God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 802

Yue Zhong traversed through the forest quietly, walking towards a certain predetermined destination. He had arranged to hunt a Type 5 Mutant Beast together, all he required was the location and time to gather, before making his move alone.

Nishigakete tried to mention the alliance with Yue Zhong but was rejected immediately. Yue Zhong did not yet know what the prehistoric technology was capable of, he was not overconfident to the point where he thought he could saunter into their base and leave easily.

Yue Zhong continued quietly through the forest, avoiding a few herds of dinosaurs, before arriving at the location where an injured Type 5 Mutant Beast was rumored to be.

It was a large and vast lake, in the middle, a number of long necks stuck out the water, munching on the various plants around the lake, it was apparently a resting grounds for a herd of diplodocuses.

Their bodies measured more than 100 meters in length, and they were like little moving mountains. In front of them, Yue Zhong was like a grain of rice.

All around the lake, other than the diplodocuses, there were a number of stegosauruses as well. A few Microraptors were gathered at another area, while Aanatosauruses and ferocious velociraptors had their own corners. It was as though the dinosaurs were gathered together for a party.

Other than the various dinosaurs, there were even huge prehistoric mosquitoes that were larger than humans, giant dragonflies with wingspans longer than 10m, and many other Mutant bugs.

Seeing this, Yue Zhong could not help but suck in a cold breath. The dinosaurs and Mutant Beasts and bugs here were on another level. Each of the seemingly harmless diplodocuses was actually Type 4 existences, even the Stegosauruses as well.

The Microraptors were smaller and weaker, only at the Type 2 level, however, when gathered together, with over hundreds or thousands in numbers, they were not easy targets to provoke as well.

With the various species lording over their individual territories, even a Type 5 Divine Warrior might be ravaged if he or she entered casually.

After all, Mutant Beasts were stronger than other lifeforms, a Type 4 Mutant Beast would already possess more strength than a Type 5 Divine Warrior. Their only weak point was their speed, and perception senses and intelligence being lower. That was why it was possible for a Type 5 Divine Warrior to kill them, or even some weaker Type 4 Divine Warriors. However, in terms of pure power, it was definitely higher than a Type 5 Divine Warrior.

Yue Zhong came to the lake and saw a man in silver Sun Armor about 2 kilometers away. The person also saw him locked in his position immediately with a strange glint in his eyes.

The man pointed to Yue Zhong’s position and muttered, “He’s here! Over there!”

The man beside Nishigakete had a disdainful look as he ordered coldly, “He’s actually on time, do it!”

In the skies, a warrior with a Sun Armor rode on a pterosaur as they flew across the lake at a high speed. As he shot past, he released a number of red powder.

When the powder descended on the dinosaurs, all of them began to get agitated. Pandemonium ensued as they started to charge in various directions in a mad frenzy.

The warrior on the pterosaur continued to fly towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong’s heart turned cold as he retreated explosively, “Not good! This was a trap!!”

The Pterosaur was only a Type 3 Mutant Beast, however, its speed was even faster than Yue Zhong at his peak Type 4 speed.

The Sun Warrior atop its back closed in on Yue Zhong, with a wave, he sent a large amount of powder towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong’s eyes narrowed as he waved his hands, sending a blazing tower of Devil Flames soaring into the skies. The flames ate away at the powder, burning them into nothing.

All of a sudden, Yue Zhong felt an intense sense of danger. He activated his Shadow Steps and dodged to one side.

At that instant, a terrifying electromagnetic beam shot from afar, slamming into his right shoulder, blasting it apart in a shower of blood. His entire right arm was gone.

“Sniper! A top-level sniper!!”

Yue Zhong felt a sense of dread as he suppressed the pain, waving his left hand. The spider ring on it spurned out silk that covered his wound, while he leaped through the woods.

