God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 806

The Type 5 Diplodocus continued to rampage throughout Sun Alliance City, its tail swinging across multiple buildings. Everything was being destroyed, and the casualties count was rising.

The elite soldiers were easily crushed like ants beneath the Type 5 Diplodocus. Many people were crying and screaming as they tried to flee in various directions.

Yue Zhong rode on Greenie’s back, appearing within the luxurious palace in a breath.

He had just leaped down from Greenie’s back when 8 elite soldiers wielding long spears charged out suddenly, thrusting towards Yue Zhong.

He flashed about and evaded their strikes, dashing through their midst.

The 8 soldiers felt their eyes vision go blurry, and their bodies were instantly sliced in countless pieces, as blood splattered everywhere.

After casually killing 8 Sun Alliance soldiers, Yue Zhong pulled out a small handheld computer with a radar component attached.

He looked towards the display and asked Bai Yi, “Within this region, are there any signs or traces of any computers?”

The tablet with the radar component was able to send out radio waves, as long as there were any computer or electronics in usage, it would be picked up by the computer.

Bai Yi’s eyes flashed with data lines, in the end shaking her head, “No, there’re no traces of any computers.”

“Seems like I can only use the other method.”

He caught sight of 4 Sun Alliance soldiers running towards him in a frenzy. With a tap of his foot, he disappeared from his position, and immediately smacked the back of the heads of the 4 soldiers, knocking them unconscious.


He then pointed at their foreheads, sending out 4 Puppet Runes into their foreheads.

Their bodies shuddered momentarily before standing up, their eyes blank and vacant.

“Which of you know where the prehistoric tech is being kept?”

The 4 soldiers shook their heads, obviously, their ranks were not high enough to know classified secrets.

Yue Zhong then ordered, “Take me to your original captain!”


They replied respectfully, turning around, and began weaving through the palace.

Inside the palace, every few seconds, there were soldiers coming at them, and they were easily sliced in two by Yue Zhong.

While these soldiers were strong existences to normal humans, to Yue Zhong, with his peak Type 4 Divine Warrior status, they were just measly ants.

Under their guidance, Yue Zhong came to a secret basement and sliced it open with a single slash.

The moment the door was cut open, 6 elderly men looked towards Yue Zhong in fear, each of them flanked by 2 Type 3 Divine Warriors. They were the 6 leaders of the major clans within the Sun Alliance.

Shinya Takahiko was the strongest expert within Sun City and was the clan leader of the Shinya Clan. In order to control the entire Sun Alliance, the clan required the support of the other clans.

One burly Type 3 Divine Warrior tapped his feet and dashed towards Yue Zhong with a terrifying speed.

With a casual wave of his sword, the Type 3 Divine Warrior was immediately sliced in two, fresh blood spraying everywhere.

“All together!!”

One of the soldiers roared and with a tap of his feet, he charged towards Yue Zhong by summoning multiple clones.

Another soldier waved his hands, firing darts at Yue Zhong.

Yet another narrowed his eyes, channeling a powerful gravitational force to envelop Yue Zhong.

The 11 Type 3 Divine Warriors all revealed their strongest abilities, doing their best to bury Yue Zhong at where they were.

Facing such a fearsome attack, Yue Zhong simply took a step, his blade flashing through the air, and the 11 Type 3 Divine Warriors were turned into slabs of meat that fell to the ground.

One of the old men squeaked out in fear, “Don’t kill me!! Spare me!! I will lead the Sakata Clan to submit to you!!”

One old man trembled with fear as he pleaded, “Don’t kill me!! I’m willing to exchange gold for my life! I can also take out a Type 4 Nucleus as well as 200 beautiful girls in exchange!!”

These powerful old men within the Sun Alliance were all rich, yet fearful of death. They already lost their courage and vigor of youth. The moment they saw Yue Zhong turning their guards into minced meat, they threw all dignity and pride out the window.

“I can spare you guys, but as my puppets!”

Yue Zhong laughed coldly, and slapped at their necks, knocking them out, before shooting Puppet Runes into their foreheads.

After gaining control of these 6 clan heads, he asked them solemnly, “Where are the prehistoric tech being kept?”

The Fujita Clan head, Fujita Shiki, spoke up, “In the center of the palace, there’s a treasury about 3 levels underground. In order to go there, there has to be Shinya Takahiko’s written consent as well as the agreement between us 6 leaders.”

Yue Zhong directly ordered, “Take me there!”


Since he gave the order, the puppets led him quickly through the center of the palace. Along the way, more soldiers appeared to obstruct them but were easily taken care of by Yue Zhong.

In front of a huge alloy door, with 2 headless corpses lying beside it, Fujita Shiki pointed at it and remarked, “This is it, in order to get through, you’ll need Shinya Takahiko’s authorization!”

“Break for me!!”

Yue Zhong pulled out his Flame Blade and slashed down once, causing the door to break into multiple pieces.

He stepped through and immediately noticed a bunch of Electromagnetic Guns, Sun Battle Spears, as well as Sun Armors laid out neatly within.

The total number of equipment could easily equip 2,000 soldiers. However, the concave sphere shapes within each equipment were all empty. Without Mutant Beast nuclei, it was impossible to utilize them.

Within this treasury, the silver Sun Armor numbered the least, only 20 sets were laid out. It was obvious that this particular equipment was rare.

At the center of the treasure, there were 2 light-gold Sun Armor, on them, there were numerous mysterious runes engraved on them. At the same time, the armor was covered with small sharp spikes, giving off a threatening feel.

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