God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 803

On the ground, the terrifying horde of dinosaurs was charging over at Yue Zhong. All the trees and vegetation in the way were directly crushed and flattened.

Of their numbers, the diplodocuses were the most, while they were Type 4 Mutant Beasts, their speed was relatively slow. It was about half the speed of sound, comparable to 20 times that of a normal person. Such monstrous sizes usually equated to a dangerous strength, as well as innate abilities. However, their speed was sacrificed as a form of balance.

Even so, there were those Type 2 Microrapters which were even speedier. When they ran at their fastest, they were even 30% faster than Yue Zhong.

They continued to pounce on Yue Zhong from the back, using those claws that could rip little tears in the hide of Type 4 Mutant Beasts as they attacked him.

Behind them were the larger Megaraptors, and Velociraptors. As long as Yue Zhong slowed down slightly, he would end up in their midst and be torn apart.

He could almost smell their putrid breath right on his tail, and he took in a deep breath, pushing his Devil Flame to shoot up and at the horde of dinosaurs.

When those Microraptors were caught in the flames, they were instantly cooked like ants licked by fire, giving out crispy, crackling sounds as they fell to the ground, charred.

As a whole bunch of them were burnt to death, the larger Velociraptors and Megaraptors pounced on those bodies, consuming them. Some even fought among themselves, kicking off a domino effect of slaughter.

Still, many of the dinosaurs had been affected by the powder and were latched onto the scent of Yue Zhong’s blood. Thus, they continued to chase after him wildly.

Yue Zhong gazed at Greenie which was slaughtering those in the air and commanded in his mind, “Come down!”

Greenie gave up on chasing after those scattered Pterosaurs and flapped its wings to swoop down towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong leaped up onto its back, and Greenie soared back towards the skies with a flap of its wings.

When the dinosaurs on the ground lost their target, they became even wilder and more violent, slaughtering one another under the effects of the powder.

A large number of prehistoric Mutant bugs formed a terrifying cloud that continued to chase after Yue Zhong.

There were Mutant Mosquitoes with wingspans of 3m, Mutant Dragonflies with wingspans of over 10m, as well as Mutant Cockroaches with wingspans of over 6m. Each of them was fearsome, if released on Earth, they could cause a calamity. The most fearsome thing was, these bugs did not go around individually, but an entire swarm. They were chasing after Yue Zhong with numbers.

A single Mutant Bug’s strength might not exceed a Type 2 Mutant Beast, but a cloud of them could even swallow and devour an entire Type 4 Mutant Beast.

Yue Zhong gazed at the cloud of insects behind him, sending a powerful blast of Devil Flame towards them.

While controlling the Devil Flame, he chose not to condense the output, instead, allowing it to spread out. The area of effect was larger, reaching almost 10 times the original space. When he was dealing with those blood-sucking bees, he had used the same method.

When those bugs were torched by the cloud of fire, their wings began to burn and they fell from the skies.

These bugs had tenacious vitality, even after their wings were burned, and they slammed to the ground harshly, while many of them died upon impact, there were many others which survived. Especially the Mutant Cockroaches, they were the hardiest, only a few were burned to death.

As the cloud of bugs was dealt with, Yue Zhong sat on Greenie and charged straight into the clouds.

The bugs also had a limit to their altitude, after reaching a certain height, they could only give up and fly back down.

In the skies, Yue Zhong had a dark expression as the killing intent in his eyes burned, “Damn bastards, Sun Alliance! I’ll remember this!”

He had been cautious but was still plotted against by the Sun Alliance, almost becoming prey for a horde of Mutant Beasts and Bugs that had lost their rationality.

Yue Zhong then took the broken arm and placed it by his shoulder wound. As the Dark Dou Qi circulated, the tendrils and flesh began to reconnect. After an entire five minutes, the wound finished healing, although the expenditure of his Stamina and Spirit was not light.

“Looks like I need to give them a good taste of their medicine.”

After recovering, he got Greenie to fly back down.

In the lake, a number of Sun Warriors were treading on the water, supported by abilities. Each step they took caused more ripples out, while they continued to float above.

The elite troops soon came to a huge, meat mountain at the center of the lake, of about 100 meters in height, covering a span of over a kilometer.

Near the mountain, there was a huge hole of about 30m in diameter, its depths unclear, with a thick stench wafting out. There was disgusting black discharge oozing out from the hole, a truly revolting sight.

Shinya Takahiko ordered, “Do it!!”

With his order, the hundreds of soldiers aimed at the hole and fired out countless beams of white light.

As the light beams shot down the hole with unknown depths, huge chunks of flesh and blood blasted outwards.

With such a critical hit, the huge meat mountain shuddered, causing the water to churn and spread out like waves.

The Sun Warriors quickly leaped out of the way, dodging the towering waves.

A long and thick neck came out of the lake, extending towards the sky. This mountain was actually a Type 5 Diplodocus, its body over 2km long. Its neck itself was already a kilometer, and its eyes flashed with a ferocious light. All along its neck, there were many claw marks, bite marks to be seen, the injuries not healing entirely, giving off a putrid stench.

The regenerative abilities of a Type 5 Mutant Beast were no joke, however, on this world, many dinosaurs and beasts had lethal venom and viruses in their claws and teeth. Once injured, it was easy for infection to occur, slowing down the healing process.

With his Regeneration skill, Yue Zhong’s recovery abilities were faster than most Type 3 Mutant Beasts. However, when he was bitten by the Velociraptor upon arriving at this planet, he had almost died as well. It was simply due to the bacteria in the Mutant Beast’s mouth.

The 400 Sun Warriors were like ants in front of the Type 5 Diplodocus, when they saw it rise up, they could not help but shudder in fear. However, because they were the elites of the Sun Alliance, they did not allow it to affect their mindset. Instead, they readied their spears, pushing their attacks and concentrating them on the wounds of the Type 5 Diplodocus.

The various attacks slammed into the body of the Type 5 Diplodocus.

When the white radiance hit the scales of the Diplodocus, the scales were dented, but the beast was not affected greatly. However, when the attacks hit the huge wounds, the flesh and blood of the Diplodocus would be blasted apart, aggravating them.

Had the Type 5 Diplodocus been at its peak condition, these humans would not even stand a chance. However, it was riddled with injuries, thus, it could only suffer from the opportune attack by them.

As it was assaulted at such a critical stage, the behemoth became infuriated, swinging its massive tail and slamming it on the numerous Sun Warriors.

Without any warning, those who were struck by that tail were turned into meat paste instantly, the Sun Armor on them that was made out of special alloys also dented beyond recognition.

The Type 5 Diplodocus’s strength was truly not weaker than most Type 7 Divine Warriors of the various species. It did not matter how strong the Sun Armor was, there was no way of defending against that attack.

With a single slap, over 40 Sun Warriors were killed. The rest of them suppressed their fear and continued to channel their attacks, firing their beams of light at the injured Type 5 Diplodocus.

Faced with an onslaught of over hundreds of attacks, even the Type 5 Diplodocus felt the impending sense of doom. Its eyes flashed and it swung its tail left and right.

Large parts of the lake water were churned up into towering waves that roared towards the Sun Warriors.

As the waves slammed into them, the Sun Warriors were swept away like ants and scattered, many of them forced down under the surface.

All the remaining soldiers were sent flying back, suffering heavy injuries.

The Type 5 Diplodocus then turned around and sucked up large amounts of the lake water, causing hundreds of Sun Warriors to enter its body along with the water.

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