God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 814

Yue Zhong lifted his head to admire that floating structure, his eyes full of shock. This was the first large structure that was made entirely out of alloy. Even the Radiant Battleship, a Gold-Treasure, was not as big as this Storm Imperial City.

“What did they use? How could they achieve its anti-gravity? How much energy would this consume?” Yue Zhong could not help but wonder, as the questions ran through his head. Such a scene was still too shocking.

On Earth, Yue Zhong had also managed to produce something close to the Sky Fortress, and it was able to float. However, it required a huge energy source.

The floating city spanned over 30 km, and one could tell that it must weigh a lot with just a look. If such a structure wanted to float on this planet, which seemed to have twice the gravity compared to Earth, the energy consumption was definitely not little.

Even a Type 5 Mutant Beast nucleus would not be sufficient. The technology was truly way out of Yue Zhong’s imagination.

At the same time, as he observed carefully, he noticed that the huge alloy structure was not just one entire piece. Instead, there were various covers of different shapes all around.

Since Yue Zhong had come across his fair share of technology and equipment, he guessed that those covers should be for the radars and weapons. Just 10% of this floating city’s weapons was enough to annihilate any enemy.

Compared to this Storm Imperial City, the Sun Alliance Palace was practically trash.

Facing this, Yue Zhong’s eyes lit with desire, if he could gain such a city, even if a million-strong army came, they would be seeking death.

A dozen Mutant Birds that had dinosaur heads with a pair of broad wings came swooping down from the floating city.

From on top of them, a dozen female warriors jumped down.

One of them came up to Ying Lan and bowed, “Lady Ying Lan!”

“Let’s go up!”

Ying Lan spoke coldly to Yue Zhong before leaping up to the back of one Mutant Bird.

“Strong! They actually managed to tame Mutant Birds as well, this Storm Valley is indeed a powerhouse, and can definitely stand firm compared to the other 2 hegemons.” Yue Zhong went up on another Mutant Bird and thought silently.

Mutant Birds were tough to tame, even with the Sun Alliance comprising of many smaller factions, not one had managed to provide a Mutant Bird before. The fact that Storm Valley had their own was impressive.

One young and nimble female warrior chirped, “Grab my waist and sit tight!”

Yue Zhong did not stand on ceremony and immediately wrapped his hands around her waist, as a nice, tender feeling traveled up his hands.

The female warrior grabbed her ropes and barked out once, following that, the Mutant Bird flapped its wings and soared into the skies, heading for the floating city.

In the city, there were lush greenery and strange plants growing, alongside some strange trees as well. Countless beautiful stone structures were laid out all over the place.

On the streets, a number of women with incredible looks and aura were walking about.

The stark contrast of this Imperial City and the rest of Storm Valley was obvious, there was not a single man to be seen.

The flock of Mutant Birds came to rest in a wide field.

Ying Lan turned to Yue Zhong and spoke coldly, “Come with me!”

Yue Zhong followed her.


Just then, 4 officers came up and stopped in front of Ying Lan, “Lady Ying Lan, please wait a moment!”

She had a curious glint as she asked, “What’s going on?”

One of the officers responded, “Her Highness Liu Mei’er has ordered for Yue Zhong to be brought to the Hundred Herb Temple! She had already discussed this with her Majesty.”

Ying Lan replied coldly, “Alright, I got it!”


She then turned and brought Yue Zhong to another location.

Leading Yue Zhong to a vast palace, she spoke, “This is the Hundred Herb Temple, please wait for a moment!”

After that, Ying Lan did not seem to care about Yue Zhong’s opinions or staying back to discuss anything with him, as she quickly led her subordinates and left.

Yue Zhong frowned slightly, before carefully looking around, his wariness heightened. He might be strong, and if need be, he could summon Type 5 Mount Tai over with his Tamed Beast Summon technique to destroy this place, but he might fall here if he was not careful.

Observing the place carefully, he did not detect any danger. He flipped his hands and the radar-equipped tablet appeared. Bai Yi’s image flashed on the screen, as Yue Zhong asked, “Bai Yi, are you able to control the central computer of this floating metal island?”

Bai Yi was a super A.I. and was able to display her abilities through computers.

Data flashed through her eyes, before coming to a stop. She quickly replied, “On this metal island, I did not discover any trace of computers. There are 3 possibilities, 1 is that it doesn’t exist here. The second is that the metal island does not rely on any computer at all. The last possibility is that while the central computer exists, it’s being shielded by some mysterious power, preventing me from detecting it. Based on the makeup of this metal island, there was definitely the usage of a computer during the building process. As for now, it is still tough to ascertain where the computer is. Because the data lines have not been used for more than a hundred years. Most sectors are actually down.”

Yue Zhong frowned slightly, “Is that so? Seems like I have to ask Luo Qing Qing herself!”

“Who are you?”

As Yue Zhong was deep in thoughts, a voice suddenly rang out.

Yue Zhong turned to the source of the voice, discovering a handsome man whose body was not too burly, not scrawny. He was good-looking, through and through.

A young man with sword-shaped brows, a straight posture, and an uncommon demeanor looked coldly at Yue Zhong. It was he who had spoken.

Yue Zhong shot that handsome young teen a cold glance and retorted, “And who are you? Before asking someone else’s name, don’t you have to announce your own name first? Don’t you even know these basic manners?”

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