God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 813

Willianna looked at Yue Zhong, her pupils dilating, as she gave off an incredibly attractive aura. She reached out to caress Yue Zhong’s jaw, laughing coyly, “Those men are all weak and sad. They can’t make me excited. Even if I look at them for a long period, I still find them disgusting. There’s no charm at all. Be my man, Yue Zhong, I will treat you well!”

He was being teased!!

Yue Zhong blanked out for a while, he was actually being teased like a girl back on Earth. Willianna’s gaze on him was like he enjoyed looking at beautiful women, furthermore, it was the first time his jaw was being caressed like so!

“I refuse!!”

He reached out in an overbearing manner and brought her into his arms, using a position of power to look down at this beautiful, sexy and charming lady, before pushing her under him, and spoke forcefully, “It’s not me being your man, but you will be my woman.”

“No! You must be my man!”

This flirty Willianna suddenly grabbed Yue Zhong’s body with a glint in her eyes, forcefully pushing him to one side, intending to gain the top position.

After all, in this place, Willianna had been brought up to treat relationships with men as normal. A woman could have 3 or 4 men and no one would bat an eye. However, if she was to do it, she must be in the top position and dominate, although she liked this manly Yue Zhong, she did not appreciate being dominated.

Yue Zhong was also caught unprepared for this little minx to suddenly explode with strength. He was thus flung easily to one side.

“Just be obedient and accept your fate!”

Willianna twisted and deftly swung her body over his, her face full of excitement, her smile enchanting. She used her strength and tore off Yue Zhong’s outer clothes before she was taken aback. She caught sight of the inner Type 4 Mutant Beast hide.

On Earth, Yue Zhong had commissioned the usage of the Type 4 Sea Snake scales to be made into 10 innerwear for his use. Its defense was astonishing, preventing even cannons from destroying it.

However, even such a powerful defensive suit had been through the worst of wears and tears due to Yue Zhong’s conquests. This particular piece was already covered in many scars, especially the right arm area, obviously having lost the entire right portion before.

Willianna used her hands to touch the Type 4 Mutant Beast hide, her eyes burning with desire as she licked her lips, “This is great! You’re really something else! I’m liking you more and more!!”

She hated those weak, flower-boy types, instead preferring men with strength and combat experience. Seeing the Type 4 Mutant Beast hide and its ravaged state, she became incredibly excited.

Noticing her passionate gaze, Yue Zhong’s own desire was also set aflame, and he quickly flipped her over and chuckled, “Not bad, I also like you, little minx!”

Willianna was caught by surprise and tried to exert her strength of 20 times that of a normal person.

However, Yue Zhong was a Type 4 expert possessing 38 times Strength, no matter how she struggled, it was impossible to escape from his clutches.

Both parties continued to struggle, their bodies entwining.

In the end, following a moan of pain and pleasure, a bright red flower appeared on the pelts, before multiple moans continued after that.

As the acts of passion continued for 2 hours, these 2 with terrifying physiques laid together, surrounded by the various Mutant Beast pelt.

After the bout of sex, Willianna curled up in Yue Zhong’s embrace, wearing a satisfied smile, “Not bad! Yue Zhong, truly strong. Be my 1st man. I will treat you will. In the future, even if I get more men, you will always be my first husband.”

In response, Yue Zhong slapped her butt cheek, “Silly, with me, you can forget about having another man. Be good and be my woman. Otherwise, see how I take care of you.”

“Alright, alright!” She chuckled brightly, radiating bliss as she laid in his arms for a while more, before asking lazily, “Yue Zhong, did you truly come to Storm Valley just to take a look? Is there anything you need my help for? Let me make this clear first, if you want to do anything harmful to Storm Valley, I will not help you.”

After gaining Yue Zhong, the satisfied Willianna dropped her icy stance and became a lot gentler.

Yue Zhong caressed her smooth skin and spoke, “I really did come here just to observe, to see what the mythical Storm Valley was like. Oh yes, if I want to leave Storm Valley, will you come with me?”


