should be other equivalent armors, if not stronger ones. The Sun Alliance is truly not weak!”

Having come to the conjecture that the Sun Alliance was not to be underestimated, Yue Zhong abandoned thoughts of deploying his troops against them.

“What is that? Shit!!” Yue Zhong had just kept the armor into his storage ring when he suddenly caught sight of a swarm of huge bees in the distance. Each of them was the size of a fist, their sharp stingers could be seen clearly. Looking at them, his face fell, and he dashed towards the Vulture Valley.

In a few breaths, he appeared beside Sun Lan Lan and exclaimed, “Quick! Gather everyone and hide in the bunkers!! There’s danger!!”

In order to deal with the threat of airborne Mutant Beasts and the possibility of aerial combat, Yue Zhong had designated a plot of an area to be used as bunkers for his people to hide if need be.

Sun Lan Lan’s face fell, without asking, she quickly picked up a simple telephone line and spoke with her clear voice, “Immediately sound the alarm for evacuation! Danger level 9!! All police patrolmen are to help with the evacuation, escort everyone into the bunkers!”

In the various corners of the valley, the burly warriors struck out 9 resounding drum sounds to declare the danger level.

Upon hearing it, everyone who was working stopped whatever they were doing, and began making their way towards the bunkers in an orderly manner.

A number of police patrolmen who had been specially designated for the role escorted the slaves and villagers towards the bunkers as well.

At that moment, as they were running, the swarm of Mutant Bees came soaring over the skies, descending at an alarming speed.

Many warriors ducked to one side, eyeing the cloud of bees that seemed to blot out the skies, their eyes filled with fear.

“Ah!! Help!! Ah!!”

One soldier was slightly slower, and a hundred bees pounced on him. At that moment, he let out a scream of despair and fear. His body was enveloped by the bees as he struggled for a while before crumpling to the ground.

When the bees left his body, holes could be seen everywhere on his corpse, which had been dried out completely.

Seeing such a horrifying scene, all the warriors became even more frightened; they did not want to be sucked dry.

When the swarm of bees descended on the valley, the shrieks and screams rang throughout the area, and within seconds, there were over a hundred people who had been reduced to dried corpses.

The villagers had been running to the bunkers in an orderly fashion, but witnessing such horrors, they could no longer maintain calm, as they pushed and shoved in a bid to reach the bunkers first.

At this moment, a fiery tornado blasted out, covering the skies above them.

With the loud sounds of crackling, a number of the Mutant Bees lost their wings and fell to the ground like rain.

Yue Zhong controlled 5 tornadoes of fire, looking like a fiery demon god that had descended as he appeared in front of them, “What are you panicking for? Maintain your order! Those who dare disrupt the order will be executed immediately! There’s nothing to be afraid of! You can kill a single one yourselves! Let me handle the swarms!”

Seeing Yue Zhong appear, the people immediately calmed down, picking up clothes, wooden bats and fans in a bid to fight back those singular bees.

When the bees gathered together, they were truly terrifying, even a Type 4 expert might not be able to handle them, and they might even be sucked dry. If they were separate, then any adult would be able to smack them down as long as they did not lack the courage.

Yue Zhong continued to control his 5 tornadoes of fire to blow all around the skies, each time they blew past part of the swarm, a large number of the Mutant Bees would crash to the ground.

While a dozen people had already been sucked dry, the majority was able to resist the pain of the stings and with help from others, smacked many of the Mutant Bees dead. The rest had also managed to enter the bunkers safely.

The Mutant Bees tried to fly towards the bunkers but were assaulted by the humans within.

In this Third World, every single human had a body constitution stronger than those on Earth. Even the lowliest slave would be at least 2 times as strong as a normal person on Earth.

Of course, even if they had entered the bunkers safely, some of the unfortunate ones were still assaulted by the Mutant Bees, and sucked dry, turning into dry corpses.

Yue Zhong continued to manipulate the Devil Flames everywhere, reducing more bees into crisps. The swarm started to turn its attention towards him. At every second, he was expending a large amount of Stamina and Spirit to maintain his Devil Flame, soon, his forehead was slick with perspiration.

In the skies, the black swarm clashed against Yue Zhong’s Devil Flame tornado multiple times.

After maintaining for about 5 minutes, Yue Zhong pulled out the silver Sun Armor.

He quickly put it on, and the Type 4 Nucleus in the back of the armor shone brightly, causing multiple runes to lit up and charge his body with immense strength. His Stamina and Spirit was recovered to their peak, and with a slight push, his Devil Flame tornado became even more violent.

After burning them for more than 20 minutes, the swarm finally started to turn thin. They started to feel fear and began to rise into the air as they fled from the Vulture Valley.

“We finally pulled through!”

He heaved a sigh of relief and relaxed when he saw the bees fleeing.


Right at this time, the Type 4 Nucleus behind the Sun Armor split apart, turning into dust.

The Type 4 Nuclei could be considered powerful energy sources. They were able to absorb the energy in the air to replenish, however, should the consumption exceed the regeneration rate, they would shatter and turn into dust.

Yue Zhong had pushed himself to the limit to enhance himself, and the expenditure had been huge, that was why the Type 4 Nucleus had shattered.

He laughed bitterly as he looked at the pile of dust, “What a loss!”

The Type 4 Nuclei were not common, each of them extremely precious. If it wasn’t for his unexpected haul out at the Sea of Mutant Beasts, he might feel heartache for the coming week.

After the blood-sucking Mutant Bees left, the people began to come out from the bunkers again.

The sudden appearance of the swarm had caused 200 deaths. If it wasn’t for Yue Zhong’s timely discover, 90% of the entire population of the city might have perished.

Ma Lei held up one of the burnt Mutant Bees and came up to Yue Zhong excitedly, “Leader!! These are Blood-sucking Bees! Their corpses are great stuff!! We’ve struck it rich!!”

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