God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 810

Willianna got close to Yue Zhong and grabbed his clothes, coldly saying, “I’m warning you, don’t try anything funny. You’d better be obedient; if you dare disturb Her Majesty, even if you die 10 times, it will be insufficient to cleanse your offense!”

She saw that Yue Zhong was being so compliant and felt suspicious. However, the Queen was already prepared to deal with the huge matter at hand, thus she had no choice but to bring Yue Zhong along and guard against him.

Yue Zhong glanced at the alluring Willianna and chuckled, “Relax, I won’t try anything funny. Furthermore, isn’t it good to have me beside you? If I am harboring any thoughts, the first unlucky one will be you.”

She looked at him, and snorted condescendingly, “Hmph! Just you? I can easily subdue you. Although your innate physique might be stronger than us women, under proper training and combat, women are not necessarily worse than men! We might even be stronger!!”

Obviously, this Willianna was quite an opinionated feminist.


Yue Zhong did not even attempt to discuss this topic with her, instead, observing his surroundings carefully.

Soon after, from the forest, 200 beautiful female warriors equipped with green battle armor that had runes engraved on it, as well as longbows on their backs came trekking out. Their faces were cold and impassive, their gaits steady and containing a certain hidden strength.

They continued to weave through the forest, maintaining their vigilance, taking up posts and positions. The moment anything were to go wrong, they would be able to react at the first notice.

Under the protection of 8 fair-skinned beauties equipped with the same green battle armor, an exceptional woman with an incomparable grace and allure came walking over. She had a beautiful white cape attached to her battle armor, her thick lush hair flowing down. Her legs were long and beautiful, her figure voluptuous and perfect, and her aura was both icy and oppressive.

Yue Zhong caught sight of that beautiful leader, her entire bearing was enough for him to sigh inwardly, “Beautiful! What a powerful woman!”

This controller of the Storm Valley, Luo Qing Qing was definitely the most self-confident and beautiful woman that Yue Zhong had seen. Even Qi Qing’er was slightly inferior.

Every single one of her guards was also top beauties, their demeanor and attitude the same, and they would not lose to Chen Yao or Ji Qing Wu in terms of looks. However, when walking beside Luo Qing Qing, they were reduced to the leaves of a rose.

It was the first time Yue Zhong had seen such a woman who was exuding overbearingness, as though there was nothing she could not do, and no enemy she could not defeat.

Such arrogance and confidence could only come from countless victorious battles, maintaining authority for more than a number of years. It was apparent that this woman did not just rely on her looks alone, but was a capable and powerful leader, a Type 4 Divine Warrior in her own right.

Even without the proper battle experience, a person could rely on the Blood Honey to reach the Type 4 Divine Warrior stage. However, such a person would not be able to best another Type 4 Divine Warrior who managed to climb their way up. The aura would definitely be different.

“Greetings, Your Majesty!”

In an orderly fashion, every single female warrior got down on their knees, calling out their greetings with reverence. They held a deep respect for this woman in front of them. Because of her, they were able to lead a life of dignity and pride.


Even the icy Willianna was on her knees, a look of reverence on her face as she gazed at Luo Qing Qing.

In this area, among all the kneeling female warriors, only Yue Zhong was standing, sticking out like a sore thumb.

Willianna saw Yue Zhong standing out by her side, and her heart was shocked. However, she was afraid of offending the Queen, so she did not make any noise or actions, instead, gritting her teeth through it.

“Rise! Make preparations for battle!”

Luo Qing Qing did not seem to spare a glance over, just ordering indifferently as she continued towards the direction of the Type 5 Diplodocus.

“Thank you, Your Majesty!”

As she left, the female warriors stood up.

Willianna immediately grabbed Yue Zhong’s clothes and barked viciously, “Damn bastard, why didn’t you kneel?”

Yue Zhong took in her fragrance, shrugging nonchalantly, “She’s your Queen, not mine. I don’t have to kneel.”

In response, Willianna stared coldly at Yue Zhong, “Wait till we get back to Storm Valley, you’ll get it!”

Yue Zhong laughed and did not argue with her.

Seeing that Yue Zhong was still so carefree, Willianna got even more furious. She was used to men trying to get her attention or agreeing with her, but seeing this indifferent person in front of her made her feel like whipping him. However, in front of the Queen, she did not dare do anything. Hence, she just suppressed her annoyance.

“Kyoko, how is it?”

Luo Qing Qing came up to one of the footprints left by Mount Tai and asked a young, pretty girl beside her with short hair, a petite build, and an impressive pair of breasts.

This big-boobed beauty was called Ao Kyoko, one of the 8 personal guards of the Storm Valley Queen. She had a powerful analytical ability.

Luo Qing Qing was able to expand and consolidate her control and authority within the Green Region alongside two other male overlords was also due to her 8 personal guards.

A powerful faction could not just rely on a single leader, there had to be many other talented delegated positions as well.

Kyoko grabbed a handful of mud that was dyed with blood and took a whiff, before looking around. She frowned and said, “This Type 5 Diplodocus seemed to have been gravely injured, and laid here. However, it suddenly recovered for some strange reason and left.”

Luo Qing Qing arched her brows, and came to a scarily accurate guess, “Type 5 Diplodocus? The Sun Alliance actually dared set their sights on it. They truly do not know the vastness of the heavens and earth. Even if a Type 5 Mutant Beast was heavily injured, it would be able to destroy any one of our headquarters.”

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