God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 804

Even in its injured state, the Type 5 Diplodocus was no pushover, as it easily consumed over a hundred Sun Warriors.

At this time, an electromagnetic beam shot from afar, slamming into the eye of the Type 5 Diplodocus.

The right eye of the Diplodocus was already injured before this. That single electromagnetic beam blasted the entire area, causing mucus and eye matter to leak.

As expected, such an accurate shot was carried out by the top sniper of the Sun Alliance, Fujiki Ichiro.

Its right eye heavily injured, the Type 5 Diplodocus began to thrash about in pain.

The lake began to churn as though a hurricane had appeared above it, causing devastating tsunami waves to spread out in all directions.

A number of the Sun Warriors saw the waves and their faces fell, quickly retreating backward.

Shinya Takahiko looked at the struggling Type 5 Diplodocus, his expression ugly, “Damn it, why is it still not dead?!”

By this time, the Sun Alliance had already lost 200 soldiers, and yet, while the Type 5 Diplodocus was heavily injured, it did not show any signs of dying yet.

He looked at the monstrous beast before barking at 10 Sun Warriors in silver Sun Armor, “Go! Attack! Make sure that you attack its injuries! It must die today! Otherwise, we’ll fall to the bottom of the 3 overlords of this Green Region!!”

The silver Sun Armor of these generals all lit up, as the runes expanded and covered them, enhancing them to reach the realm of Type 4.

They then blasted forward, charging towards the Type 5 Diplodocus.

As the Type 5 Diplodocus was still focused on its eye wound and was struggling about in pain, the 10 Sun Warrior generals managed to get close to it.

They leaped up nimbly onto its back and charged towards it neck in a few steps.

When they were all located near a wound on the long neck of the Diplodocus, they began using the battle spear to thrust wildly and viciously, tearing more meat and blood from the wounds, chipping away at the life force of the behemoth.

Under the efforts of the 10 Type 4 experts, the wounds on the neck of the Diplodocus became even more serious as time passed.

The beast could not help but unleash an earthshaking roar of pain, causing a powerful shockwave to spread throughout the lake.

Over a hundred ordinary Sun Warriors immediately suffered burst eardrums, blood flowing out of their orifices, as they doubled over on the floor in pain.

The 10 Sun Warriors continued to dig deep into the body of the Type 5 Diplodocus and did not suffer the effects of the shockwave. They continued to unleash blow after blow, nourished by the Sun Armor on them. Without the armor, these soldiers would not have been able to burrow into the body of the beast, after all, they were just human.

Facing the humans who were burrowing into its body like a virus, the Type 5 Diplodocus roared out in rage and pain, slamming its tail on its own neck.

When the huge tail slammed into the wounds, its muscles tightened, directly crushing 2 of the Sun Warriors into meat paste.

Seeing this, the remaining 8 Sun Warriors felt fear, and quickly dashed out from the wounds, fleeing.

Noticing that the humans were finally forced out, the Type 5 Diplodocus’s eyes flashed fiercely, and it swung its tail again, smacking into 3 more Sun Warriors with the entire force of its monstrous weight, turning them into meat paste, mixed together with the alloy of their armor.

After killing another 3 of them, the behemoth swept its tail once more, bringing with it a frightening force towards another 2 Sun Warrior generals, crushing the 2 of them.

The huge tail of more than a hundred meters in length was the strongest weapon of this Type 5 Beast. It could even injure a Type 5 Tyrannosaurus Rex. If a Type 6 Divine Warrior were to be slammed with this tail, he or she would likewise be crushed. With the enhancement powers of the Sun Armor, the various generals were already at the Type 4 Divine Warrior realm, but in front of the Type 5 Diplodocus, it was nothing.

“Fucking strong! This beast is truly too frightening!!”