“You want to leave? Can’t you stay?” Willianna was taken aback and lifted her head to look at Yue Zhong. Her eyes were filled with unwillingness, “For me, can’t you consider it? If you stay here, I can go out and hunt, feed and clothe you well. You just have to stay at home to handle the chores and look after our kids.”

Yue Zhong pinched her beautiful breasts lightly, “No! I still have many things to do. Even if I stay here, I can’t possibly stay at home all day to do the chores and look after the kids. You don’t like such a man, don’t you? Come with me.”

Willianna sunk into a dilemma, her thoughts in turmoil. In the end, she shook her head, “No, I can’t. My family, friends, and subordinates are all here. I can’t give everything up to follow you.”

Although she liked Yue Zhong a lot, it was not to the crazy extent that she could give everything up for him. After all, she was not yet blinded by love.

Yue Zhong sighed lightly but did not push the issue, “Forget it. Oh right, I would like to meet your Queen, I need to discuss something with her.”

“Sorry, I don’t have that kind of clearance.” She grinned apologetically, before asking, “Wait, why do you want to see Her Majesty?”

Yue Zhong replied, “I want to obtain some Prehistoric tech from her. You just have to report to your superiors, say the leader of Vulture Valley Yue Zhong has requested an audience. She will most likely see me.”

Willianna frowned, “Yue Zhong? Vulture Valley’s leader? Are you very famous? How come I haven’t heard of you? Don’t be too confident, Yue Zhong! In the entire Green Region, only the leaders of the 3 factions or Type 4 Divine Warriors have the qualifications to meet Her Majesty. Other than that, no one will possibly be entertained.”

Yue Zhong chuckled, “The Sun Alliance sent a hundred Sun Warriors, and they were wiped out. If she knew this, she will definitely see me.”

Willianna’s eyes widened in shock, “For real? You wiped out a hundred Sun Warriors?”

The Sun Warriors were the most elite of the Sun Alliance. Upon equipping the Sun Armor, every one of them would reach the peak of Type 3 Divine Warrior strength. A hundred of them was not something even a Type 4 Divine Warrior could underestimate.

Yue Zhong flipped his hands, and a perfect set of Sun Battle Armor appeared in his hands, he handed it to her, “This armor is for you! Treat it as a gift!”

“Oh my goodness! It’s real!! This is amazing! Yue Zhong, I love you so much!” Willianna touched the armor, and could not bear to put it down. She turned to eye Yue Zhong with a hint of desire, kissing him passionately again.

To an ordinary warrior, this Sun Armor was incredibly precious. To Willianna, it was even more precious than a hundred carat gemstone. She was thus extremely happy.

She seemed to have forgotten her fatigue as she kissed him deeply, “Let’s do it again!!”

After an entire night of passion, early the next morning, Willianna left the place, heading towards the palace of Storm Valley.

She quickly returned, following behind her were 16 members with green battle armor as well as one of the 8 personal guards of the Queen, Ying Lan.

Willianna was definitely a charming and alluring beauty, but beside Ying Lan, she was somewhat inferior.

Ying Lan eyed Yue Zhong coolly and asked, “You’re Yue Zhong?”


Yue Zhong did not bat an eyelid, “That’s right!”

Without any further bullshit, she turned around, “The Queen has summoned you, come with me!”

Willianna stood one side, looking helplessly at Yue Zhong, before following Ying Lan.

She was a powerful warrior but compared to Ying Lan, one of the 8 Storm Greats, she was just a rank-and-file soldier.

Yue Zhong was escorted by the Storm Valley warriors as they went towards the castle.

He lifted his head to look at the Storm Valley, his heart filled with shock, “This is the Storm Valley Palace? No way! It’s basically an upgraded version of the Sky Fortress!!”

Floating in the skies, there was a huge alloy structure stretching about 30km. This was the Imperial City of the Storm Valley!

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