God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 123

Chapter 123: Respect and Fear

Receiving Yue Zhong’s command, White Bones’s eyes flashed with a devil flame. Speeding forward, he rushed like a general carrying the battle flag towards the three S1s.

White Bones shot out his power from a range of one hundred meters, rushing over in a few seconds. It slashed the axe, cutting the S1 at the waist. The black intestines, organs, and dirty blood spattered out onto the ground.

Without stopping to rest, White Bones continued rushing forward. He dashed to the remaining two S1s and waived his axe, like a whirlwind it sent the heads of the remaining two S1s flying.

Chen Wang and the others watched the massacre of the S1s by White Bones in a daze. Their eyes filled with shock and disbelief. The search party was ruined by the man eating monsters, yet they were easily slaughtered like little chicks in the hands of White Bones. This was something they momentarily couldn’t take in.

Chen Wang looked at White Bones a little excited and asked Yue Zhong: “Captain Yue. Who is that person? So severe!!”

Chen Wang already knew White Bones was severe from when it took out the two guards of Chen Family Village, but he didn’t think it was that awesome.

“Its name is White Bones. Let’s go!” Yue Zhong dully said. He picked up the life coins and a white treasure box dropped by the three S1s, then he took large strides into Zhang Family Village.

The drops from the the lower level zombies became more and more rare over time.

Chen Wang and the rest watched Yue Zhong from behind even though it was somewhat terrifying, but they still followed behind.

The zombies in Zhang Family Village all started to bubble out at this time, and they formed into a group of several hundred zombies.

“So many man eating monsters!” Chen Wang and the other young men momentarily passionately followed Yue Zhong. But seeing hundreds of zombies, their expressions became unbelievably pale, and they couldn’t control their legs from quivering.

The oppressive power between one zombie and hundreds is completely different. That many zombies could completely tear apart Chen Family Village, don’t even mention that there are only six of them.

Yue Zhong looked towards the zombie group approaching them. He raised his gun, and the head of zombie about seventy meters away recieved several bloody holes, then it powerlessly fell to the ground.

White Bones turned into a fierce Slaughter God. It shot into several zombies and continuously waived its axe like a whirlwind. All of the zombies engulfed by the whirlwind had their heads sent flying, or their bodies were chopped into two pieces. The path it rushed along gave rise to a terrifying rainfall of heads and limbs.

Yue Zhong followed behind White Bones, both his eyes undisturbed. He held a type 54 pistol and casually fired, headshotting the zombies that wandered over one by one.

Greenie’s eyes flashed with a fierce light as it looked at the zombies. It flapped its wings and stomped with both legs, rushing forward. As soon as it reached the zombie group, its sharp beak pecked like lightning, easily cracking open the skull of a zombie.

The zombies circled around. Greenie flapped its wings, and immediately sent them flying. Although Greenie was only a young bird, but it is a mutated beast, and its fierceness is unmatched. The zombies couldn’t even slash through its outer feathers.

Yue Zhong, White Bones, and Greenie were truly a ferocious group without peer. The zombies were cleared out by them as soon as they blocked the road circled around. Yue Zhong brought Chen Wang and the others through the pile of corpses. They easily cleared out the zombies blocking the path, and they easily started to move their way out of Zhang Family Village.

The expressions of Chen Wang and the others were excited and in a trance after leaving the Zhang Family Village. How could they dare believe the town defended by hundreds of zombies could be so easily pierced through by Yue Zhong and his companions.

“So severe!!” Chen Wang looked at Yue Zhong from behind, and his eyes flashed with worship and respect. This is the first time he had seen a fierce person like Yue Zhong. He at first didn’t accept being thrown to Yue Zhong by his father, but now, all of the disobedience completely disappeared.

Yue Zhong only pierced through the village. He didn’t completely clear it out. There were still several zombies left in the village after he left. Those zombies could act as a natural protective screen, making outsiders unable to enter the Chen Family Village.

There were thirty young and strong hunters among the dozens of people in Chen Family Village. After going through a little training and actual combat, they could become elite soldiers.

Under the guidance of Chen Wang, Yue Zhong passed through Mudfish ravine. They passed through several small roads until they finally arrived at a cement road.

Walking along, Yue Zhong asked Chen Wang at his side: “How far to reach Stone Horse Village!”

“There should still be five kilometers!” Chen Wang approximated then said to Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong inspected his surroundings and then continued forward.

At this time, a gunshot came from a side road. Yue Zhong’s brow wrinkled. He looked in that direction and asked: “What is over there?”

Chen Wang looked and said: “That side is Big Cliff Village! Stone Horse Village isn’t far past Big Cliff Village.”

“Let’s take a look!” Yue Zhong immediately walked towards the direction of the gunshot.

Yue Zhong saw a bus, a hummer, and a jeep struggling forward among a crowd of hundreds of zombies at the entrance to Big Cliff Village.

Busses, Hummers, and Jeeps are vehicles that can easily send zombies flying. But the zombie crowd was too large. The three large vehicles were caught up in the swarm, and they couldn’t move. There was a pile of zombies steamrolled behind them, but a large amount of zombies were still circled around flapping their arms at the doors. The vehicles started to sway from being hit by the bodies, and their movement speed became very slow.

If no one assisted, the survivors in those three vehicles would end up surrounded, ripped apart, and then chewed up.

Yue Zhong saw the sight, then he said to Chen Wang and the others: “You guys wait here. I’ll go save them.”

Chen Wang and the five others looked at each other, and then nodded. Rushing into the zombies with their strength would only be a path to death.

Yue Zhong strode towards the zombie swarm. He raised a gun after arriving within one hundred meters, and then he placed a bullet between the eyebrows of a zombie.

Hearing the gunshot, they sensed a person. The group surrounding the three vehicles immediately started to wobble towards Yue Zhong.

“Take them out!” Yue Zhong commanded to White Bones and Greenie at his side.

White Bones and Greenie received the command, and they immediately rushed towards the crowd of zombies.

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