Up in the clouds, Yue Zhong was riding Greenie’s back as he looked down. Seeing the Sun Warrior generals being smashed into meat paste, he could not help but feel a chill down his back. His own fate would not be any different if he went down now. The fact that he had managed to kill the heavily injured Type 5 Crocodile-head Beast was because the beast was heavily injured. Had it still been moving, he would have been squashed.

10 Sun Warrior generals had acted, but only 2 managed to make it out alive, escaping to Shinya Takahiko’s side.

The Type 5 Diplodocus was truly enraged, its bloodshot eyes staring straight at the Sun Alliance, and it began to charge towards them.

While the beast had monstrous strength, it had a single weakness, which was its speed was the lowest of the Type 5 realm. However, due to its length easily exceeding 2km, each step it took exceeded a hundred steps of a human, hence, when it moved at its maximum speed, its speed was still nearing that of sound, equivalent to a Type 4 Divine Warrior.

Seeing the movements of the Type 5 Diplodocus, the 2 Sun Warrior generals who were thoroughly frightened screamed out and ran towards the city.

The eyes of the Shinya Takahiko flashed coldly, as he roared out coldly into the voice transmitter, “Fools!! Don’t lead that monster to the city!! Run elsewhere!!”

The Type 5 Diplodocus had exceeded his expectations, having never fought with a Type 5 Mutant Beast before. He had not expected it to be so terrifying even when injured.

He was an intelligent man and as he eyed his fleeing men, he barked into the voice transmitter, “Storm Valley! Run towards the Storm Valley!”

The 2 Sun Warrior generals adjusted their route when they heard Shinya Takahiko’s voice, and quickly dashed towards the direction of Storm Valley.

The Type 5 Diplodocus continued to chase with bloodshot eyes, its entire frame like a mountain. Along its path, all the trees and vegetation were either knocked away or crushed.

The difference between Mutant Beasts and intelligent evolved life forms were that Mutant Beasts had lower intelligence. That was why, a Type 4 Mutant Beast had a strength that could frighten a Type 5 Divine Warrior, but likewise, it could be hunted by a Type 3 Divine Warrior. Furthermore, Type 5 Divine Warriors were intelligent beings and given enough time, they would be able to find the weaknesses of such beasts.

Yue Zhong patted Greenie’s back and ordered, “Greenie, go kill those 2 men!” He thought silently, “You want to head to the Storm Valley? Impossible! Today will be your Sun Alliance’s demise!!”

Greenie shot towards them instantly.

With its Mach speed, the 2 Sun Warrior generals were instantly grabbed after 2 breaths and Greenie’s claws pierced through their heads before it charged back into the skies.

“Yue Zhong!! Damn it!! It really is him, he has a flying Type 4 Beast!! Fuck!!” Shinya Takahiko caught sight of Yue Zhong on Greenie’s back, and he was instantly enraged. As he cursed, he had a terrifying thought, as to why Yue Zhong would choose this time to appear.

Quickly, his deepest fears came through, Yue Zhong made use of the spider silk to hand the bodies of the 2 Sun Warrior generals, dragging them in front of the Type 5 Diplodocus as they flew forwards, leading the beast towards the city of the Sun Alliance.

“Shit!! Shit!!”

Shinya Takahiko flew into a rage, the Sun Armor on his body glowing. He was enveloped by a powerful strength, and he immediately charged after them with a peak Type 4 strength.

At this moment, Yue Zhong was still on Greenie’s back, constantly activating his Shadow Steps, preventing the sniper Fujiki Ichiro from hitting him. Shinya Takahiko had no choice but to act personally.

With his enhanced speed, he quickly caught up to them.

“You’re here? Even if you’re here personally, it’s useless!”

Yue Zhong saw Shinya Takahiko and his eyes flashed coldly, tapping Greenie’s back, and it slowed down slightly, pulling the distance between them and the Type 5 Diplodocus closer.

Seeing this, Shinya Takahiko had no choice but to slow down and run on the outskirts, not daring to get close to the Type 5 beast.

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