God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Man Eating Monster

Yue Zhong hesitated a moment and slowly said: “But I already have a woman.”

Although Chen Miao is very pretty and full of life, but she wasn’t charming enough to make Yue Zhong go crazy. He also didn’t want to get her pregnant and make her regret for a lifetime.

Chen Miao heard Yue Zhong’s words, and her eyes slightly darkened. But she still stared at Yue Zhong and slowly said: “No problem. Today I am voluntarily coming here to repay you, thanking you for saving my father. You saved him, so you saved our family. I don’t have anything to repay you with. I only have this pure body. I want you to take it. After tonight, if you like, I will follow you and be your lover. If you don’t want me then no problem. I will quietly leave.”

Yue Zhong looked at Chen Miao, the beautiful young girl’s words full of energy. His heart was slightly moved. This beautiful and pure young girl set his heart racing. He brought Chen Miao into his embrace, and that healthy young girl’s fragrance sunk into his nose.

Today Yue Zhong was able to save the person named Chen Shitou’s life. Chen Shitou is the village’s greatest hunter. After Z-Age, Chen Shitou and Chen Ning both took charge in clearing out the zombies in the village. If it wasn’t for Chen Shitou, the Chen Family Village wouldn’t have that many survivors.

Chen Miao’s face immediately became red in the embrace of Yue Zhong. Although she talked big, as the time came she was a little afraid and anticipating.

Yue Zhong wanted to move a little, only with the slight movement, his right chest burst in pain. His body still hadn’t completely recovered.

Yue Zhong softly kissed Chen Miao’s forehead, then the placed her to his right side. He closed his eyes and went to sleep: “Sleep! I’m tired today.”

“Yes!” Chen Miao’s heart slightly relaxed, and she was somewhat disappointed as she quietly lay beside Yue Zhong.

Early in the morning the second day, Yue Zhong brought Chen Miao to Chen Ning’s living room.

Chen Ning’s family members looked at Chen Miao standing beside Yue Zhong. Their eyes all carried a strange light.

Chen Miao stood a little bashfully beside Yue Zhong. In her heart, she had already slept in the same bed as Yue Zhong, so she is Yue Zhong’s woman.

Yue Zhong pulled out two boxes of milk from his backpack, two pieces of cake, and then gave Chen Miao half under the envious and admiring eyes of Chen Ning’s family.

Milk and cake were already extravagant things in Z-Age. No one in the whole Chen Family Village had these things.

Chen Miao drank the milk and nibbled on the cake, her face written with joy. In this type of world, being able to eat until one is full is already a desperate hope. Chen Miao had personally seen her classmates sell off their first night for a piece of corn cake. her being able to currently eat this good of food, she doesn’t know how many times happier she is than others.

“What about the guides?” Finished eating, Yue Zhong directly asked Chen Ning. Stone Horse Village is his base. He didn’t know if the Long Hai City Survivor base were friends or enemies to the south, glaring upon them with envious eyes. He was extremely worried about the safety of Stone Horse Village.

“These are the guides! Yue Zhong, let me give you an introduction! This is my son Chen Wang! These other four are Chen Nian, Niuchao, Zhaoxing, and Sunye.” Chen ning called over five people and introduced them.

[TL: They appear to all be part of the “Chen” family, so I’ve written them as first names.]

Chen Wang and the others are all strong young men of the Chen Family Village. They all carried large machetes, spears, crossbows, and other cold-weapons on their backs.

Yue Zhong looked at Chen Ning and said: “I know. I want you to look over Chen Miao’s family! I will quickly send people to pick you up.”

Chen Ning called Yue Zhong Captain Yue, naturally giving birth to the idea of placing himself into the hands of Yue Zhong. If Yue Zhong can return to Stone Horse Village and send people back, he will bring his people to join in with Yue Zhong.

Chen Ning said: “Yes!”

Yue Zhong didn’t have any hesitation, he took Chen Wang and the others in the direction of the Zhang Family Village. The ever silent White Bones and Greenie followed at Yue Zhong’s side.

Chen Miao looked at the back image of Yue Zhong leaving. Her lips moved, yet nothing came out. Her father was still here recovering in bed. She couldn’t follow together with Yue Zhong.

“Captain Yue. That is Zhang Family Village!” Chen Wang pointed at a tiled building. It looked to be a little bit more thriving than Chen Family Village to Yue Zhong.

Chen Wang looked at Zhang Family Village with a little fear and said: “Zhang Family Village and our village aren’t the same. Their village is a large one with over three hundred people. After Z-Age, the large majority of three hundred people turned into man eating monsters. Among the man eating monsters were some extremely fast ones, they could compare with the wild wolves in the mountains.”

The Chen Family Village is a small one, relatively closed off. They had never heard of movies and games like Resident Evil. Because of this they called the zombies man eating monsters.

After running out of food, the Chen Family Village already thought of plundering Zhang Family Village. Only, they were utterly defeated by the evolved S1 zombie. If the S1 didn’t stop to eat a fresh meal, no one from the search party would have escaped.

“Follow me!” Yue Zhong looked at the Zhang Family Village, and plainly spoke. He brought along White Bones and Greenie towards the village. Three hundred zombies were already beneath them, even if his body is injured.


Seeing Yue Zhong stab towards the Zhang Family Village, Chen Wang and the other young men filled up with a manly spirit, and they closely followed behind Yue Zhong.

Arriving at the village entrance, Yue Zhong reached in his bag and felt for a type 54 pistol, and he opened fire at the village.

A gunshot boomed, the motionless zombies all turned their heads, and they began to wobble over towards their location.

There were three S1 agility type zombies rushing out of the village towards Yue Zhong.

Chen Wang saw the three S1 zombies running out of the village, and his expression became extremely pale. His body slightly quivered, and he said to Yue Zhong: “Captain Yue!! Those are the quick man eating monsters!!”

Chen Wang was a member of the original search party. He had personally seen the S1 kill three of his team members. One person was eaten on the spot, and two others were slashed. They were infected and became zombies. The wailing sound of the man being eaten still haunted Chen Wang.

The complexions of Chen Nian, Niuchao, Zhaoxing, and Sunye all changed upon seeing the S1. They practically wanted to turn around and flee.

“Take them out White Bones!” Yue Zhong saw the three S1 zombies rush over, and he commanded to White Bones. At the present level of White Bones, he could easily drop three S1s.

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