At a distance, a man with an insignificant appearance and a mustache laid on the ground, wearing a silver Sun Armor and holding an Electromagnetic Sniper in his hands. He eyed Yue Zhong coldly while aiming. It was this man who had caused Yue Zhong such a grievous injury.

The Sun Alliance was a gathering place for many experts. There were countless talents, and while the human physique was weak and most peaked at a limit of Type 3 Divine Warrior, with the right equipment and weapons, not to mention Type 4 Divine Warriors, even Type 5 Divine Warriors would suffer.

Without the proper weapons, humans were weak, whereas those with the right gear were difficult warriors to contend with.

Shinya Takahiko asked through a voice transmitter, “Fujiki, is it done?”

The short man was called Fujiki Ichiro, the most feared sniper of the Sun Alliance. He had assassinated countless enemies for Shinya Takahiko. In fact, few knew that Fujiki Ichiro had actually assassinated a Type 4 Divine Warrior before.

Fujiki Ichiro continued to aim at Yue Zhong, ascertaining his possible location, while coldly saying, “Not yet. His danger perception is truly outstanding. I only managed to hit his shoulder.”

Shinya Takahiko laughed coldly, “That’s enough then. Even if he could deal with the Dinosaur Separation Powder, his blood scent would attract those greedy bugs. He’s definitely dead this time.”

He then turned to the man beside him, whose eyes were filled with a strange glow, “Shenmu, are the large bugs all attracted away?”

Shenmu Xiongnan replied, “Yes, they’ve been led away.”

Shinya Takahiko’s eyes lit up as he ordered, “Good! Do it now! Kill that fat bug right now!”

This time, Shinya Takahiko had plotted against Yue Zhong, on one hand, it was to eradicate this enemy, while the other, was to target the injured Type 5 Mutant Beast within the lake.

Once they managed to kill this Type 5 Mutant Beast, they would obtain a huge, rich resource, and train up a new batch of warriors. If the nucleus could be used together with the tech on Shinya Takahiko’s hands, then the combat might of the Sun Alliance would go through a huge change, and they could even take down Storm Valley and Pterosaur Mountain at one go.

Under his orders, 10 Silver Sun Armor warriors led 400 white Sun Armor warriors towards the lake. They were about ⅔ of the current Sun Alliance forces, in order to take down the Type 5 Mutant Beast, Shinya Takahiko was ready to go almost all in.

A distance away, Yue Zhong continued to sprint through the forest, behind him, a large number of dinosaurs and Mutant Beasts, as well as bugs, were chasing after him, one part agitated by the powder, the other, by the scent of his blood.

“Damn it!!”

Yue Zhong continued to flee while pulling out his Stinger to fire at the sky.

In the skies, the Sun Alliance warrior was sticking close on his Pterosaur. At the same time, the flight pattern was unpredictable, causing Yue Zhong to have no way of hitting even with his Second Order Firearms Manipulation.

The rider was extremely crafty, knowing the terror of a Type 4 Divine Warrior. He only followed Yue Zhong from afar, not intending to get close, nor come to blows.

At the same time, due to the mixture of blood and powder, many Type 3 Pterosaurs were flying over.

Eying the warrior in the sky, Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly, and he activated his Summon Tamed Beast technique.

A void appeared in the sky, and Greenie, which had evolved to its Type 4 realm, flapped its wings and descended.

Its wingspan was now over 100m and was like a huge beast from legends. The Type 3 pterosaur was merely like a child in front of it.

Seeing the monstrous Greenie suddenly appear over him and his steed, the Sun Warrior felt despair and fair, hitting the pterosaur to flee quickly.

With a single flap of its wings, Greenie’s speed reached Mach 2 and appeared above the rider, its sharp beak pecking down at the pterosaur, causing a large hole in its brain. The Sun Warrior was also pecked in two.

After dealing with that Type 3 Pterosaur, Greenie charged into the midst of the other Type 3 pterosaurs, attacking them wildly, causing them to drop dead from the skies.

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