God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 812

Many trees stood tall, each over dozens and hundreds of meters. Such trees were rare on Earth, however, they grew aplenty in this Storm Valley.

Atop the trees, there were strange fruits, each of them not existent on Earth, However, their shapes and colors were pretty similar to those from Earth.

A large number of men were dressed in simple clothing, carrying buckets to water the trees, apply fertilizer and to weed out bugs. They were overseen by a few burly and powerful-looking female soldiers wielding spears and whips, as they eyed the men coldly.

Young girls and ladies were running around the fields, practicing shooting, archery and other forms of training. As for the boys and young men, they were being taught by male teachers in the fields of textiles, farming, arithmetic and other forms of knowledge.

Many stone houses littered the plains of Storm Valley, each of them carrying a distinct style about themselves. The houses were also spaced neatly apart, giving a clean and fresh feel.

Along the streets of Storm Valley, there were many groups of people walking around. Men were peddling goods and snacks on the streets as vendors, while women were largely carrying weapons and sauntering around.

Behind many of these female warriors, there would be 2 or even 3 handsome and fair men, some even had a couple of guys and girls who were bickering.

The entire place seemed to be bustling with activity and vitality. The only difference would be that it was the exact opposite of a patriarchal society. In this Storm Valley, the women were the ones who fought and battled, thus, they held the power. Men were in charge of everything else. In fact, many of the men here had a slight sissy air about them, with no sense of manliness whatsoever.

Yue Zhong sighed as he admired the scenery, “This Luo Qing Qing is truly capable!”

In the apocalypse on Earth, Yue Zhong had come across his fair share of female-dominated factions. In those places, some focused on accepting only women and girls. Some would ostracize men, and denounce them. Some even went to the extreme, killing any men they saw or taking them as slaves.

To Yue Zhong, most of these factions were doomed to fail as they had limited expansive potential. Or, some other faction would come around and swallow them. After all, reproduction was not possible with just women alone. Furthermore, those who went out of their way to hunt men were hunted instead. There were indeed capable and numerous female experts. However, in terms of absolute strength and power, men numbered more and held the advantage due to their physique.

However, in this Storm Valley, Luo Qing Qing did none of the above, instead, using education and other forms of indoctrination to flip the roles of men and women. Making use of the men, while retaining the power of the women, the entire Storm Valley was managed well, a testimony to the capabilities of this Queen.

Willianne grinned proudly, “What do you think? Our Storm Valley is amazing, isn’t it? Compared to the Sun Alliance and Pterosaur Mountain, while our numbers are lesser, we are the most united. Our people are happy and lead a blissful life. There’s enough food and we’re protected from the external dangers. It’s almost a heaven on earth.”

Yue Zhong exclaimed, “It truly is decent!”

The scenery of Storm Valley was beautiful, food was abundant. Compared to the Earth before the apocalypse, it was just lacking a truly modern city feel. However, in such a world where Mutant Beasts and Dino-people were everywhere, it was practically paradise.

Willianna heard his heartfelt praise and the corners of her mouth lifted in pleasure.

“It’s here, see you guys!”

As they came to a small garden with a 3m-tall bungalow, Willianna bid the other female warriors goodbye and led Yue Zhong into her residence.

The room was clean and tidy, with a fragrant scent. Outside the room, there were plenty of flowers planted.

Willianna slumped down on her couch that was covered with a dozen beast pelt, stretching herself as she looked at Yue Zhong coyly, “You should be able to set yourself free eh? It’s your choice to remain tied, however, don’t you find that meaningless?”


Yue Zhong chuckled, and with a thought, a sliver of Devil Flame came to life in his palm, burning through the Type 3 Beast tendon, breaking it apart.

He then sat comfortably opposite her, and asked while grinning, “When did you notice?”

She looked straight at him with satisfaction, “Don’t take me for a fool. You were able to walk alongside us without fear even after being tied up, and you could get past our Storm Valley entrance. One look and anyone can tell that you’re not simple. However, the fact that you could undo the Type 3 Beast tendon so easily surpassed my expectations. I’m even more interested in you now.”

She stared at Yue Zhong, “Speak, who are you? What did you come in here for?”

Yue Zhong replied, “I’m Yue Zhong, I really lost my way. Following you here was because I was curious about the Storm Valley.”

She pondered a while before giving up, “Yue Zhong? Never heard of you before.”

Yue Zhong’s accomplishments in the recent days had only been made known to the upper echelons of the Storm Valley only recently as well. In this world where information was backward, it was not as easy to keep track of information as compared to Earth.

Willianna was only a low-ranking soldier, thus she did not know about Yue Zhong.

She scooted over towards his side, her eyes lit with allure as she hugged his arms and flirted, “Hey! Yue Zhong, I like you a lot, be my man!”

Yue Zhong looked at this beautiful warrior and was taken aback, “Me? Why me? Aren’t there plenty of other better-looking men than me out there?”


The number of handsome men was truly astounding, Yue Zhong had no choice but to admit, many of those sissies out there were truly better looking than him. At the same time, they would look at Willianna with respect, admiration, some even dared to leer. As long as she beckoned, they would immediately rush over, fighting to be her man.

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