God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 811

Another member of the guard, a tall and smart-looking beauty asked with a frown, “Your Majesty, how could you tell that it was the Sun Alliance?”

“The only ones who could possibly injure a Type 5 Mutant Beast can only be us 3 hegemons. Since it was not our Storm Valley, that leaves the Sun Alliance and the Pterosaur Mountain. Knowing those guys from the Pterosaur Mountain, they would not do something like that without being absolutely confident. They’re too careful and pragmatic. From the trail of the Type 5 Diplodocus, it is very likely from the direction of the Sun Alliance City.”

“Shinya Takahiko is truly a despicable person. Seeing that he couldn’t handle this Type 5 Diplodocus himself, he actually chose to lure it here to our Storm Valley. This debt, I will definitely collect it personally!” Luo Qing Qing gnashed her teeth as she ordered out with an overbearing tone, “Yin Ji!”

A petite girl of only about 1.25 meter stood out, her loli face full of respect, “Your subject is here!”

Luo Qing Qing gave a simple but cruel order, “Go investigate the Sun City! If there’s a chance, get the heads of 2 of their generals.”

“Yes! Your Majesty!”

The lady who looked even smaller and younger than a girl replied in a clear and bright tone, before disappearing from her spot.

The other smart-looking lady suddenly spoke, “Your Majesty, there is one more power that actually possesses the capability to contend with a Type 5 Mutant Beast.”

Luo Qing Qing arched her brows as she responded, “Ying Lan, you mean the faction in Vulture Valley under Yue Zhong?”

Ying Lan nodded, “That man called Yue Zhong, is between the age of 21 to 25. He had suddenly appeared in Shao Village, before swallowing the Vulture Tribe and Velociraptor Tribe. Just recently, the troops sent by the Sun Alliance to attack him were annihilated by him. He is rumored to have 2 Type 4 experts and had gained a number of the Sun Armor to boost his own forces. They should be capable of attacking a Type 5 Mutant Beast as well.”

Luo Qing Qing nodded in agreement, “That’s true. However, it’s not possible for Yue Zhong to know of this Type 5 Diplodocus intel. Only a number of us from the 3 factions knew about this. It’s unlikely that it’s him.”

Ying Lan also nodded in agreement, “That’s true. That intelligence was obtained at a huge cost. He might not have gotten wind about it so quickly.”

The injured Type 5 Diplodocus was discovered by the Sun Alliance, however, the Storm Valley and Pterosaur Mountain had paid a large price to obtain this information through their spies. However, the Type 5 Mutant Beast was too terrifying, hence, no one actually gathered a force to hunt it down.

Luo Qing Qing frowned and challenged, “However, this Yue Zhong person is truly someone else, to be able to achieve so much in such a short time. Ying Lan, I’ll leave the information gathering to you.”

Yue Zhong’s meteoric rise caused even Luo Qing Qing to feel a little threatened. Although she was confident in herself and proud, she was not stupid. She never underestimated her enemies and would use all she had to crush her foes. This was the reason why she had never lost.

Ying Lan nodded slightly, “Yes! Your Majesty!”

The remaining 7 elite personal guards continued to scour the area for clues, however, it was to no avail.

“Let’s go back!”

Under her orders, her personal guards left together with her.

The 200 other Storm Valley Warriors quickly followed behind as they left the forest.

Once the Queen and her party left, Willianna heaved a sigh of relief, nudging Yue Zhong with unkind intentions, cackling, “Let’s move! Yue Zhong!!”

Yue Zhong did not seem to mind as he strolled alongside her, he was after all, curious about Storm Valley.

A man’s physique was naturally stronger than a woman. Of course, there were some exceptions. In this plane, where dinosaurs, Mutant Beasts, prehistoric life forms and other Mutant Bugs were rampant, it was hard for a woman to establish an entire faction on their own.

Once a woman tried to establish a faction, it would usually be swallowed by a nearby male-dominated faction.

Luo Qing Qing had actually managed to raise this Storm Valley in the Green Region, it was an impressive thing.

