God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 805

Shinya Takahiko did not dare to get close, only shouting at the top of his lungs, “Yue Zhong, I’m willing to hand all the tech to you, and send you 100 Sun Armor. As long as you lead the Type 5 Diplodocus away, and lure it to the Storm Valley, I will also send you 5 absolute beauties, and work together with you to control the entire Green Region!!”

Yue Zhong watched him and laughed coldly, “Can your words be fucking trusted, you slimy bastard? Today will be the date your Sun Alliance falls.”

Since the Type 5 Diplodocus had been injured so heavily, it was sure to bring forth a calamity. When it reached the Sun Alliance City, it would definitely destroy everything in its path.

Shinya Takahiko’s face turned pale as he tried another tactic to convince Yue Zhong, “Yue Zhong, this time, it’s my fault. However, the 100,000 people in the city are innocent! If you were to lure this beast over, are you going to sentence those people to their deaths? Their homes would be destroyed because of you!! And their future will become bleak because of your actions!!”

He continued hastily, “Yue Zhong, lure this beast away. I know where another Type 5 Beast is residing, as long as the 2 of them clash against each other, we have a chance of killing them. With their nuclei and meat, we can become the overlords of the Green Region!”

Yue Zhong laughed coldly, “Fine! You commit suicide, I can still consider letting Sun Alliance City off. For the sake of the 100,000 people there, you can go ahead and kill yourself!! Otherwise, they will die because of your actions, and their future will become bleak because of you!”

When Shinya Takahiko heard that, his expression turned ugly, as he gritted his teeth and said, “Yue Zhong!! You’ll regret this!! I will use all I have to annihilate everything you hold dear!! Your subordinates, your women, and your people!! I will kill them all!!”

After that, with a tap of his foot, he made his way crazily towards Sun Alliance City.

“Trying to flee?”

With a thought, he channeled his Summon Tamed Beast technique, and Type 4 Lightning appeared out of a void, pouncing towards Shinya Takahiko.

The speed of Type 4 Lightning was incredibly fast, exceeding even some Type 5 Divine Warriors. In a flash, it had caught up to Shinya Takahiko and slashed at its head.

“Another Type 4 Mutant Beast!! You can actually command 2!!” Shinya Takahiko stared in horror at the approaching beast and a huge sense of danger arose. The Type 4 nucleus in his Sun Armor glowed brightly, pushing his strength to the realm of a Type 5 Divine Warrior.

He then made use of his surge in strength to slam a fist at Lightning’s claws. His power exploded out, sending Lightning soaring back.

As an Agility-based Mutant Beast, its speed exceeded that of a Type 5 Divine Warrior. However, its Strength was at most comparable to a Type 3 Mutant Beast.

Lightning was sent flying backward by a single blow. It tumbled in mid-air, the moment it landed, it disappeared from its location and appeared right behind Shinya Takahiko in a bid to slash at his head.

He was prepared for it, sending another fist out at Lightning.

Both parties became tangled, in a short span of time, it was unclear who would emerge victorious.

Lightning’s speed made it hard to kill, while Shinya Takahiko held the advantage with the help of his Sun Armor, he could not do anything about Lightning.

With its harassment, Shinya Takahiko’s speed of retreat was reduced drastically and was only able to maintain momentum alongside the Type 5 Diplodocus.

Just like that, the group made their way closer to the Sun Alliance City.

“What the hell is that?”




When the people in Sun Alliance City saw the massive Type 5 Diplodocus appearing in the horizon, their faces turned to one of horror and fear. Many began to scream and the city was plunged in chaos.

In front of such a behemoth, even Ultraman would seem like a dwarf in front of it.

Many started to lose their shit as they ran around frantically within the city walls. The entire city fell into chaos, as some took the opportunity to rob and rape, giving into their desires before they died.

“Fire arrows!! Fire arrows!!”

In such a critical time, the warriors stationed at the top of the city wall maintained their calm and listened to orders barked by their captain, a man with a huge beard, wielding a large curved blade.

With his orders, the soldiers of the Sun Alliance City released their arrows at the approaching Type 5 Diplodocus.

Most of those on top of the city wall were Type 2 Divine Warriors, their arrows could pierce even armored vehicles. However, as these arrows met the flesh of the Type 5 Diplodocus, they bounced off without doing much. Some of the arrows managed to pierce through the injuries, but they did not cause much harm.

To the Type 5 Diplodocus, these arrows were not even like toothpicks.

The commander saw that their attacks were ineffective, his face turning pale, yet he continued to grit teeth to order, “Load up the God-Breaking Crossbow!!”

A hundred soldiers quickly came up to a huge crossbow made out of the bones of a huge mutant beast, it was about 10m in length, loading up an arrow, also a mutant beast bone sharpened. They pulled the crossbow before releasing it at the maximum tautness.

The bone arrows soared through the air with a loud swish, slamming into the body of the Type 5 Diplodocus.

The might of God-Breaking Crossbow was truly terrifying, penetrating the scales of the Type 5 Diplodocus and blasting out a bloody wound.

However, with a slight shake, the large bone arrows would be squeezed out by its muscles, and the large bloody holes began healing at a visible rate.

This was the true terror of the regenerative ability of a Type 5 Mutant Beast, if it wasn’t for the many festering wounds on its body, injuring this behemoth through human means were unimaginable.

Seeing this scene, all the soldiers felt despair. There was nothing they could do to cause any noticeable damage to the Type 5 Diplodocus.

The God-Breaking Crossbow was indeed enough to hurt the Type 5 Diplodocus, and the enraged beast was even more furious now. It increased its pace, and charged towards Sun Alliance City. With every step, the earth seemed to shake.

Within 3 seconds, the behemoth had arrived at the city wall. It swung its huge tail and slammed it against the wall.


The entire wall that was sturdy and resilient enough to fend off attackers came crumbling down in multiple chunks.

The hundreds of soldiers stationed on top the wall became buried beneath the rubble.

Inside the city, a hundred Sun Warriors in white Sun Armor came charging out, led by 5 silver Sun Warriors. These were the final guards stationed in the city.

On top of that, a thousand more soldiers came rushing out with large bows.

They clamored up to high vantage points situated throughout the city and began to fire at the Type 5 Diplodocus.

As the Sun Battle Spears fired out light beams, arrows flew through the air as well, together with a few electromagnetic beams, assaulting the Type 5 Diplodocus on all fronts.

Faced with such an onslaught of attacks, the injuries of the Type 5 Mutant Beast worsened, as fresh blood sprayed everywhere.

The massive beast bellowed in rage and pain, charging further into the city.

Due to its weight, each step caused the ground to tremble, and its footprints were etched deep into the ground. Its tail swung towards the palace, turning it into a mountain of debris, as countless soldiers perished.

There did not seem to be anything that could impede its rage and carnage. Over 2,000 soldiers fought with their lives on the line, yet were like ants, not doing anything to the monstrous beast.

Shinya Takahiko watched his city crumble to the ground, the efforts of his predecessors before him going to waste. He felt his chest stifled, and spat out a mouthful of blood, before roaring like an enraged demon, “Beast! Yue Zhong you fucking beast!! I will kill you!! I will kill all those close to you!!”

Yue Zhong disposed of the 2 Sun Warrior generals with a swing, causing their corpses to land in the center of the city.

The Type 5 Diplodocus charged forth, stomping all over the corpses, causing the ground to be filled with blood, unleashing its anger at being injured by those measly ants beneath it.

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