God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 808

Facing such an onslaught, the Type 5 Diplodocus was once infuriated, charging towards Yue Zhong’s direction in a frenzy.

By now, Yue Zhong was extremely clear on the attacking style and weaknesses. He dodged to one side, while continually firing at the Type 5 Diplodocus.

The Type 5 Diplodocus has a wide surface area and monstrous strength. Its regenerative abilities were overpowered and it had tough scales. However, there was a weak point, which was, its speed. It was barely at the level of a Type 4 Divine Warrior, and according to Yue Zhong’s observation, the Type 5 Diplodocus did not seem to possess any innate skills.

A chase ensued, one chasing the other fleeing, as they quickly left the city. Under Yue Zhong’s continuous assault, every single wound of the Type 5 Diplodocus continued to bleed badly.

The recovery rate of the Type 5 Diplodocus was insanely strong, however, although it was injured, it quickly healed from its wounds, chasing after Yue Zhong with renewed vigor.

Yue Zhong frowned, “This can’t go on, otherwise, even after one more day, I won’t do much more to this fellow. In fact, it’s likely I’ll suffer.”

Although the body of the Type 5 Diplodocus was riddled with wounds, looking extremely pathetic, in truth, it still had plenty of vitality, and it could destroy another 2 cities if given the chance.

With a flip of his hands, Yue Zhong whipped out the light-gold Sun Armor, inserting a Type 5 Nucleus into the slot.

The gold Sun Armor immediately radiated, releasing a powerful aura, giving off a threatening feel.

He quickly put it on and felt the immense energy powering his body. Under its enhancement, his strength was rising rapidly.

“Type 5 initial realm, Type 5 mid realm!! No! This is my limit, any further and my body would not be able to take it.”

Yue Zhong’s strength was pushed to the middle realm of Type 5 and he chose to stop the strengthening. Under the support of the Type 5 Nucleus, the light-gold Sun Armor could push a person to reach the Type 6 Divine Warrior level, however, Yue Zhong’s body could not endure such force. It would cause his body to explode.

After having his body reached the mid-stage of Type 5, with a tap of his foot, his entire body shot towards the Type 5 Diplodocus.

In a few breaths of time, Yue Zhong had reached the Type 5 Diplodocus, his entire body turning blurry, before splitting into 3 that shot in different directions.

The Type 5 Diplodocus swung its massive tail, bringing along a number of trees and boulders as it struck one of the Yue Zhongs, turning him into dust.

Although the speed of the Type 5 Diplodocus was considered slow, as long as anything entered its range, its tail could turn even a Type 6 Divine Warrior into meat paste.

The Type 5 Diplodocus slapped its tail against the ground 3 times, causing countless trees and boulders to be uprooted and flew around in a powerful hurricane, and all 3 Yue Zhongs were smashed into bits.

As the last Yue Zhong was smacked apart, from the various debris, Yue Zhong shot towards the skies, running up the body of the behemoth, reaching one of the wounds in a flash.

When he reached his destination, the light-gold Sun Armor on him glowed brightly, allowing the Type 5 Nucleus to fill him with energy. He readied the spear in his hands and thrust it viciously into the wound.

A powerful golden beam shot out, piercing through the body, causing a large amount of flesh and blood to be churned out.

This single strike from Yue Zhong was more powerful than the combined efforts of the 10 Sun Warrior generals, almost penetrating through the entire neck of the Type 5 Diplodocus.

The Type 5 Diplodocus let out a painful roar, swinging its powerful tail towards the wound that Yue Zhong was on.


Following a powerful impact, the muscles of the massive dinosaur went taut, forcing Yue Zhong out.

Yue Zhong seemed to have anticipated such a strike, quickly placing the gold Sun Battle Spear horizontally, forcing the power of the Sun Armor into the spear, causing it to fire out a golden beam through both ends.

The tightening muscles of the Type 5 Diplodocus was instant shredded causing more blood to flow.

The Type 5 Diplodocus immediately roared with pain and started to charge in some random direction, continually using its tail to smack its neck, hoping to cause enough shock to Yue Zhong to kill him.

Had Yue Zhong only been at Type 4 Stage, he would definitely have been struck dead by the continuous powerful slaps. However, while hiding in its flesh with his newfound Type 5 strength, he forcefully bore the impact and continued to tear his way around the body. Countless blood arrows were forced out of the neck of the Type 5 Diplodocus, splattering on the ground.

The body of the Type 5 Diplodocus was regenerating at a terrifying pace, however, with the constant blows by Yue Zhong at his Type 5 Divine Warrior stage, it could not recover fast enough.

After running for a long time, the Type 5 Diplodocus let out one last moan of agony, before slumping to the ground.

Feeling it falling, he continued to stay within its body, not daring to make any sudden moves, instead, continuing to destroy the body from within.

Another 3 minutes passed, he felt that the behemoth was no longer moving, he carefully climbed out from the large wounds of the Type 5 Diplodocus.

Yue Zhong ran another lap around the wound, ascertaining that the Type 5 Diplodocus was immobile, before running towards its head.

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