“So this is the entrance of Storm Valley?”

Yue Zhong gazed at the entrance of Storm Valley and was taken aback.

Right in front of his eyes, the so-called entrance of the Storm Valley was a cliff that was buffeted by hurricanes without stop. A number of long iron chains connected their end to the cliff on the opposite side. As the winds howled around them, one would easily lose his or her nerve just by looking out.

One by one, the female warriors got on the long metal chains, braving the storm to climb towards the other end.

As the winds blew around them, even the elites of the Storm Valley had to be careful. They took their time, on one occasion, one particular female warrior was almost blown off. Fortunately, the captain was able to grab her in the nick of time, preventing her death.

Willianna stared at Yue Zhong with an evil smile, “Are you scared? Only the fearless can get past this natural ‘city wall’ to enter our Storm Valley.”

Yue Zhong held out his hands that were bound tightly and asked nonchalantly, “Well then, let me ask, how do you expect me to get across?”

In return, Willianna revealed a smug smile, as though it was all happening according to plan, “This is a small problem, however, don’t worry, I’ll take you across!”

After that, she pulled out a long Mutant Beast tendon, attaching it to his cuffs, and pulled on it, “Let’s go! Even if you fall, I can drag you up!”

The chain was a tough one to navigate even with all 4 limbs on it, evidently, Willianna was trying to make a fool out of Yue Zhong.

With a grin, Yue Zhong hopped lightly onto the chain, his Dark Dou Qi gathering silently at his soles, sticking tightly to the chain. He then walked on it as though he was walking on normal ground.


“This man is not simple!”

“He must be an expert!”


A few of the female warriors saw how easily Yue Zhong was maneuvering the chain, their eyes lighting up with interest.

As men were attracted to beautiful and sexy women, women were also likewise attracted to those handsome, clean, talented and wealthy or men of authority.

In this world, the strong was more revered than looks.

The female warrior that had appeared before Yue Zhong earlier together with Willianna stepped up, watching his back and licking her lips, “Willianna, this Yue Zhong is interesting! I like him very much! How about I give you 10 handsome men in exchange for him?”

Willianna immediately rejected, “No way! He’s my prey! Kawashima Reiko, I’m warning you, he’s the prey I caught.”

Kawashima Reiko’s eyes flashed with a lustful glint, “He was found by the two of us, we should be sharing him! Why not, let’s enjoy him between the both of us? He’s so strong, his taste and stamina must be good!!”

Willianna shot her a cold glare, “I can give you a Type 2 Nucleus as compensation. He’s my prey, I naturally don’t like sharing my prey with others. If you’re not willing, we can head over to the arena to determine who owns him!”

Kawashima Reiko’s eyes flashed with regret, “Ah well, forget it. However, I hope to see the Type 2 Nucleus in my hands within 3 days.”

“En!” Willianna snorted in agreement. She could not bear the sight of this wanton woman.

Kawashima Reiko also shot her an icy glare, however, it disappeared quickly.

“Let’s go!”

Seeing Yue Zhong about halfway across, the female warriors of the Storm Valley quickly got on their individual chains and began to climb.

Willianna stood at the edge of the cliff, staring down at the bottomless abyss, in contrast with Yue Zhong walking with ease, and her face fell. However, she gritted her teeth and hurried to climb.

She only had a strength of a Type 2 Divine Warrior, thus, there was a limit to how fast she could proceed. Without the hurricane, she might be fast, however, since the natural element was roaring furiously, she had to be careful.

“What’re you looking at?! There’s nothing to be smug about! Move!” Willianna saw Yue Zhong loitering around at the other end, smiling at her. Thinking back to her words, her face turned red as though someone had given her a good face-smacking. She barked out loud in order to mask her embarrassment, before storming deeper towards the city.

Yue Zhong watched her furious expression and chuckled lightly before following her.

Once they passed the hurricane, the city of Storm Valley was different. Inside, it was peaceful and warm, and there was lush greenery everywhere.

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